25 September 2015

It Spikes in Spring

Guelph, Ontario thought it had a rather simple problem of cat disappearances in the west side, but it turns out the west side is not alone with its vanishing kitty problem as 229 cats have been reported missing throughout the city—a higher number than previous years. 

Missing cats cannot be attributed to coyotes because "If there was coyotes marauding around in here you wouldn't see as many rabbits or squirrels, and we are overrun with rabbits." 

Whether it is a coyote or a human, or a combination of both responsible, the cats are not coming back and there is a lot of chatter in the neighbourhood about the missing cat mystery. One west-end resident has posted a sign throughout the area warning cat owners of the danger of letting their pets outside. "This is not a safe neighbourhood for cats to be outside unattended," the sign reads.

The disappearances started to spike beginning in the spring.

And as this goes to air a new wave of disappearances is happening in Summerbook Tallahassee. Once again people are saying "cats that went outside and vanished: no remains, no signs of struggle, no nothing."

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19 September 2015

Cats Vanish in Vanier

At least six cats went missing south of Montreal Road that weekend and 15 have disappeared north of there recently, according to Vanier Street Cats, a local shelter.

When resident Jodi Turner’s cat Marmalade first disappeared, she thought it simply may have been scooped up by the Ottawa Humane Society, mistaken for a stray. But when she found out other domesticated cats had also vanished around the same time from her Vanier neighbourhood, she realized something more sinister may have happened.

One neighbour came forward to tell Turner and Elliott that he saw a tall woman acting strangely with scratches on her arms carrying two cats on the street. She had approached the neighbour and asked if she could go on his driveway. When he told her to leave, she reacted angrily and took off, Elliott said.

Residents now believe a cat hoarder may have taken the cats.

Police suggested it could be a predator that could have preyed upon the cats, but neighbours said there has been no sign of any cat remains in the area. Another theory was that a neighbour who does not like the cats could have hurt them, but both Turner and Elliott said they never had any complaints about their cats.

Kelly Wilson, who owns Vanier Street Cats, has scoured the area for any sign of the 23 missing cats, but to no avail.

“23 cats just disappeared and no one knows where they went,” she said.

“I’m getting scared because the more I find out about cat hoarders, I realize they think they love these animals, but they are not actually taking proper care of them,” Turner said.

“I almost prefer my cat was run over and was dead rather than be tortured in some house somewhere.”

Source:  http://www.ottawacommunitynews.com/news-story/5918478-cats-vanish-in-vanier/

The missing cats of Vanier is an interesting story for not what it tells us, but for what it does not tell us. Yes, without doubt the cats went missing under sinister circumstances, but we now have a term I admit I have never heard of before and that is a `Cat Hoarder` this person is said to take cats in the misguided notion that they are looking after them, other theories were given but no legitimate cause for the disappearance of the cats.

The strange part of this report is where the neighbor reports that he saw a "Tall Woman Acting Strangely" with scratches on her arms carrying 2-cats along the street, the woman asked this neighbor if she could go on his driveway, he told her to leave and she reacted angrily . 

Here are a few questions I would like answered.

What did the neighbor mean when he said the woman was acting strangely?
The neighbor obviously got a good look at the woman so why did they all not attempt to trace this woman? If she did not have a coat on she may have lived close by, also were the cats struggling?

What is meant by the words when the woman asked if she could "GO ON HIS DRIVEWAY"
It seems that someone always sees someone acting strangely then that`s it, everything stops there. This is very much like a story a year ago that was reported in the UK media, again a number of cats had gone missing, throughout the report it emerged that a neighbor had looked through her window during the night and had seen a man walking along the street with a net on a pole.

Again that was it, end of story, one has to wonder if this is done on purpose, by that I mean `adding the human element`, no one knows whats going on with these cat disappearances so to keep the general public calm they bring the human into the picture. Now we have neighbors watching other neighbors with suspicion while the real culprit moves to another area and abducts more cats.
The English Cognizant Citizen

BEK's and Animal Mutilations                                            
I`m starting to wonder about Black Eyed Kids and their relationship to animal mutilations  

I wonder if the woman in the story was an adult version of BEK`s because she asked the question "Can I go on your driveway,? its like a BEK asking if they can come in.
"Experts say black eyed kids are among the most terrifying figures to emerge from 'the other side'. They are said to represent the 'highest levels of pure evil'". 

