5 March 2016

Mysterious murders South London

Please when will people waken up to the fact that there is more to the missing and mutilated cat phenomena than humans being responsible. Yes humans are responsible for a very small percentage of these abductions and brutal killings, but the real truth this phenomena is world wide and no human has or ever will be caught for these crimes. Peoples pets are taken, mutilated, no blood left, sometimes cut in two, sometimes their bodies are returned with their internal organs laid by the side, sometimes only half their bodies are returned, others never return. All this and no one ever sees anything. If you think humans are doing this and working with other animal mutilators around the world then for it to happen on a worldwide scale they must have an organisation more secret and underground than any pedophile ring , because the police can smash pedophile groups yet they can not even get a lead on who is killing and abducting hundreds of pets. These killing have been going on for a great many years, now either the police know who or what is doing this and they have been warned off from investigating too closely, or perhaps in secret its a great concern of the government and the truth is they do not know what the hell to do. Only today I have had word that the inhabitants of the Shetland Islands UK are concerned and desperate to find out whats happening to their missing cats, the focus is on Lerwick and Scalloway. You may think what I`m about to say is funny and amusing but everyone with a pet needs to get their X-File heads on as this phenomena is not going away anytime soon, and by all accounts its escalating. Most people watch the X-Files for what it is, a TV show, pure entertainment, for an hour once a week the viewers of the show have curiosity and are open minded about all forms of paranormal/alien activity. Yet when the real X-Files come knocking as in pet abductions and mutilations they have a knee jerk reaction to anything unearthly, in their fear and panic they convince themselves the true perpetrators of these vile sickening attacks are human. If so, will someone please catch me one. ECC.

The big hunt is on in Croydon UK to find the cat killer plaguing the streets in a seemingly endless number of bizarre deaths. Upwards of 50 cats, rabbits and foxes have been found dead, apparently murdered, across London over the past couple of years. A reward to capture a suspected cat killer has been more than doubled to £5,000 after more animals have been found apparently mutilated. Scotland Yard are currently investigating the gruesome decapitation of cats in the Croydon area. "The culprit, used a “sharp-bladed instrument” to remove the heads, and tails, of the animals, the surgical technique of whoever was carrying out the slayings has improved as they had gone on. It is thought that they are being strangled and then taken off-site to be butchered, and then the bodies are being returned and dumped, that is why there is no blood found at the scene".

The killer is careful. None of the cats has any human DNA beneath its claws, which might lead to identification of its slayer. By the end of last year at least 30 cats had been killed, including a tortoiseshell called Amber whose head and tail had been cut off, Missy, who had also been decapitated and a ragdoll called Ukiyo, who was found “in pieces”.

Other cats have been attacked with knives, had tendons severed and hips dislocated; some have survived. Of course the distress this is causing to the owners is unimaginable. Locals suspect that whoever is doing it is using a machete to dismember the animals: “That is the only thing that would have had the force to go through with such a clean cut, It is all getting a little bit creepy” said Boudicca Rising of nearby South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty centre (SNARL). 

The RSPCA is also aware of the situation. “It’s getting more difficult as it’s covering a wider area,” says Celia Hammond.

Please get your cat a GPS device.
The English Cognizant Citizen

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20 February 2016

Alarming Leap in Vanishing Cats

Shetland Islands UK
The UK Shetland Islands have become desperate to find out what is happening to their missing cats. 

Staff member for the local Cats Protection team, Carol Ritchie, said there had been a definite increase in the amount of disappearing cats. So concerning has the situation become that the organisation has created a Google map pinpointing where each missing cat came from, revealing a focus on Lerwick and Scalloway.

There’s far too many cats missing in Lerwick and Scalloway, and they're just never turning up again,” Ritchie said, “It’s very strange. I don’t know what’s happening.

Typical of other strange reports of missing cats, there are no fur, collars or bodies to be found.

Clusters of missing cats is a phenomenon that has been appearing in various places around the world. Some believe that UFO's are taking cats to use in their alien nefarious hybrid agenda's. While this cannot be proven it sits in the same category as strange animal mutilations.

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6 February 2016

Is something else awake when we are asleep?

