9 May 2015

The 500 Year Plan

I was listening to videos on YouTube hoping to pick up more on Veteran's Today chaos, I picked up a little. There seems to be, in Stew Webbs case, the fact he was being told what to say and what not to say and he does not like that, he stated nobody tells me what I can and cannot say. Stew Webb also out-lined and put into simple terms what Earths trouble was and that the Bible is real even though it's been tampered with also God is real. He said people in government know Adam and Eve were contaminated, their children Kane and Able, Kane killed Able it was bad blood killing the good blood, things got so bad they tried to clean the Earth with the Great Flood, but they the bad blood came back as a result there are 20-million Hybrids on Earth 200,000 of those are possessed by Fallen Angels, Alien possession. 

And from that we have all the problems we are now experiencing on Mother Earth. Gordon Duff also on one video spoke of advanced technology now coming out and Alien Races coming to Earth. But what do you believe when Mr Duff says he uses disinfo so we have to read between the lines, if he did not use disinfo he could get killed. Mike Harris more or less confirmed what I have always said about long term plans concerning this world, why would anyone rich enough and old be bothered about what happens to this world unless they can live forever. Well Mr Harris indicated there was a 500-year plan for this world, he said how do you do that unless you are very, very special (I took it he means off-world controllers) he went on to say, it's hard enough to do a 5-year business plan let alone a 500-year plan. 

I would like Mike Harris or Mr Duff to talk about Animal Mutilations. I still believe it is tied to the Alien situation, listen to:- PROJECT CAMELOT MIKE HARRIS: SYRIAN BRIEFING ON ET PRESENCE, Mike Harris says some interesting stuff it starts 45-minutes in, he says the US has treaty`s with 17-Alien Races, 3-of which are hostile.

6 May 2015

CERN'S Large Hadron Collider - Truth or Rubbish PART 2

If CERN's LARGE HALDRON COLLIDER is about the natural progression of humanity in its never ending quest for the answers to life. Then why was the Symmetry opera dance performed on location there? - the Hindu God of Destruction Dance. There should be no need for such actions unless there is more to it; it seems to me, with their antics, they are bowing down to the machine, or, what the machine can do. Many countries have put money into the LHC, you only do that if you are guaranteed a return on your investment, so what do we as humanity get out of it, that`s if we are even included in the end results could the end results be our destruction? What warrants the cost of such a project when millions go hungry, what will warrant the cost of an even larger collider because they are looking at the technical feasibility of building a `Very Large Hadron Collider`, it is a hypothetical discussion at the moment, but the idea is there . 

Can anyone please tell me what (a part from jobs) LHC has given to humanity, please I want to be corrected, so anyone in the `Know` like scientists or physicists I beg you to put me right. Or at least explain how it will benefit humanity. I once heard said on a documentary that it `Could` (there's that word again) find a cure for Cancer, would someone at LHC please tell us how this will happen, how will the process of colliding atoms bring this cure about and how long will we have to wait, no matter how complicated I would really like to know, but no one seems to want to deal with the details. I get this feeling they think we are too stupid to even try to understand and most of what they tell us is to keep us good and quiet, just like politicians do. 

At our most murderous period in modern times do we really need to know the secret of what holds everything together, the Higgs Boson, The God Particle. It is said a number of Scientists at the LHC are concerned about some of the experiments being conducted there. Strange, is it not, that there is a part of the LHC that is called `ALICE` and another called `ATLAS`. I recall Alice fell down a rabbit hole in the famous story of `Alice in Wonderland`, and Atlas as punishment was forced to hold up the `Celestial Sphere`. But think about this, Atlas was the son of Iapetus and Iapetus in astronomy is the 3rd largest satellite of Saturn and Saturn is close to Jupiter and Europa, and Europa was a Greek Goddess and what does a Goddess do, they give birth sometime or other, and it just so happens that there is a great possibility that life exists beneath the surface of Jupiter's icy moon Europa named after said Goddess.. 

Why, if everything we do in our technological advancement is all new and the first time it's ever been done, do we use old names to label our achievements as in Alice or Atlas even the craft that went to the 67P comet/asteroid was associated with ancient names along with other craft, think of the Apollo space missions. Why did we not come up with our own names for these craft?, why do we use old mythology? 