The English Cognizant Citizen
Was it Satanists or a sick BBQ? Police baffled after more than 800 tails cut from cats and dogs appear in a Brazilian town
Disassociated Animal Tails
Police have been left baffled after hundreds of dog and cat tails began to appear around a Brazilian town - even though none of its residents reported any of their pets missing.

Baffled investigators admit they are no closer to solving the mystery that is gripping Sao Lourenco, in southeast Brazil, where so far more than 800 furry tails have been found.

The animals had been killed between 48 and 72 hours prior to their tails being dumped in various parts of the town, according to forensics.

However, there has been no trace whatsoever of the rest of their bodies, leaving locals and police increasingly desperate for clues which might help to explain the animals' fate, and find the culprits.
"Somebody should have reported their pet missing. But so far, there have been no reports whatsoever about any cats or dogs disappearing. So where have the animals come from?"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3225623/Police-baffled-800-tails-cut-cats-dogs-appeared-Brazilian-town-not-single-local-reported-missing-pet.html#ixzz3mIqwm4zo

8 September 2015

Disappearances & Babysitting

"This is a story from my babysitting days, around five years ago when I was fifteen and desperate to save up for a car, despite not even having a learners permit at this stage. I would babysit for family, and then family friends, and pretty soon word of mouth was getting me calls from people I had never met before.
People want to hire a babysitter they know won’t just sip from the liquor bottles in the cupboard and invite their boyfriend or girlfriend over. I was a very patient teenager, so good with kids, and far too chicken shit to ever properly snoop around people’s houses, rifling through cupboards or bedside drawers. And I had only ever been drunk once before, and hated it so much it put me off alcohol for a good while. I was the ideal babysitter, in other words. So anyway, one Friday I get this call from a couple who had heard about me from somebody they met someplace, I don’t know. They asked me if I was available for Sunday night.
Now it was the school holidays, I was available pretty much every night, every week. My most popular nights were Fridays and Saturdays, and even though I had been planning a sleepover with friends that Sunday, I cancelled it in order to sit for this couple. My rate was fifty dollars a night, but most parents were a bit drunk and very grateful when they got home from a night out, and pressed extra tens and twenties into my hands insistently as I left. Mostly, they would drive me home, but sometimes my mum or dad had to pick me up if the parents were drunk or the house was really far away from mine. This couple that were asking about Sunday said that they would be out until very late, and would pay upwards of a hundred dollars for my services.
They also offered to pick me up from home to get to their place, which was a good forty minutes away, and drive me back home afterwards. Now, my dad always insisted he drive me to the house I was sitting at, and come in to meet the couple if they weren’t people we knew well. Sunday was no different, and so after telling the couple I would be dropped at their place by six, I got set for the night.
I never brought homework because back then I was a good little nerd and always did it as soon as I got it. What I did bring was my book The Secret History (a great read, but slightly creepy) and a bag of Jaffa’s in case there wasn’t any nice food there or they didn’t say ‘eat what you want’.
So, we leave, and my dad drops me at the house, waits for me to knock on the door of the little flat with the nice roses in the front garden and he drives off when it opens. So anyway, this old lady is standing there, and she goes ‘can I help you?’ and I told her who I was and she looked totally baffled, when a man runs up to us, about forty and sort of good looking, kind of like Alec Baldwin but thinner and sharper featured. ‘Sorry! My wife gave you the wrong address, thank god I didn’t miss you’ he says, gesturing to his car. ‘Sorry Miss’ he says to the lady, and she goes inside like what the fuck is going on.
‘We used to live there and my wife always forgets our new address’ he explained. Now this, looking back, was suspicious as fuck and if I hadn’t been so naïve I would have called my dad and noped all the way back home, but he was sort of charming or something and I was naïve so I got in the car. We drove for about fifteen minutes, and he sort of asked about general stuff, school and that sort of thing. When we got to the house, which was the nicest house I had ever seen (super modern sort of angular architecture, amazing garden), the wife who was thin and really pretty was outside, waving.
She apologises, same story blah blah blah, and we go inside. ‘Our little angel is asleep upstairs’ she goes ‘please don’t wake her up, just stay down here unless she cries. She’s a very light sleeper, you see, so we’ll be very upset if you wake her. We’ll be up till dawn, really, in that case’ she said, and I was nervous because the house was nice and they looked all rich – sort of well groomed maybe, and here I was in my grubby runners with my messy hair in a ponytail.
They were very dressed up, and after showing me the living room, where bowls of chips and lollies were sitting out, they left, after once again telling me not to wake their daughter.
Now, I found it strange that they hadn’t introduced me to their child. Mostly, the kids were awake when I got their, and we played and watched television until way past their bedtime, and then they fell asleep full of pizza, asking me to tell them another story. The only other proper baby I had sat for slept most of the time, but the parents, my mums cousin and her partner, told me to check on her a few times and change her nappy when needed.
