16 July 2016

Are we Pixels on a Screen in another Dimension?

One has to wonder at times what type of reality we live in, are our lives real?, has our lives been constructed, carefully planned to the last detail for some purpose far beyond our comprehension? 

Just supposing animal mutilations are the doings of Demonic Entities whom have the ability to reach in from another dimension and commit a revolting mutilation while not being seen or heard. If they can do this (and their reason is to manipulate and deceive) then what else are they responsible for? Just how much of our lives are controlled and influenced by these entities? Could they not reach in and make me trip up and fall over or cause me to have a car crash or perhaps make it so I win the lottery (which can ruin your life). 

What causes a person of no previous mental disorder to suddenly climb on the side of a motorway bridge and jump to their death? why does a household pet dog, whom has always shown a high degree of tolerance towards children, suddenly turn and attack a member of the family? What causes schizophrenic episodes such as hearing voices in their head? is it an imbalance of neurological chemicals or are they being interfered with from another realm? 

The items I have mentioned above, and many more I have not, appear to be unsolvable, we have no answers, we have theories and in some cases drugs and medicine for afflictions such as schizophrenia, but the medication for this mental disorder does not cure, in fact it is not known 100% what causes schizophrenia. Study this link schizophrenia24x7.com then have a deep think about so called Alien abduction and the mental problems that seem to emerge from being the victim of supposedly Alien contact, then change the Alien word for `Demonic` the great deceivers, that is when things start to make sense. 

I have many question, one I would like to know is how does a disease mutate so that antibiotics no longer have any effect, deep down in the microscopic world is there some sort of thinking and reasoning process that takes place where by the disease says " Hey! we have got to do something, we are on the verge of being eradicated by these antibiotics we had better change the way we do things if we want to survive." Or are various diseases and infections being manipulated by an unseen hand, one we refuse to believe exists, a Demonic hand, a hand that keeps rotating life and the problems that go with it, to keep us prisoner, to feed of all of our insecurities which they continuously create. 

Many times the people we look up to such as police, MP`s, medical professionals and many more come across incidents they have no answer for. Some years back I remember reading in our local newspaper that firemen were called to a house fire that had started under the floor boards in a top bedroom of a house, the mystery was that there were no electrical wires anywhere near were the small fire was started, it was quickly dealt with and a lame public calming explanation was given to the newspaper and the incident quickly disappeared into media history. This fire comes under paranormal events, just like animal mutilations UFO`s goblins werewolves and anything else you care to think of, they all have one thing in common and that is not one paranormal event has been solved, no one has caught a goblin or werewolf even though the witnesses swear they have seen them. Why can we not solve a paranormal event, perhaps we are not meant to, the workings of paranormal events do not belong to us, they are the machines of a Demonic realm they control them and switch them on and off as required. 

It is thought that these Demonic Entities are great deceivers and distractors, experts at manipulation for their own ends which begs the question "What are their own ends". Do they really feed of the fear they produce in us, fear from not knowing your future, fear of all mysteries, wars, disease, illness, death, accidents. We may think about those things I have said, but then there is being involved in those things personally, to be a victim of war or disease produces more fear than thinking about it. 

I often wonder how many murderers are responsible for their actions, are we all pawns to be moved around a synthetic world we think we have control of but the truth is the opposite, something controls us. A perfect example is your games console system, you insert your games disc, you choose a character, you put yourself mentally into your character then you proceed to manipulate their/your life throughout the game. You set tasks for your character he will even fight your enemies and after all this you feel elated for every task you achieve, you build up a great amount of euphoria, you feel good and boast your achievement to your friends. Is this how these Demonic Entities manipulate our lives, is everything that befalls us a result of Demonic intervention, are they playing their `Game` of life with nearly 7-billion characters, then feed on euphoria and fear we give out? Here is another thought, everything we build is based on our own bodily construction, we first build a skeleton of steel for various items such as cars, boats and so on, we then attach to that the workings of the building or machine which represent parts of the inner working of our bodies, the same can be said for our roads and highways, look at a map and you will see these roads running all over the country just like a nervous system. Everything is based on the human construction, so when we build a games console complete with a game, are we duplicating the way our mind work, or the way we are controlled without realizing it. 