If you have ever been up all night you will see where this person is coming from.To be in a house when everyone else sleeps and it is just you and total silence, is a total different feeling than the noise distracting day. Only last night I awoke about 2-30am, hot and disturbed, I went to the bathroom then had a cold tonic water from the fridge, I went back to bed, my wife was fast asleep. After settling down I was kept awake for the next 30-minutes or more by a variety of little fidgety noises, a couple of which made me raise my head off the pillow to look around our dark bedroom. It could just be house movements, but you cannot get away from the fact that the night feels different especially the silence, I have often wondered what happens to the real world when we are in deep sleep. My wife too has heard strange noises at night seemingly coming from outside our bedroom window, I said to her perhaps animals she said no they were different. Next time I get up early hours I might just stay up for a couple of hours and just sit in silence, that`s the key, silence.

"Recently I have been staying up late, and in fact all night till morning on some days, for no reason other than wanting to maximize my time doing things I like. Researching the paranormal, surfing the web. It is during these late night sessions I began to notice something..I had some sort of encounter...cant really describe it but will try my best.

It seems to me that in the late AM hours, mainly between 2am and 5am there is an increase of 'unseen activity' and 'commotion' inside of my house.. This was not a one time occurrence but happens whenever I remain awake when I should be asleep.. 

Let me try to elaborate...during one of these late night sessions of surfing around on the net I began to notice 'unseen movement' out of the corner of my eye...a kind of feeling of being in a busy street, with multiple people walking by, busily, yet being unable to see any of it...I just felt it.. creepy to say the least...almost felt the small wisps of air moving around when these 'entities' went by. 

As soon as sunrise hit the activity, and the feeling of someone or someones being present simply disappeared.  Got me thinking about a theory I've had about these 'in between' times, the time between our waking and sleeping states. 

I had the strong feeling that something was 'swarming' around me, and whatever it was, it was upset that I wasn't asleep at such a late hour...it was almost angry that I was not giving it access to me sleeping state.  It is now my opinion that there are unseen beings that feed off of our emotional energy which is generated during our dreams. 
  1. Could our dreams be virtual reality constructs that force us to produce our emotional chi or prana energy in order to allow these beings to feed off of us? 
  2. Does there exist a race of beings that wake up when we go to sleep, and hibernate as soon as we wake up? 
  3. Is there something that is parasitic in nature that depends on us being asleep so as not to protest their nightly 'feeding'? 
  4. Could it be that these unseen 'presences' were upset with me that I was awake when I should have been asleep? 
  5. Does sleep deprivation allow us to access a layer of reality, an ever present dimension that is usually hidden from our 5 senses? 
Would love to hear some thoughts on this, especially if anyone has had similar encounters.

This article first appeared on ATS


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30 January 2016

Strangeness in the Night

Alberta Canada
Thank you to the reader who sent in their own personal encounter of cat mutilation in the dead of night.
"I live in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. Six years ago at 4:30am, I was driving a friend home. He lives in Lacombe Park, an area about 5 minutes from mine. It was a beautiful morning. We turned the corner to his crescent and were startled to see two uniformed female RCMP bent over looking at something. As we drove by we were both shocked at what it was; absolutely shocked.  A pure white large cat that was cut in half. It looked completely normal, except there was two pieces. We passed slowly, I recall the one cop taking a photo. There was no blood or fur or struggle etc. My friend mentioned that he had read about this in our local paper, sure enough they had found two others in St Albert at this time; there was other ones to come in the following weeks. Edmonton I think had 8 reports with more to come. A couple of things seem odd when I look back at this. The home that the cat was in front of had no lights on or door open; there was no resident present outside. The officers were both females, small and had their hair pulled back in a bun. They never even glanced at us.  
I wonder, did they just stumble upon this travesty? Did they not wonder what we were doing at this odd hour? This was beyond strange and as I re-tell and think about it, it was beyond strange. At the time all that I could think of was the disturbing cat, an image that I will never forget, but now there are a few things that seemed odd. Also in the weeks to follow, I followed the reports and there was no mention of this particular cat on this particular street. One more thing odd was TWO female RCMP, one cruiser. I don't think that they send two females out together, I thought it was always a male and female; could be wrong. Thank you for the attention you are giving these tragic occurrences."

This cat had the obvious appearance of being unnaturally killed. Officers are typically trained to take in their surroundings, between the two of them, you would think that at least one person would have noticed your approach at a late hour, and, if they were focusing so intently at the cat, think that you might have been worth tossing a few questions to.


16 January 2016

Personal thoughts about time

Past Present and the Future are in the state of `Now`, there is no gap or `Time` between these 3-theoretical stages of existence, they are `One` and the `Now`. 