I`m of the feeling what they are doing at the LHC is not new, we have been this way before, something went wrong and they are trying again, they, by using names of mythology are retracing there steps in a story of long ago, acting out every detail littered with symbolism from ancient times. 

If you want to get something right you have to follow the instructions, and that is what they are doing by using old names for new things.

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2 May 2015

CERN'S Large Hadron Collider - Truth or Rubbish?

"First collisions of protons at the world's largest science experiment are expected to start the first or second week of June (2015), according to a senior research scientist with CERN's Large Hadron Collider in Geneva". (http://phys.org/news/2015-04-proton-collisions-large-hadron-collider.html)
What are they are really trying to achieve? Some say it is a Time Machine, others say that they are trying to open a Portal and others are convinced they are playing with fire, they are seeking knowledge we are not ready for and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Is it all conspiracy theorist rubbish or could there be some truth in these stories? Let me start by bringing to your attention these words: Cern, Saturn, Europa, Antarctica, David Griffin, Arthur C. Clark, Halo (the game) and The Flood in the Halo game. 

When I first became aware of Cern`s Large Hadron Collider a few years back I noticed on a video I was watching of the control centre that on one of the large (I think) wall mounted computers that the screen-saver was of Saturn. This struck me as unusual; I thought it would have been more fitting to have a replaying animation of colourful atoms colliding. Keeping that screen saver of Saturn in mind, let's take a look at Europa, one of the much talked about moons of Jupiter. Europa it say has a tenuous atmosphere primarily of oxygen, this has led to speculation that some form of life may exist in the waters beneath Europa`s frozen surface. 

This bring me to Arthur C Clark the late famous science fiction author, it was believed by some that Mr Clark was in the 'Know' and he was privy to things us lesser mortals had no need to know. But did Arthur secretly want to let the cat out of the bag? did he feel that humanity should be given a clue? did he tell us in his books what he could not say openly - to show us the path that the secret elite was taking, or intended, to take. 

The reason I ask this is that I find it fascinating that he wrote of his hero in his book (3001 The Final Odyssey) landing on Europa and encountering some form of intelligence that periodically emerged from the ocean waters on Europa in the form of a huge dark crawling mass like seaweed (if you wish to read the account its chapter 27 ICE 'VACUUM' of 3001). As this mass crawled across the land huge chunks would break off like glass due to the immense cold (it seems that cold controls it, keeps it prisoner). 

Likewise we have The Flood in the Halo console game the Flood is eerily like that encountered on Europa in `3001`, the Flood was shapeless and again like seaweed, and it took over the bodies of anyone unfortunate to come into contact with it. 

Nano Oil 
At the moment it is fiction, but what about David Griffin of Exopolitics UK and his research into the Falklands war. If I understand it correctly that war was a cover to capture and bring back to the UK an intelligent black Goo or Nano-Oil from Thule Island. This Nano-Oil was taken to Marconi, it is said what followed over a period of time was 22-unusual deaths of scientists working there. Mr Griffin in his excellent lecture plays a sequence from an episode of X-Files where they talked of an Alien pathogen left in various locations around the Earth. The story is that the original Alien inhabitants for some reason left this world, those that did not leave lay dormant as this pathogen since the last ice age. 

They are waiting for the Aliens return when they will be reconstituted, they will then use us as their Host and take over Earth. Mr Griffin states that a friendly Blue Alien race is trying to de-engineer this Intelligent Goo; as yet they have not succeeded which means this Nano Oil/Goo has been in use for 2-decades. It is reputed to be able to affect many things when the temperature rises, this stuff is devastating it's even affected weather satellites and more, and the only thing to control it is icy cold conditions. 

To further add to the puzzle we have secret diggings in Antarctica where, on occasions, people/workers come down with very strange infections/illness and under a degree of secrecy removed to the main land. What are they digging for down there? It is said many organisations want samples of this Nano-oil, is this what has infected these workers whom we never hear anything of once they have been shipped out? 

Do you not find it strange that Arthur C Clark wrote in his (supposedly) fiction of `3001 The Final Odyssey` of a black intelligent mass on Europa, then a similar creature occurs in the Halo fiction game, then we have the story from the X-Files TV series regarding an Alien pathogen and then we have Mr David Griffin telling us that the Falklands war had a secret agenda which involved looking for a Black Intelligent Nano Oil or Goo? 