I just sort of sat there, feeling cold in the big, sparsely furnished house, but they hadn’t told me about heating and I hadn’t thought to ask. The food they put out was stuff I (probably very luckily) didn’t like. Salt and vinegar chips instead of plain, and the chocolate biscuits had an off smell to them.
Lollies were something I only ate as a last resort, and I had my bag of Jaffa’s, so I didn’t touch what was there. I decided to read because I could not work their ridiculously large television, but something about the darkness and silence of the house left me feeling a little edgy. I decided to see if there was anything else to eat, and went looking for the kitchen, which I eventually found. The shiny metal fridge was almost completely empty aside from a carton of milk, and the cupboards were also very empty, and I there were no bottles of milk or jars of baby food that I could see. Freezing cold and seriously considering ordering takeaways, I began walking around the house in search of a heater.
The house was very dark and most of the doors were locked, which wasn’t too uncommon, though mostly people just locked their bedroom door or maybe a messy storeroom or something. I decided the heater was probably upstairs. Now, on that note, I hadn’t heard a peep from upstairs, and I started to get anxious, because what if something was wrong with the baby? I always checked up on whoever I was babysitting as a rule about every twenty minutes.
So I made the decision to go upstairs. First weird thing was there was a fucking ‘child gate’ or whatever it’s called blocking them off, so I had to climb over. I wondered why they needed that if they had a baby. I walked up, and it was pitch black up there. I tried a door, locked, I tried another door, locked. All the fucking doors were locked. Now, who locks an infant in a room like that? I started to panic, and sort of realised something was very wrong about the whole thing. I decided to call my dad to come and wait with me. So I went to call him when I realised the address he had was the one of the old lady, their “old address” and I realised in that moment they didn’t want my dad to know where they really lived.
I started panicking, and just sort of froze in the dark hallway. I walked slowly down the stairs, and climbed over the gate as quietly as I could. My heart was pounding at this point. So I walked to the front door, and tried it, but it had been deadlocked. I walked through the house to the back door, and again, deadlocked. I was trapped in this fucking house. I could have called the police, but I had no address to give them, and I was starting to feel like maybe I wasn’t alone in the house. With shaking hands, I went into the living room and packed my stuff into my backpack, and just sat on the edge of the couch wondering what to do.
I decided to try a window or something, so I did, I tried every window, and all of them were locked. At this point I swore I heard a noise from outside. I told myself I was just being paranoid. I thought about how bad it would look if I left the baby and just ran off, but I didn’t feel safe. I felt like I was going to die.
So I was standing in the living room wondering what the fuck to do when I heard a faint clicking sound, the sound of a door being unlocked, the back door. I just froze, ringing in my ears, liquid stomach. I heard footsteps walking slowly through the house, and I crept shakily into the dark kitchen, and then through to the laundry. I crawled into one of the big cupboards next to the washing machine and sat trying to control my breathing, and trying not to be sick. I heard the footsteps walking through the house, and muffled voices. When the footsteps reached the laundry and stopped, I thought my heart would pound through my chest.
‘She must be upstairs’ the man's voice said, and I heard the footsteps walk away. I Was sure the wife would be waiting outside the cupboard with a kitchen knife, but I opened it anyway, and she wasn’t. I heard them walking upstairs, and crept quickly through the house. I opened the back door and ran, hearing it slam behind me and knowing they would be after me. I didn’t even look back, I just ran through to the front garden and down the driveway and I climbed over the gate so quickly I scraped all up my legs, but I didn’t stop running. Adrenaline works wonders even on me the fairly unfit teenager. When I got to the nearest main road, I called my dad, hysterical.
Every time a car drove past I ducked into a yard or under a tree, because I was sure it was them. When my dad arrived, I told him the story. I have never seen him go so white, like a sheet. We went to the police and everything, but I hadn’t even stopped to look at the street name when I was running away, so I had nothing to give them other than a description of both of them and their very fake names. They didn’t ever track down the couple, either, even though they drove me around the suburb for hours trying to help me remember the house.
I couldn’t, I had been too scared and it had been too dark. How I wish I had been more observant. What scared me most was that they had my phone number, but unsurprisingly I never got a call from them again, as I had changed my number the next day, and I haven't babysat since.
Well, I say i never heard from them, but now that I think about it, there was one call, a few months ago actually, an unknown number, of course. When I picked up the phone, all I heard was a baby crying on the other end. But not a real baby, a fake cry like one of those dolls you can buy. I guess I’m hoping it’s just some prank caller messing with me."