Are we indeed someone else`s game, a game with benefits for the controller 

I have always questioned the intricacies of life asking the questions no one else will for fear of being called stupid, no matter how outlandish my theories I will continuously explore those questions others avoid. If you wish to find things out sometimes it is necessary to walk down a dark path. 

Remember this, our history is dark, we do not know where we came from or where our future is going, but someone or something does and while we are stuck here they intend to make good use of us, without our permission.

"This is just more evidence that we live in a computer simulation that can be hacked just like anything else that uses computer programming. I think the universe itself can be programmed and hacked into and you could change the laws of physics. This is because the universe is information at a fundamental level. Like MIT Professor Seth Lloyd said, the universe doesn't act like a quantum computer, the universe is a quantum computer or a simulation being ran on a quantum computer."
Source: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1111695/pg1 

Schizophrenia, Prayer and Demonic Spirit: Satan's Playground

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8 July 2016

Missing Cats THE BIG WAKE UP

Missing pets in Timaru NZ
Slowly we are being woken to the fact that there is a peculiar and unsettling trend in many parts of the world where cats are going missing for no particular reason. And by cats I mean many, many cats within a local area with no sign of fur, collar or bodies to account for their disappearances - "no remains, no signs of struggle, no nothing.".

These are the cats that have been accounted for, the real number of missing cats is much higher because of the strays and feral's that also share city areas and therefore unrecongised. 

The residents in Timaru New Zealand's South Island have banded together and created the Facebook Group #freethefurbabies. Together they have pooled information and collected enough evidence to discover the extent of the disappearances and have described the incidents as too much of a coincidence.
"When Ashleigh Hicks’s cat Moses went missing, she was concerned because it was unusual, but assumed he would soon return home. However, it appears Moses is not the only one to have disappeared in odd circumstances. He is vanished cat No 50 this year alone in the city of Timaru, in New Zealand’s South Island. “A common factor I have noticed in the majority of these stories is that the cats simply disappeared for no particular reason, cats that don’t tend to wander far,” Hicks said. “We all thought this is too much of a coincidence and suspected foul play.”"
We have been writing about missing cats for a number of years and our own evidence has uncovered the vanishings have been happening on a much larger scale than originally thought and going as far back as the 1980's. Because Police don't view pets as stolen property, cat owners have gotten together in Groups, such as Facebook, to share their experience and to tally up the losses. A sad fact is these groups focus their energy on searching the news for possible motives, further disappearances, police activity, news articles and new members. They forget about searching beyond their own experience and their own locality. If these desperate cat owners took just one moment they might achieve an open mind and realise that missing cats is a phenomena happening all over and not just a mysterious drama unfolding in their own backyard.

Reasons provided by officials:-
  1. if the cats had not been fixed they had probably gone wandering for mating season
  2. taken by coyotes/dogs - (Contrary: "If there was coyotes marauding around in here you wouldn't see as many rabbits or squirrels, and we are overrun with rabbits.")
  3. pets are believed to have been lured into a vehicle with food treats, with the attacker deliberately picking spots not covered by CCTV
  4. used for blood sports
Other reasons provided by the public:- 
  1. taken by human 
  2. trapped by a cat hating neighbor
  3. taken by a cat hoarder 
  4. taken by satanists
  5. eaten by a snake
  6. poisoned by eating antifreeze
  7. taken for the food industry
  8. misadventure
  9. went off and died
  10. taken by a UFO
  11. taken by an evil entity
As humans we are finally getting to the truth on matters of the unbelievable. Take the following news article entitled UFOs and other weird stuff surrounding the Brexit. There is a section as quoted below
"JUST ANOTHER UFO SIGHTING...OR TWO  - Soon after digesting the news that shocked the world, my husband called me outside frantically."Are you seeing this?" he asked. I was indeed seeing it... and not seeing it. A UFO right across from our balcony, mere metres away that flickered in and out of transparency with its bright blue glow and fantastic patterns over it. While he said he was overcome with a strange feeling, I knew exactly what we were dealing with. Just another demonic trick. After staring at it wryly for a moment, I remembered my spiritual warfare training and told the UFO to leave in the name of Jesus. It did instantly. The name of Jesus is what drives all 'alien' hybrid liars away. It's documented fact, discovered by alien abduction and UFO researchers. The similarities between demonic encounters and UFOs are not coincidental. It wasn't just us that saw something that night however; a good friend of mine was stunned, as across town she saw a typical flying saucer with orange red lights, moving in a strange way across the skies out of her window that very same night."
For those of you who want to read more about aliens and their link to the demonic just go to Close Encounters 4 and read the testimony of others.