Humankind invented `Time` and when we did this we automatically created the 3-stages of existence that like `Time` do not exist, so we have:- 

Time = Past, Present and Future, which in turn gives us :- 

"Past Time" "Present Time" and "Future Time", none of which really exist because they were invented by the human to try to make sense of our Universe and existence, to bring order to our lives. 

Even though we have these 3-stages we are still no closer to understanding our existence or the Universe. 

Remember the Universe is in no hurry, the Universe has no sense of `"Time"`, `"Time"` is a product of us humans, we have caused it to surround our world, we can even reach a limited distance into outer space with our "Time" based technology and that distance is but a pin prick compared with the size of the Universe. In effect our concept of "Time" keeps us prisoner on this planet, you may rightly ask the question " If `Time does not exist then why do we grow old?" Well ageing is really another part of the illusion, along with our invention of "Time", when we talk of age we are describing a "Time Period" such as old age or young age, again our invention, and because age is linked to "Time" neither really exist. I think in order to understand this we have to forget "Time," our life is more like an explosion of existence in the "Now" but if you are at the centre of that explosion, as we are, everything appears to move slowly. Take our planet Earth, it is spinning and moving through space at tremendous speed but because we are at the centre of that explosion of movement the Earth appears to move slowly. Birth, life and old age take place all in the "Now", no spaces no gaps no time period. Age to me is just a collapsing of the material (our body) that was home to our soul and gave it a brief existence into this universe. Incalculable number of events take place in the universe in the "Now", it is only our illusion of "Time" that separate`s those events. 

Just look around your house, notice that your family are doing different things all at the same instant whether sleeping, eating, talking or playing music , even if a family member is 6-miles away doing the shopping the distance does not alter the fact that everything is being done in the same instant, the "Now". Bring "Time" into the equation and said family member will be back in 2-hours, but remove "Time" from the equation and our shopper is already back home in the same "Now" that she was doing the shopping , to take it a step further we are already dead even though we feel very alive. In reality our soul only gets a brief existence in this universe but down here in the explosion of life our soul has had 80-years of existence, as I have stated things move slowly at the centre of an explosion. But in reality 80-years cannot exist as it is linked to "Time" and we invented "Time.". 

I know it's impossible to imagine a period where "Time" does not exist, we have, from birth, instantly had our existence linked to "Time", it is so ingrained into our everyday lives we could not function without it , but it's an illusion and as I said at the beginning we are truly a prisoner of that illusion. 

Everything ever created by humanity all came from the "Mind", we had a thought or idea then used our creativeness to bring that idea to life in the material world. So is it possible we can think of an idea to build a means of traversing the vast distances of outer space, if we carry on using our concept of "Time" I doubt we will get very far. I feel we need to shake off the shackles of "Time". Perhaps Wormholes are the answer?, to be any place in the Universe in an instant, or will our "Mind / Soul" be the ultimate mode of travel to be at our destination not in an instant but in the "Now" because our "Mind / Soul knows no limit, it is not governed by our concept of "Time" but when "Mind" becomes conscious in the physical material body it has to engage with the human invention of "Time". When we dream we have no sense of "Time", when you waken from sleep you have no knowledge where 6-hours of slumber have gone because when you sleep you have entered a realm where "Time" does not exist, could our dreams be "Timeless Travel" into other existences. Because let's face it a "Dream" is a name we have given to a state of mind that we do not fully understand. We name everything we see because we do not understand them so we create an understanding by giving what we do not understand a name, and by naming everything we create a reality. So where did the concept of "Time" come from, what did we not understand which caused us to name something "Time". Let's look at it this way, make believe you have just come into existence and are fully aware, you need to give yourself a reality so you name everything you come into contact with, you see such some debris , you call it a stone, you then notice you are walking on something and you call it grass , you see another life form so you call it a bird, you see orbs in the sky you call them the sun and moon. But! where do you see "Time"?.......you do not, "Time" is an idea born from the study of the Sun and its relationship to Earth`s orbital movement, you cannot grasp "Time" or put in a jar and look at it, it does no exist in this material Universe but we pretend it does. 

One has to wonder about our Alien visitors, what concept of "Time" do they use if any, or do they operate outside the boundaries set by a concept, have they tapped into the secret of travelling from galaxy to galaxy without the hindrance of "Time", to just be there in the "Now". 



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3 January 2016

Shocking Mental Health Stories

Read the horrifying encounters of people caught between the worlds; trapped against their will in mental institutions and classed as 'unlivable'. The shocking truth is revealed through the lives of those involved.