One starts to wonder if all these things are connected, is someone trying to tell us something, again I must quote Gordon Duff of Veterans Today when he stated:- "Do not be so naive as to think all films produced are for entertainment purposes only". I take on myself for that to mean all forms of entertainment, books and games included. 

Taking what Mr Duff says as truth should we heed the words of Arthur C Clark`s in his book 2010 The Year We Make Contact which read like this:- " ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS EXCEPT EUROPA, ATTEMPT NO LANDING THERE, USE THEM TOGETHER, USE THEM IN PEACE"  

We will not have to wait long to see if those words of fiction written by a man who may have known more than he was letting on, have any great prophetic or significant meaning because The European Space Agency is set to launch it Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer, its mission to Europa in the year 2022. But! that is the known-by-all Space Program, what about the Secret Space program? Through Cerns Large Hadron Collider will they open a portal to Saturn and then go to Europa the forbidden moon? If they land on Europa will this be a signal to the Alien pathogen residing in the bowels of Mother Earth? My son said to me that he believes whatever is on Europa is connected to Earth. There is one thing I do know and that is seeing that screen saver of Saturn in the control centre of The Large Hadron Collider tells me something serious is going on and it is not about smashing atoms. 

I've only scratches the surface of how interesting this Intelligent Nano-Oil subject is. Would we know if it was controlling us? 

"A meltdown involving Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer and Stew Webb is part of a much larger picture and plays into the real operations surrounding Jade Helm and the exercises involving the other states as well. It has now come to light that during one week, several alternative media personalities have either been attacked or taken 'off line' simultaneously." 

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18 April 2015

More Mars Oddities

Ever since Opportunity and Curiosity landed on Mars and beamed back images, a host of speculations have hit the air waves. 

Take note of the two images below.

There is a yellow dot just below half way on the line of large stones. I see crumbling steps leading to those equally spaced coping stones stone, look carefully at that area. The second picture shows the whole area at a distance, when I look  at the second picture after a short time your eyes pickup on hidden lines as though at some time there was a construction there, the steps are in the distance on the left side.

What do you think you are looking at?
The English Cognizant Citizen

Take note of the area around the yellow dot

The same area viewed from a distance

Visions from Psychic Focus 

Lynn from her website http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com.au got an image of a civilization of people and animals that inhabited Mars. She saw Mars as a once-thriving planet with a lot of activity, back when the solar system was "much smaller," but something happened that destroyed it. Martians then fled to other star systems -- and to Earth, which was seen as a kind of oasis. Mars used to be in a similar orbit as Earth, but something happened that caused the planets to spread out. Mars was once a thriving, lush planet that went through a drastic change that wiped out life.

4 April 2015

A Paranormal Equation

The other day I had a brain wave of an idea, I love to look at mathematical equations they fascinate me immensely but that is as far as it goes, I`m absolutely hopeless beyond, add subtraction divide and multiply. But my inability to understand equations does not stop me from thinking, so here is my idea...

I asked a question online and that was, "If Drakes equation can give us the probability of habitual planets in the known universe, would it not be possible to construct an equation that would give us the probability that we share this planet with a paranormal life force that was here before human kind. I pointed out that a group of learned men a few thousand years age came to such a conclusion. I also said that paranormal evidence and events were overwhelming and there would be no shortage of statistic to work from to construct an equation."

Unfortunately the online site I asked, at first said free answers by experts, but after being led along with a few more clicks it turned out someone could answer my question if I agreed to pay £33, of course I vacated the sight immediately. 

So it looks like I need to find a mathematician that has a deep interest in the paranormal or likes a challenge even if he has no interest. If you look at Drakes Equation and read the explanations to the algebraic symbols to me to me it would not be too difficult to construct an equation for the paranormal. 

I will keep looking and try to find a helpful mathematician, I wonder why no one has attempted to do this before. I wonder would there be a result that someone does not want us to know?

The English Cognizant Citizen

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21 March 2015

Prehistoric Aliens & Harvesting

There are many places in our world where the word is out on cats that have mysteriously vanished. Only a pet owner can fully appreciate the pain felt by those who do not have answers for the mass of cats that have disappeared in towns and cities. 

I wondered if the reason for their disappearance was so simple it was staring us in the face. What do we humans do to a fellow human that has suddenly died?; we make request to the immediate family for organ donation. In fact in some parts of the world organ donation has taken on more sinister aspect where people are murdered for their organs. 