The presented facts are:-
  1. Cats are mysteriously vanishing all over the world
  2. Strange animal mutilations are taking place all over the world
  3. People are emphatically describing UFO experiences and abductions in all parts of the world
  4. There is never blood found at the scene 
So what could possibly be the reason behind these dire facts?

  • It is believed that aliens do not reproduce like humans or animals. So they experiment on earthly life forms and in their efforts to understand us they core out the parts of our bodies that they themselves are missing. 
  • Another common belief is that aliens do not have a God given soul. As humans we underestimate the power within ourselves, this inner power is known to aliens and they are mixing their DNA with ours in their efforts to reproduce themselves with their own Godly power. For this they need blood. Earthly blood.
  • Aliens feed off Fear; sometimes known as Loosh Energy. The more fear in the world the more powerful the aliens.
So what can we do about it?
Pray. Use Prayer to protect yourself, your pets, your town, your city, your country. Use Prayer every day and always find something to give Thanks for. Never fear. Fear is weakness. Use your own God given strength in ways that are Positive; Positive Prayer, Positive Thoughts, Positive Words. Do not be disheartened if your thoughts become morose and fearful because just the fact that you are recognising those thoughts means that you are becoming enlightened to the truth.

How do I know my prayer is working?
By being aware, by taking notice. One of the common ways to know that God is working in your life is by synchronicity. Perfect timing - You just finished the job and sat down and the phone rings for a good chat. Your car broke down just before payday. You are on the right side of town when you discover you have a job to do. A million things speak synchronicity. Once perfect timing starts happening to you your life will become amazing in little ways. 

Give THANKS and PRAY today.

And it always helps to keep your pets safely inside at night...



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Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abductions

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2 July 2016

Alien Abduction/Animal Mutilations and More

I have always known about mind control but I have not given much thought to how advanced they could be. The link I sent you certainly woke me up, if as spoke of on the RT video that they could with implanted chips or nano-technology, know our thoughts, look through our eyes and play short films in our heads, in other words make us see what they want us to see, then one has to wonder about certain paranormal events, events that seem unsolvable. Now even though I firmly believe Alien Races frequented Mother Earth for quite some time throughout history and modern day, I`m drawn to ask one or two questions concerning Alien Abductions. My first question is:- 