A twelve year old boy, one of the youngest people on whom was performed the barbaric trans-orbital, ice pick, lobotomy. This book is a powerful, moving story of his rise from the depths of enforced mental illness to his redemption late in life. 

Nellie Bly worked feigned mental illness so she could enter the world of the Women's Lunatic Asylum Blackwell's Island. What she found there prompted a grand jury to begin an investigation into conditions so horrific that she almost became a forgotten victim herself. 

Four hundred abandoned suitcases found in the attic of an abandoned mental asylum tells the story of ordinary people with ordinary lives caught up in the nightmare of voluntary mental health...and became trapped for the rest of their lives. 

Horrifying real and the absolute truth.


My Lobotomy

Ten Days in a Mad-House: Nellie Bly's Experience on Blackwell's Island. Feigning Insanity in Order to Reveal Asylum Horrors

The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic

Gracefully Insane: Life and Death Inside America's Premier Mental Hospital

Great and Desperate Cures: The Rise and Decline of Psychosurgery and Other Radical Treatments for Mental Illness

I took a peek into the book `The lives they left behind` on the Amazon site. I read the part where the Quakers did not know what caused `madness` but still treated afflicted people as brethren. For those so stricken they built country retreats where these people were given shelter, food and companionship, and through this caring attitude many recovered. When I read those words in the book preview I was instantly reminded of my mother-in-laws situation. She had been in hospital for 3-months due to a bad fall which damaged her hip, the second fall in a matter of months the first need a hip replacement. While these hospital periods were being lived through it became clear she was developing dementia, her eating of substantial food to maintain good health deteriorated, she would refuse medicine and forget what had happened a minute before. The future for her did not look good, the hospital suggested she went into a care home but her son and daughter wanted her home, after a long period of `ifs` and `buts` and assurances she would be cared for she was aloud to return to her home where she lived with her son, her daughter visited her daily. After 2-weeks at home her eating has improved dramatically, even though she has other health issues she gets about and is more talkative, Yes the dementia is still there but her overall feel for life has been illuminated by being in surroundings she knew, close to her son and daughter whom she knows care and love her. Its seems as though the `Quakers` were right in their approach of compassion and caring love. She is in her 80`s now and we know things will not get any better but for the moment she is contented, and like her family have said if and when she dies she will be where she has always wanted to be the place she calls home.

May I just add the hospitals care of my mother-in-law was outstanding, we could not fault anything.

18 December 2015

Manipulation and Deceit

Final Events
Once again the forces being utilized by HNE`s (none human entities) to interact with us in a bizarre confusing manner, designed to divert us and draw our attention from the true purpose of their actions : manipulation and deceit.

I had read about D. Wilcock and `Loosh Energy` and then I watched `The House of EL` where towards the end of the video they indicated that the human was farmed for something that was found at the base of the spinal column. Now keeping this in mind, my son returned a book to me I had forgotten about titled `FINAL EVENT` sub title `AND THE SECRET GOVERNMENT GROUP ON DEMONIC UFO`s AND AFTERLIFE` by Nick Redfern. The book revolves around a secret group (USA) called the `Collins Elite`, to cut a long story short this group thought that what everyone believed to be UFO`s were in actual fact Demonic in nature, masters of deception. The secret experiments had opened a door to these entities but did not realize their mistake till it was to late, they referred to them as `NHE` Hone Human Entities. They `Collins Elite` were hoping to control the `NHE`s` and use their power in military weapons applications.

This book is compelling reading, it looks to history and what was known long ago and how we could all be deceived and what is really talked about in the secret corridors of power. When you read the book things that are happening today start to make sense, we have no answers for any of the mysteries that befall us, or why we are so occupied with war, we are as we have always suspected being manipulated by unseen hands.

Extract- "THE PENULTIMATE DIVERSION IN THIS WHOLE AREA IS THE MUTILATIONS OF THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS. The NHE`s with the ability to work unseen (read invisibly), and to create incisions and excise tissue in manners which seem humanly impossible (because they are) and to remain totally undetected, or to create the illusion of extraterrestrial beings (the apparent UFO/ phantom helicopter sightings, and concomitant occupant sightings often associated with these events), provide an extremely effective smoke screen. People are now busy chasing secret government projects, satanic cults, and UFO`s, while the actual perpetrating agents go unsuspected."