Just supposing we have an Alien Race not as we humans expect them to be, let's say a little off-human. What if these Aliens have discovered that Cats possess certain organs and material substances that are beneficial to them? Is there a Galaxy wide racket going on in Cat organs? No one has yet come up with a solution to the Cat abductions, those that do this seem as though they must avoid humans at all costs. Why do they not abduct us and return half of our body back to the front lawn? Is it because we are of no use to them biologically? Or perhaps the real reason for genetic matter from cats/cows/goats/rabbits etc is in the organic necessity to grow hybrid humans - of trying to blend their race with ours. What do we have that could be so valuable to them that they have been unable to achieve despite their own advanced technology? 

There, to me, can be no other reason for the mass and ever increasing abduction of Cats. Business for these Alien seems to be taking-off big time. There are more cases of mutilations and abductions than ever before on our planet. What would happen if we denied them our cats/animals? If all animals were kept undercover, would the Aliens venture to come looking in our homes and buildings to serve their sinister purpose. 

Killing animals for personal benefit doesn't appear to bother most humans. If we find an animal or fish that benefits us for food or biological substances we take them and kill them in their thousands, we avoid the animals or fish we do not want or have no use for. Is not the same happening with Cats? 

Perhaps Aliens are using earth to advance their own prehistoric boundaries. As D Greer states: 

"It should also be remembered that not all ETs may be so advanced. Given the billions of galaxies each with billions of stars, it is likely that some ETs are the equivalent of human cave men while others may be at our level of evolution and yet others are millions of years more advanced than we are today. For those at the SETI Institute, may you find those ETs which are at our level and which are primarily still using linear radio wave technologies. Odds are, there are some out there. But know this: ETs far advanced beyond radio signals and internal combustion engines do exist. They are here. They may be all around us. Let us open our minds and our eyes to the extraordinary opportunity that hovers right in front of us. For most of what is exists beyond the veil – through the crossing point of light. And it awaits our exploration". 

7 March 2015

Sheer Stupidity & Foxes

This needs attention if only for its stupidity. The Sun newspaper on 1st Feb printed an article titled:- 

                "FOXES EAT CAR CABLES

It states that drivers lives are being put at risk by Foxes chewing through brake cables after getting hooked on the sweet tasting liquid and now the residents are calling for a Fox cull.  Right! now correct me if I'm wrong but brake fluid does not run through brake cables, secondly you would need something a damn site lot better than a set of canine teeth to cut through brake cable. Now here is the best bit, how does a Fox get hooked on brake fluid? This liquid will fetch the paint off your car, in fact it has been used as paint stripper. 

  1. So how does the Fox, after lapping up this dangerous liquid, and whom would be in agony by now, get to another car and do the same? 
  2. How does it know which pipe to chew through to get its deadly fix? 
  3. Also how would it survive the night to get hooked on the stuff? 
We have lived on the edge of the countryside for 40-years, we have watched Foxes walk down our street every year, on one occasion we heard a Fox let out its familiar strangled bark right under our bedroom window. Not once in those 40-years have any of the residents in our street had any cable or pipe chewed through by a Fox. 

Those complaining and blaming Foxes ought look more in the human direction for the culprit. I wonder if there is any film showing Foxes committing this crime, you know, a Fox on its back under a car because a lot of vehicles are quite low to the floor and a full grow Fox, or a young one come to that, could not stand upright. I wonder if someone is trying to drum up an excuse for Fox hunting?

Quote from Newspaper:
"A mother has taken to fencing in her car to stop it being repeatedly attacked by foxes. Jeanna, 55, thought vandals were targeting her Peugeot when the brake pipes were cut twice in two weeks. She called police and was shocked when forensic experts revealed the culprits were foxes. Another couple discovered the problem when they took their car to a mechanic after noticing “small bits of debris” on the ground under the spot where they park their car. The mechanics then remembered a spate of similar problems being reported to them and the damaged parts were sent off to wildlife experts, who found teeth marks similar to those made by a juvenile fox".
Chemical information:- Ethylene Glycol is the primary ingredient of anti-freeze, its sweet tasting, normally consumed by accident, main victims are children and animals, in animals it usually causes kidney failure and the out look is not good.

Propylene Glycol used in anti-freeze is less toxic than the above.

There is a list of chemicals in anti-freeze and brake fluid these you can find on the internet, I would like to add, as a human, I would not like to get any of those chemicals inside me.