Alien Abduction
What if the whole Alien Abduction scenario is a massive experiment in mind/reality control using Alien technology, it appears the possibility is there to make us think we have been abducted and experimented on. Or people are abducted, and the Aliens working in agreement with the secret government implant their victims of abduction with nano - technology that allows them to be tracked and see how they are coping while administering adjustments as part of the mind control agenda. I have wondered how many people to date have had abduction experiences, I`m willing to bet its quite a large number. It's said Alien abduction can ruin people's lives, it's also stated that mind control experiments ruin lives . When an abduction takes place there is nothing we can hold on to, nothing we can bring back as proof, to say, "This actually happened" The only thing an abductee brings back is a horrible sense of intrusion and personal violation and the only place that sits is in the mind (everything in the mind is real) and not many people believe you when you try to tell them. When you do an experiment you need test subjects in the laboratory, and then if things look favourable you need to try it in the field, is this what Alien Abductions are how, looking at things from a mind control point of view, do we know that the Aliens we see are for real, could they be what we are programmed to see, also on occasions military personnel have been seen when abductions take place. Is this further proof of military/alien co-operation in the mind control agenda. Do the Aliens really exist or has it been put into our heads when abductions take place. I have wanted to be abducted, but as yet nothing, why are some people chosen and others not, this to me does not seem like an Alien agenda but more of a Human Alien assisted agenda. If this was just Aliens they would just go from one person to the next until the whole country was implanted with control technology. No! this is a human agenda because they are picky about who is abducted, to me that is a human trait especially when conducting experiments. Remember the sci/fi film `The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers` where the Aliens would wait for you to fall asleep then an exact replica of you would emerge from large pods left where you slept, by the Aliens. (Wikipedia say`s) The emerging replica`s would have the physical characteristics, memories, and personalities of each sleeping person, but they would be devoid of all human emotion. After the take over the Aliens explain that life loses its frustrating complexity, because all emotions and sense of individuality vanish, strange is it not that most abductions take place while we sleep. This film to me sounds very much like an introduction of things to come, again is the truth put into films as a warning or a blatant "This is what we intend to do and you cannot stop us, you can try to stop us, we want you to try but we will be resourceful we will learn from your attempts and safe guard our agenda accordingly making us even stronger in our pursuance of total control". If they start early the more readily we will accept being controlled, in fact I doubt whether anyone will even notice that they are being controlled, such is this creeping menace. 

Paranormal Events

We have many paranormal events, most are spontaneous and happen right out of the blue, from ghosts to weird creatures to space craft to things going bump in the night even the nightmares when we sleep. How many of these are due to the intrusion of mind control experiments, how do I know the ghost I see is a real ghost, again everything I see in the paranormal is untouchable and its always been this way even in this modern age, no one can catch a ghost or shoot a werewolf. If people are unknowingly implanted with nano-technology is this done through vaccinations or even medical operations, I have had a hip replacement, how do I know whether or not I was implanted with a nano-chip later to be turned on for some nefarious reason. Which brings to question the topic of spontaneous suicide, a few years back close to where I live (about a mile and half away) a young woman who had been out shopping with her family suddenly climbed onto a bridge they were crossing and jumped to her death. Her family said she did not have any problems, and like many other incidents they all go quiet, I`m sure most of you know of an unusual suicide story. Without thinking we all accept what we are told about people who commit suicide and that is they had mental problems, but did they. Schizophrenia/voices in the head, is this really an illness or a targeted individual by the mind/reality control establishment. We have people murdering other people and not knowing why they have done it, we have thousands of accidents throughout the world, how many are real and how many are controlled? If they are as advanced in mind/reality control as we are lead to believe then what chance do we have of ever knowing true reality, if there is such a thing. Do I do the things I want to do because I want to do them, or is my reality controlled from birth. 

Strange Animal Mutilations

In the case of animal mutilations we can see that an attack has taken place, we can touch the dead animal, but one tantalizing fact eludes us and that is the perpetrator the culprit of these attacks. There are many theories to the cause of animal mutilations but by far the most favourite is the Alien, again that creature that`s always in our minds years after year, but no Alien has yet been caught or arrested (or into days world shot) for committing these attacks. 

Paranormal Similarities

All paranormal events have the same aspect, and that is some of it or all of it is untouchable, is that because it's in our minds it's been put there by a force known or unknown for whatever reason. Some people say if the Aliens are so clever why did they not take us over before we became technologically advanced. Well perhaps they did, perhaps they implemented mind/reality control centuries ago and steered us gradually over many centuries in the direction to where we are today. The powers that be are said to be in control and are responsible for everything that befalls human kind, but are they, are they victims just like us, used by some vastly superior entity to assist in achieving its goal. Remember if you want total control you start at the top, you let the powers that be think they are in control, you let them think everything they do they have thought up themselves, but all the time this entity is pulling the strings adjusting and changing reality. 