29 August 2015

Why should we be any different?

This world is truly a massive farm, its livestock is the human, and its animal feed is without doubt Fear. 

Fear is a mental food; it is shoveled into our psyche via the feed box we call television and the media delivers more daily Fear food through the slit opening in our cage which we call the letter box. When I go to bed and pull the duvet over my head that is the only time I feel protected, for a few hours I`m no longer being force fed with the food of Fear, I can escape to oblivion in the dream world, but alas the Fear food is mounting up for the next days forced feeding frenzy. 

Just imagine as you walk through your city, those hundreds of people you see are all walking around with some degree of Fear eating at their soul. Now think of 6-billion people griped with some sort of fear, whether it is paying the mortgage, the bills, or any of the media induced Fears that are continually hammered in to our heads. Seen from outer space this planet must virtually glow with Fear Energy. But why? where did it all start from? is it from a small group of people hell bent on world domination through Fear? people who will not live to see their dream realized, which to me seems pointless, unless they had the secret of eternal life in order to enjoy the fruits of their labour. 

If you are powerful, rich, 80-years old living in luxury, why would you want to trouble yourself about re-arranging the world through Fear. Even though I believe humans are responsible for much of this world's escalating troubles, I also think for many centuries the human race has been a victim of some parasitical entity and when we do violence, misdeeds and anything to create untold Fear that entity feeds on the energies we generate. 

All over the Earth we can see how mother-nature creates parasites that survive and attach themselves to other creatures. You can see such an example in Super-parasitism; this is a form of Parasitism where the Host normally a caterpillar or insect larvae are attacked more than once by a single species of Parasitoid. An example of Super-parasitism is seen in the wasp Ropalidia Romandi a common endoparasite of R. Romandi are insects of the order Strepsiperans that dissolves through cuticle of the host larvae of the wasp, they then create a sac from host tissue to protect themselves from host defences, and then reside in the abdomen of the host. These parasites can cause sterility and often change the hosts morphology and behaviour, however they do not kill their host, and it has been suggested they prolong the host's life. 

So why should we the human be any different, why should we not be susceptible to parasitical invasion, and not just one type but many, parasites that attach to the mind, a parasite that moves from human to human when the need arises. 

Are some of our emotions the results of parasites, a moment of madness, an assault on someone, an urge to speed in a vehicle, arguing, threatening, many things not normal to character, most of the time we have control but at times dark moment's crop up, moments we later feel ashamed of. As I have emphasised above, like the wasp parasite invades its host and can change its morphology and behaviour do the parasites that invade us humans also change our behaviour resulting in regrettable incidents. We end up standing there saying, "Why did I do that? why did I say those bad things? we shake our heads in self-disgust. 