(The following is from the book) In 1972 Sybil Leek a Sorceress of the UK conducted meeting where she went into a trance and reportedly channeled a demonic entity called `CAXUULIKOM` an evil spiteful entity whose origins could be traced back to Babylon. Caxuulikom informed those present that the Earth was a farm and nothing else, that the energy derived from the souls of the Human Race and indeed every living creature on the planet was harvested to feed the minions of Satan. It says, as a new decade got underway, some members of the Collins Elite were forced to take their conclusions to horrifying, new levels, namely that we the Human Race, are cattle and the terrible entities of the underworld posing as extraterrestrials are the farmers - demonic farmers, no less. And the awful feeding frenzy that has been going on since humankind has existed is focused upon the digestion of that most significant-yet-mysterious element of our very being: the human soul. ( Quote finished)

Readers Review 
1. "Myself being a Bible believing Christian, it was refreshing to see Nick report on the position that aliens are nothing more than Biblical demons in different clothes, and I kept hoping he would report on the fact that calling out to Jesus Christ is the only way to stop alien/ demonic visits, and he did! I was thrilled. This is no surprise to Christians, but to unbelievers it might never occur to them to call on the only Name in the universe known to save your soul, and of course that is what you are up against when being visited by aliens/ demons. They are not just there to mess with you/ harvest your DNA or go after your reproductive parts. I was also very pleased to see that Nick reported on how if these are not demons or fallen angels, why do they always seem to slander Jesus Christ, Christianity, etc if they are just other life forms from millions of miles away? Who cares what the puny humans worship? They don't seem to care about any other deity worshipped other than Jesus. So for all the scoffers out there who may laugh at the idea of aliens being demons, that in itself should solve it for you. Demons can only tolerate the worship of anything else other than Jesus because anything else is ultimately giving praise to their father Satan. So thank you Nick, for touching on this too. The only thing I was left wondering, as this was my first work by this author, was if Nick believes all of this too, or was just reporting on it. Either way I thank you, and I will read more of your works." 

2. "I loved this book! I could not stop reading it and was disappointed when I came to the end. ( I wanted it to go on and on). The author, Nick Redfern, is one of my favorite for all things paranormal. I get to see him almost every week on Ancient Aliens. He is a devoted detective to the paranormal and has spent most of his life exploring it. This book takes on a whole other look at the UFO happenings and causes world wide. Without spoiling the book I will just have to say that if you are interested in the UFO topic, then this book is a must have! Nick takes you on a journey inside a secret group with in our government that has a take on UFO's that will astound you! It was a real eye opener for me as I always thought that the government stopped investigating ufo's. That is so far from the truth, as you will find out when you read this very well researched book. Does Nick actually believe all that he writes about here? That is something that you will have to find out for yourself. Personally, I believe he is closer to the truth than most other "authorities" on the subject."

Read Testimonies of others who have been saved from entities through Jesus Christ.

After reading Nick RedFern`s `Final Events` that outlines the Demonic battle for our Souls and how the mutilation of thousands of animals is one of the deceptions this Demonic Entity uses to lead us to assume that Aliens from a far of world are responsible for the demise of our animals when the real culprits are sitting right under our noses, an idea came to my mind. I read that many people had thwarted abduction by these Demonic Entities that were posing as off world Aliens , by shouting out prayers to `Jesus` or `God Almighty`. Now to take it a step further ( to some of you this may sound ridicules but if you are of a religious nature it will make sense) Why along with the name and address tag you have on your cats collar do we not include a `Crucifix` better still a blessed one by your local vicar, or even a locket containing a prayer to ward off `Demons`. This may or may not work, but I would be willing to try anything to stop our animals being mutilated, this idea if it works could be extended to our farm animals, along with the bell around Daisy the cows neck you might want to add that `Crucifix`. Obviously if a cat turns up dead and mutilated then it does not work for animals, on the other hand if mutilations started to die out then maybe the `Crucifix` and `Prayers` are the way to go. There is no doubt in this world religion is being slowly killed off, world wide events are getting worse each day, we are no closer to solving any of the paranormal events than we were a 100-years ago we have to ask why ? what commands such secrecy ? To me it could only be something from another dimension that reaches in , implements events, returns to its place of origin, then shuts the door. When it happens like that we have no chance of ever knowing what`s going on other than being witness to the aftermath of a Demonic intrusion. 

Its time we started to fight back, perhaps the answer lies within the `BIBLE`.