The Real Question
The big question is why would some entity, and for what reason want to rule the masses, why do they or it want us thinking the same, no diversity, the hive mentality. If this is a single entity then something tells me it is not like us, it has no physical attributes, fingers hand eyes and so on, it cannot do things in the physical world for its self but it does have mind/reality control so it can manipulate reality to get others to do things for it, and it is totally selfish, so is the human race advancing on its own or are we being manipulated by a Queen Bee a vastly superior intelligence, are we following instructions in a controlled reality, instructions that will allow the manipulator of our reality to reach its goal. We use animals to assist us in our everyday lives, likewise are we being used, if we take an animal like a Sheepdog, from a pup we will work with this animal, train it, bring it up to perfection for it to assist us in our farming life, to obey commands, to do things the human could not do, and at the end of it all does the Sheepdog know it's being used. Did some roaming intelligence without physical form, long ago, recognize our potential and got us to do what it could not do and all the time keeping its goal secret. But if there is a Queen Bee overlord did it make one vital mistake? as it manipulated us to do its bidding it missed the fact that the human, along the way, would become extremely intelligent and may have rumbled the fact that we are being controlled and are 
starting to waken up.

One thing for sure is that the subject of mind/reality control technology and it's ever progressing advancements needs to be looked at in great seriousness. I hope my writing prompts people to think about the subject.

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18 June 2016

Universal Mind

Have you ever thought about our presence in the Universe? Yes, it is shrouded in mystery, many say we are an accident, others say we are the creation of a God and there are still those that believe we are the only ones in the Universe. 

Firstly let's look at our size, for a moment presume all humans are 6 foot tall, and there are 6 to 7 billion of us living on planet Earth. Yet compared to the size of the Universe we appear to be totally insignificant. It makes no difference whether we are 6 foot or 50 foot tall or even a hundred foot, again compare to the Universe we appear to be nothing worth thinking about. Here on our home planet we see our average height as normal, but supposing a race of humanoids turned up in there space ships and they were only a foot tall, they too would feel as though they were normal and had landed on a planet of giants, but equally both would appear insignificant to this Universe. 

Most may think how could we mean anything to this sprawling cosmos and to a certain degree you would be right. But let's take time to think a little, without us human and animal life forms the Universe would not exist, because in order for something to exist it must be observed by a conscience life form, if not then the Universe cannot possible exist. No matter where you are in the Universe your conscience observation is paramount to keeping the Universe alive, so in a sense we are a necessary part of this infinite cosmological machine. In other words "We mean something", Is the Universe pure mind ? are we the workings of that mind? are we in our everyday lives of hustle and bustle like Neurons? - specialised cells transmitting nerve impulses. Are the vast distances between heavenly bodies the Synapse a gap between two nerve cells across which nerve impulses are conducted without us realizing, are all heavenly bodies connected by some invisible nervous system?. Did the Universe/ Universal Mind create consciousness whether human or animal to ensure its own survival, for it to be observed? I wonder how long a person would last on this planet if they were the only one alive,? no other humans, no animals, no birds, just a world strewn with fauna. That last person would observe the Universe, but who would observe her/him? we also need to be observed by one another, we need to bring this orbiting cell we call Earth to life, and that can only be done by having many humans observing and interacting with one another, and in turn observing the Universe, creating hustle and bustle, to vibrate around the world and shout into the cosmos that this cell, this part of the Universal Mind is alive. 

So! are we the workings of a bigger organism namely the Universal Mind ? are we occupying an Atom within that Mind? are we the Binary one`s and zero`s of a computer system, in this Universal Mind? 

Where we come from is a mystery, what we are doing here is also a mystery, so could not the answer simply be that we are a cell or atom of something much greater. I have said before that we on Earth construct things according to how our own bodies are constructed, first we have a skeleton then nature proceeds to connect organs to that structure. We do the same when erecting a building or a vehicle and many, many other items, I have also theorized that when we create consoles and games , are we duplicating the workings of the Universe that is locked in our brains, just like we duplicate the skeleton structure in everything we create. I believe there is a link, and its right in front of use, we think too hard about where we come from, a little like looking for a crossword solution, it always turns out to be a simple answer. Where we come from is right here, The Universal Mind.