I often wondered if millennia ago the human was an extremely peaceful race when they came here (I do not believe our evolution from apes) and they either unknowingly bought with them a mind parasites or said parasites were already here, or these parasites traveled the cosmos looking for hosts and they stumble across our presence on this world, and decided to look after us and again like the wasp parasite because they need us, they actually prolonged our life. Now they can spend centuries attached to our minds causing all manner of fear and upset so they can feed on the energies generated by us and they prolonged our life by giving us a deep instinct to survive, in other words, again, like the wasp parasite they changed our behaviour. Remember we are Mind people all our activities start with a thought, a thought has no substance until acted upon, " I thought, then I did", our soul has no substance either, it belongs to the same world as our thoughts. 

Think of it this way, could we the human, as we call ourselves, be mind-parasites, our bodies were created by nature through the mating of man and woman, but where did our mind/soul come from, did we invade natures creation of our bodily Host when the Host was born, namely a Baby, are we actually parasites.......or did we invade like the wasp parasite, before the larvae/baby was born, did we suppress or force out the real human entity that should have occupied the biological body at birth. You might say, but he does look like his mother or father or he has similar habits as his parents. But do not forget those human traits are born of DNA, but where does that which we call the mind/soul come from. I do not believe it is due to our biological make up which in turn creates that person/soul, that which I call "Me" is from elsewhere. I have, through some process, taken over this body I occupy, I`m able to read the DNA of this Host and act accordingly, hence the human traits that run in a family. 

Is our mind/soul a mixture of the real human and a parasite , is that why the world and our lives appear to forever be in turmoil, one side of me wants peace and tranquility the other is always ready for a fight, has our behaviour been changed. 

The Mind/Parasite is a wanderer, it can do nothing unless it puts itself into some sort of physically able body, is that what has happened to the human, as I have said, was the human basically good and a long time ago we were invaded by a roaming parasite that shoved that that is "Me" to one side so that it could not rule the roost but share the roost, to change my behaviour when required and generate Fear energy for it to feed on to give it life , in other words are we being Farmed for our Fear energy.

15 August 2015

Evil Empire of the ETs

If you want a good bedtime read, you will not be disappointed if you come by the book titled "EVIL EMPIRE OF THE ET'S AND THE ULTRA-TERRESTRIALS". The book has contributions from 5-writers; Timothy Beckley later being described as "A Shocking Interview With Mr UFO". The book is well presented, soft backed with large well-spaced print for easy reading, measuring 8-1/2"x11". 

The writer that took up most of the book from page 30 to page 247 was a lady by the name of Dr Karla Turner. Her contribution is titled "INTO THE FRINGE". I must say it's the most interesting thought provoking accounts of abduction and interference of not so friendly entities. I've ticked off in pencil the similar points she recounts that I and my family have been witness to, one example was that she found the television was turned on in the morning, likewise we were awakened in the early hours one morning a few years back when a stereo unit we had turned itself on playing loud music. The pages I have read seem to indicate all of us that witness strange events have been touched by these entities, they know about us, they watch us and can change reality. One strange comment by an abductee in the book was that he was told that he had given permission for the entities to conduct medical procedures or anything else they wished to, a sort of agreement. I have heard that stated before in other books.

Outlined her are some points that appeared in the account by Dr Karla Turner, please do understand what I write is but a fraction of the fascinating content contained in her story.
  • She, Dr Turner has come to the conclusion that abductees across the world are starting to wake up. She saw the mass production of SI/FI movies and the increased activity of UFO`s as a deliberate attempt to get us acquainted with the Alien phenomena.
  • In the book there is talk, during regression, of `Crawling Black Stuff ` "Something dark is coming across the road, I can see tendril like fingers"
  • Another regressed person told of how a woman during the session warned him to be careful of the `Greys`. This same person in a dream talked of much evil all over the world and said "There must be something causing it"
  • At a meeting Dr Turner attended, Budd Hopkins stated that these Aliens had a fascination with, and liked to cause pain and fear. I recently read the latest writing by David Wilcock of Divine Cosmos, in which he referred to the Alien entities as 'Feeders' "they feed on our fear", he said.
  • Another regressed family member talked of being strapped on a table while a medical procedure took place. Next to him was an animal of sort strapped down on another table, he felt as though they were experimenting with DNA. At some point in the story I think a cat is mentioned but I do not know if that is a cat on the table next to him, but he is certain they are splicing animal and human DNA. If that is the case there could be a definite link to our missing pets.
  • An abductee stated there was a warning given of an impending collective calamity, a sort of psychic thunderclap. Likewise, David Wilcock recently came to the conclusion that there is going to be a geopolitical moment of truth. 
About Cats
I took this from a cat biology site.
Dummy Mouthed
It was also said they Aliens are greatly interested in all aspects of our sexuality, (Do you ever get the feeling we are being used, and have been for thousands of years) these entities are referred to as the Controllers, it's said they can make us, and they can move the soul to new bodies. (When I look at human life, sometimes I get the feeling we are being kept busy, with all our pastimes, new cars new gadgets films galore with different actors but same stories. If you step back there is an underling boredom about it all, a bit like sticking a dummy in a baby`s mouth to keep it quiet, here you are now go back to sleep type of thing. Nothing really changes; it's like an eternal tread wheel.