Universal Mind Revealed: A Kabbalistic Rendering of What Constitutes the Universal Mind, How Its Powers Were Developed, and How They Were Endowed to ... of the Royal Priesthood of the Egyptians

Mind Wars: A History of Mind Control, Surveillance, and Social Engineering by the Government, Media, and Secret Societies

11 June 2016

The Paranormal Merry-Go-Round

If you look at the whole history of Ufology there appears to be a pattern of revamping old stories by the media, none of the new information by the alternative media seems to make it through to the main TV news stations. A recent TV documentary on a UK free view channel was looking at UFO sightings during the cold war. By UFO standard those sightings of yesteryear are old and uninteresting, if I were to ask why do they show all this old information I think they would probably tell me it's for the young people and those that have taken a sudden interest in the subject. But I ask should they not be shown what is taking place today in the UFO world so they can build on that information, not keep dragging everyone back to the starting point because when they do that the UFO story is seriously not going anywhere. 

Have you noticed there will be a documentary advertised about UFO`s or some other phenomena, they sound exciting and interesting, but! out of the hundreds of documentaries produced there has never been one solution to the mystery being shown. Take Bigfoot for instance, it is said to litter the forests of the USA, sightings are common, we even have Bigfoot hunters movie clips and photo`s but still no one has ever cornered a Bigfoot, filmed it, played it on national TV with an introduction by the President to tell the people the Bigfoot mystery has been solved. The same can be said for UFO`s why do they keep showing us the same old information, it seems as though someone wants to keep us running in circles, by this time next year I will know no more about UFO`s than I do today. 

In the 50`s there were a few strange stories of Alien encounters and UFO sightings, so how have we and the subject evolved today, it's quite simple, what was a few strange occurrences in the 50`s with no results is now thousands of strange stories with no results, and 'We' are quite blatantly no further along the proverbial UFO Disclosure road than we were 60-years ago. 

You know from the moment you put the TV on to watch a paranormal documentary there will be no solution to the mystery, it will be a total waste of time, you will be led along as though they will finally make contact with a UFO or if you wish a Bigfoot, but 15-minutes before the end it all falls flat leaving the mystery program to be repeated at a later date and still with no solution in sight. 

Why is this done year after year, why do we get excited when a new paranormal documentary is advertised on TV when we know full well it will have a damp squib ending , are we that stupid that we think a small TV company will reveal the truth about UFO`s or any other paranormal event. 

I believe that as good as the internet is it has a dark side to it and that is one of control, Ok I want you to Think! there are probably a few million links to various UFO/Alien/Paranormal sites all professing to have knowledge of UFO's/Aliens etc, but they do not. They will spin you some exciting and weird account of contact and that will be it. We are sold Books, DVD`s and Downloads and again this goes on year after year with no solution in sight. 

We cannot do without the internet, we are purposely addicted , before the internet people would go and look at the night sky for UFO`s, now most people would sooner let the internet tell them `what` UFO`s have been seen, but how do we know it's telling us the truth, would you trust the likes of YouTube? are your own eyes not more truthful? 

Its time we took a big step back and looked at what we have on the subject of the paranormal which is basically nothing, there are a lot of good researchers out there with some good theories but that`s as far as it goes, we still have no tangible proof. How much longer are we going to kid ourselves that the next paranormal documentary will be the one to reveal all. The more I look at the world around me the more I become increasingly aware we are being used for the benefit of the few and they are keeping us on a paranormal merry-go-round, and for some reason we cannot get off, we are stuck in our seats. Is it because whomever is in control of the UFO/Paranormal information is working to an agenda, is there a time and date to reveal all and for the moment we must remain in our seats, or do they never want us to know the truth hence the merry-go-round. But most of all do those that hold the knowledge have our best interests at heart.


Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults

28 May 2016

Cashless society & where it is leading

One has to wonder if the technological advancement of the human race can be stopped or curtailed to some degree, or are we doomed to take the journey to becoming the property of The New World Order. You only have to read this news article Denmark clears the way for cashless society - The Local to perhaps think where is it all heading and what does it mean for the masses. It appears Denmark is going to present a bill to allow businesses to choose whether they deal in cash or not, this may sound good to most but if we are rightly informed by Preston James of Veterans Today that every aspect of our communications technology is controlled by an Alien Agenda involving The Beast a super computer an artificial intelligence that is influenced by the Third Force ,or Fallen Angels,then things do not look good for humanity. What happens if cash totally disappears from society and we have to rely on a plastic card or even a micro-chip under our skin, well if you have some cash in your hand you do, for a short while, have a degree of independence, no one has control over that money other than you. But if your money is nothing but numbers in a technologically run machine you have no control, you may think you have with your pin number but in reality you do not. If as Preston James outlines that a part of this agenda is a spy system called SkyNet and that it can monitor telephones, cell phones, TV boxes governmental cables electrical and water patterns, smart meters and cellphone GPS travel patterns, we only have to look at one of those items to see how vulnerable we are , without doubt it has to be electrical patterns. If you can control the electric system then you are on a winner for absolute control, I would say 99.9% of this world is run by electricity, can you imagine if all electricity was suddenly stopped in the UK for example, the turmoil would be unprecedented, no food would be transported, no money all motorway technology would cease to work cities would come to a stand still, take it a stage further make the electrical problem last a month, within hours people would be fighting for food and water .

We have been told that we could suffer an EMP attack by a rouge nation which could knock out electrical systems across a targeted country an EMP can also occur naturally. If all technology is controlled by this entity The Beast the super computer, then it could just stop the electrical systems working and have us think it was an EMP attack by a rouge nation. When society virtually depends for all its needs on Electricity then that to me is putting all your eggs in one basket, you are asking for trouble. It may be oblivious to young people today but no one does paper work any more, no one keeps ledgers everything is done on computers. Also no one reckons up your shopping bill using pen and paper and mental arithmetic, the till does everything and its run by `Electricity`. The problem is there is no escape, something is pushing us to advancement in electrical technology it moves so fast that the old ways have been relegated to the history books and no one seems to care, no one is interested if you can reckon up in your head, you must do what the machine (the till) tells you, how much is paid in and how much change to give, being an independent thinker is not part of the game any more, you are a servants to the machine which is controlled by The Beast and The Third Force. Will, in time, humanity also be relegated to the depths of history, if The Beast is in control where is it going with all this, the only thing that stands out judging by the onslaught of technology is enslavement for some unknown purpose, will the human race become mindless robots, workers for a superior intelligence, just like the robots we produce today. Will the roles change will robots become intelligent with the help of the Beast and will the human with nano-technology brain implants become the robots . I have said before that whatever controls us has no attributes like the human, no hand, legs, eyes or dexterity the only thing it has is mind control, its linked to all of our infrastructure and with that it can get us to do its dirty work, it can stop or start anything it wishes, it can make us see what it wants us to see it can control our politics and our advancement. Its said that by 2025 we will be able to put a human brain in a robot, is the ultimate goal to eventually transfer the human soul/intelligence ( not the brain) into an extremely advanced mechanical robot, robots that are controlled by the Beast, robots that do not sleep or need food or air to breath, robots that can travel the Universe for millennia seeking out new worlds for the Beast. Or is it as Preston James wrote, that the Aliens have been trying to create and produce a synthetic soul, and as of yet they have failed miserably, but just supposing they succeeded, a synthetic soul in an advanced robot, a robot that can make decisions like a human, a robot with free will, but not to do as it pleases but to follow instruction and make necessary adjustments if problems arise all the time not losing sight of its main objective, all the time subservient to the Beast and the Third Force and never to question a command. To make the human race obsolete. 

There is much more to this subject, many directions you could take, and a lot of if`s and but`s and why`s. For me to explore every rabbit hole would be to much, I would probably end up writing a book, so for the moment I will leave you with this link to an up and coming channel 4 show. Buy your own robot housekeeper – what Channel 4’s scary adverts are really selling No matter what befalls the human race there seems to be a relentless force driving us into an electronic existence. Every day our reliance on the computer and its spin off`s increases, we clutch our phones as though our lives depend on it, as though its some vital organ of our body. My advice is to step back, take a moment and see where this is going, If you cannot or will not, then the machine has you, you are under control, but it does not matter because the Machine is unstoppable. In time we will all succumb.
The English Cognizant Citizen




The End of Money: Counterfeiters, Preachers, Techies, Dreamers--and the Coming Cashless Society

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization

14 May 2016

UK Cat-ripper Spree Gone Countrywide

"For decades farmers have found cows that have been surgically dissected on ranches throughout North America. No one really knows why these mutilations are occurring.