I will stop there, but if you are like me, as I read the account of Dr Turner and her family and friends, I to became a member of her group, I was with them on every page. It's an excellent read and you will not be disappointed, there is so much to say I would end up rewriting the book if I carry on. 

Get a hold of a copy today. 
Evil Empire Of The ETs And The Ultra-Terrestrials: Conspiracy Reader Presents [Paperback] [2012] (Author) Timothy Green Beckley, Tim R Swartz, Dr Karla Turner, Sean Casteel, Brad and Sherry Steiger, Wm Kern, Adman


The World Around Us
If you have been privy to paranormal events in your life after reading this book you will look at them in a new light. We in our UK household have, over the years, had some strange events:
  • strange lights flying over 
  • radio coming on early hours 
  • powerful scratching under the floorboards and inside the chimney upstairs 
  • a screaming sound in the early hours 
  • a regular bumping noise which we thought was next door rushing for the toilet, but when we decided to think about it the reasoning was wrong because our neighbour was 92-years old with very bad eye sight and in poor health 
  • we had the dead mouse in our garden with strange marks 
  • my son and his friend witnessed the very fast red UFO 
  • we have had sheep mutilations in our area 
  • missing pets, and many more I cannot think of 
As I wrote sometime back there is not many phenomena, there is just one, and for whatever reason it expresses itself in different ways and the book has changed my view of many strange events. We all walk side by side with something, and it will be sure pay our household another visit in the not too distant future.

I'll be waiting... 

1 August 2015

Benefits of Death

There are many places in our world where the word is out on cats that have mysteriously vanished. Only a pet owner pets can fully appreciate the pain felt by those who do not have answers for the mass of cats that have disappeared in towns and cities. 

I wondered if the reason for their disappearance was so simple it was staring us in the face. What do we humans do to a fellow human that has suddenly died?; we make request to the immediate family for organ donation. In fact in some parts of the world organ donation has taken on more sinister aspect where people are murdered for their organs. 

Just supposing we have an Alien Race not as we humans expect them to be, let's say a little off-human. What if these Aliens have discovered that Cats possess certain organs and material substances that are beneficial to them? Is there a Galaxy wide racket going on in Cat organs? No one has yet come up with a solution to the Cat abductions, those that do this seem as though they must avoid humans at all costs. Why do they not abduct us and return half of our body back to the front lawn? Is it because we are of no use to them biologically? Or perhaps the real reason for genetic matter from cats/cows/goats/rabbits etc is in the organic necessity to grow hybrid humans - of trying to blend their race with ours. What do we have that could be so valuable to them that they have been unable to achieve despite their own advanced technology? 

There, to me, can be no other reason for the mass and ever increasing abduction of Cats. Business for these Alien seems to be taking-off big time. There are more cases of mutilations and abductions than ever before on our planet. I wonder what would happen if we denied them our cats/animals? If all animals were kept undercover, would the Aliens venture to come looking in our homes and buildings to serve their sinister purpose. 

Killing animals for personal benefit doesn't appear to bother most humans. If we humans find an animal or fish that benefits us for food or biological substances we take them and kill them in their thousands, we avoid the animals or fish we do not want or have no use for. Is not the same happening with Cats?