But there is something happening even more disturbing. Throughout North America and the United Kingdom pet cats have been found sliced clean in half, and to date no one knows why. These cat mutilations, like the cattle mutilations, are similar in that there is little blood reported at the scene."

Who is Killing Britain's Cats? The double page spread in The Sun's newspaper has people horrified and jumpy as hundreds of cats are discovered gruesomely slaughtered on home base while dozens more are missing in what has been described as a national epidemic.

The killings involve a feature common to many of the bodies discovered: an almost complete lack of blood.
"The lack of blood is because he [the killer] is killing them elsewhere, letting the blood drain out, and putting them back where they came from. Someone has taken my cat and done this to him, then brought him back to me to show off their bloody deed.”
It is far too strange to go unanswered.
Police say "pets are believed to have been lured into a vehicle with food treats, with the attacker deliberately picking spots not covered by CCTV."   
The police statement clearly shows that no one has any idea of how the 'killer' gets hold of his cats. Perhaps police are suggesting that there is in existence a device that is tuned into a database of CCTV addresses? And anyone that knows cat behavior will not agree with the "here, kitty, kitty" likelihood of ''jump in my car and get this food treat".

Chris Holly first wrote about the Half Cat Mutilations in 2008. Compare the information then to what is happening now:

Cat Mutilations Comparison
UK - Now Chris Holly - Then
 ..cat killings in Croydon stretch back to 2008.  First wrote about this odd subject back in 2008.
 The cats are left in what seems a purposeful fashion in a place that the owners could not miss them once they start to look for their family pet.  It appears the cats may be taken to another area and returned once they are prepared to be found  for the owners. 
 There was no blood around the body or in fact in the body.  All the internal mess and blood that would happen during the slaughter of the cat is never found.
 ..bodies are often dumped near the doorstep. ..left in areas visible for their human owners to find. 
 ..a clean cut with a bladed instrument.  ..cutting the cats in half is clean and done with a surgeons skill.

The information above is proof that the mutilations have been happening for a number of years, in exactly the same manner. 

This is a phenomenon; and the phenomenon of mutilated cats goes hand in hand with the phenomenon of missing cats.

So what is doing it and what to do about it?

The only logical answer for this phenomena is that it is caused by an entity.

AN EVIL ENTITY that grows stronger with every mutilation and more powerful with the escalated fear. As the cycle feeds upon itself the problem gets worse, the mutilations get inventive, detailed, more horrific and more aggressive.

The only way to fight evil is with PRAYER.

Your own prayers are very powerful. Do not underestimate your own ability to pray. If you feel the need for help you can contact Bill Bean, an eclectic priest, who can pray for you. Bill is a world renowned deliverance minister.

"Bill is anointed in the area of spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry that addresses anything from curses, obsession, oppression or possession by demonic spirits. Bill believes that just as Jesus was sent fourth to cast out demons and preach deliverance to the captives, we must also learn to operate in our God given authority to cast out demons and unclean spirits, according to Mark 3:14-15 and Luke 4:18. Bill performs deliverance/exorcism, house blessings, baptisms, weddings and eulogies."

Send your message to Bill today and ask for a prayer of protection for those you love. 

Prayer of Protection
The light of God surrounds (pet name)
The love of God enfolds (pet name)
The power of God protects (pet name)
The presence of God watches over (pet name). Amen.

Prayer in Memory of a Pet

Almighty God,
I was fortunate to receive the gift of (pet name) from Thou
Now that he (she) has left this life,
please help me cope with my loss with strength and courage.
I know that my beloved companion no longer suffers,
and will live on in many fond memories.
May they be treated with the care and respect
As he (she) has enriched my life,
I pray that I may enrich the lives of others. Amen.

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