28 June 2014

Taking Animal Mutilations Personally

The other day I was thinking about animal mutilations. No matter how much we theorize, how much we study or how many cameras we set up we do not appear to be any closer to solving the mystery. It suddenly dawned on me, are we thinking to hard? It’s like when you do a crossword, you rack your brains trying to solve a clue and your attempt is futile, it’s only when someone else tells you the answer you realize how simple it was. The worst of it is you knew the answer all along but, in our eagerness to be clever and be the genius who finds the solution, we become blinded with an over active mind. So is that the problem with our perception of animal mutilations?

Let me put it this way, just suppose mutilations are not meant for us, they have nothing to do with us even though they upset and mystify us, our thoughts and concerns are surplus to requirements. What we refer to as an Evil Force is moving in and it’s bringing its furniture, it’s doing what matters to it, not us! Mutilations are committed for their reasons. If, as is thought by some researchers, these entities that commit these deeds are indeed from another dimension then how can we possibly understand them? In their dimension black could be white and white could be black.

I can look at an insect but I do not know what is going on in that insect’s brain, likewise do these entities see us as a dangerous insect; one not to be tangled with, unless confrontation is unavoidable. Should we think of them in the same way? Should we treat them like a plague of insects, a nuisance, something to be eradicated? Should we stop presuming? They possess superior intelligence, they are probably no more clever than we are, they just do things differently, things beyond our understanding, they probably pop into another dimension like we jump into water for a swim, it’s nothing, it’s something they have always done and at the end of the day what they do here is their business and, really, we should not take it personally (easier said than done), these entities do not set out to terrify us, they are just doing their thing.

What we have to do is either learn to avoid them through study and technology, or to stop them like we do with rats, perhaps it’s as simple as that, develop a poison they take back to their nest after a mutilation. There is one thing however, like the rats, you may get rid of them for the moment, but some time or other they always come back, so have they always been here and they will, like us, forever be here unless some cataclysm destroys our planet. 

 At the end of the day the ultimate in sorting out this menace is to actually be at the front door of a mutilation, if we try we can do this, if the right people volunteer to come forward with their specialist scientific skills. But first we have to start thinking differently and not take mutilations personally.
The English Cognizant Citizen

14 June 2014

The Psychic World with Maree

Maree Faint
Maree from Conscious Women is a psychic medium/healer who enjoys helping people through the use of kinesiology, tarot and reiki. Her personal readings are astounding and the message she delivers here is copied with permission from her facebook page.
What is possible through the practise of meditation?

A little story that may help you!

When I first started to meditate at the age of 26 I was bombarded with spiritual experiences that changed my perception on life forever!

I was unsure of what was happening so I went to a psychic for the first time. Life has never been the same. I described what I was experiencing and she informed me that I am a trance medium. That meant very little to me at the time as I had no idea what anything meant. All I knew was that there was an excitement inside of me that was hard to describe.

I had always wanted to connect with Angles and departed people as long as I can remember. I longed to be a part of the healing process to help people come to peace with the death of their loved ones. The pain they carried really affected me in a way that I just wanted to help them see it was not the end. I so wanted Angels to be true and not just a made up story, desperately! I could not explain this desire to anyone as it was a feeling that I could not put into words, as much as my heart ached for it.

I was living in the middle of NSW near a little town called IIford. I met this beautiful woman on a hill who turned out to be my mentor and spiritual teacher for 3 years. There were around 5 of us and we would all meet every Thursday night for a group meditation. I went to Barbara for readings and to have 1,000,0000 questions answered! I borrowed just about every book she had on her book shelf and would return the next week for another arm full. My thirst for knowledge about spirituality was a thirst I could not quench!

The spiritual experiences came on thick and hard for years after that. I would be constantly and consciously leaving my body to go wander around the spiritual world. Sometimes I would feel my astral body lifting out of my sleeping body and fly with great speeds around the rooms in my house. I witnessed a spaceship land in my yard and they came and got me and put me on a stretcher and took me with them. I have no recollection of what happened except I was terrified as i heard it land and watched it settle in my back yard. Call me crazy I don't care, but if you have never experienced it, you will never really be able to grasp it.

I spent a lot of time facing my fears and I can tell you, your energetic fears are way more powerful when you don't have a physical body with you. It is very very real, much much more real! My childhood fears all came to greet me. How lovely!! Everything from the big monster under the bed, to be big black octopussy thing with lots of tenticles, rape, murder, being chased by demons, trying to be manipulated by dark beings and alien creatures. Being eaten alive by aliens. I tell ya it was traumatic! I was afraid to go to sleep for a long time. The fear was immense!

Then one day as this alien was trying to eat me I realised that he actually was not hurting me, I felt no pain. I just looked at him and said 'na na na na na you can't hurt me!' And I said the Lords prayer. Instantly he disappeared. Now I had a weapon of defense. The Lords Prayer. It worked!

From then on that was my armor. I would hear deep dark voices trying to figure out a way to get me in the background. They were trying to manipulate me, but they knew I had a new weapon. GOD! Ever since then that energy has gone, completely.

During the times though I experienced what love felt like, real love! I would go into trance and sitting on my bed would be my guide. She was dutch with long blond plaits falling over her shoulders. Yarniece. The vibration I could feel was AMAZING! OMG if this is what it is like in heaven, I have no fear whatsoever. I totally lost all fear related to dieng. My guides all came to me around the same time. We didn't need any introduction as we new each other. It was like I had just chatted with them and seen them an hour ago. One time I appeared out of thin air into my African guides kitchen, Gabrielle. I just appeared there out of nowhere. We ran and hugged each other and I was bathed in the loving vibration that surrounded her. It was magical! There is the reason why I love African drumming music!

I then learnt what it is like to meditate and get into a space where there is nothing. I have been there 3 times and would like to go back, but I need to take the time to get there and I don't. What surrounded me was blackness, total blackness. It is hard to describe, but the best I can say it is nothing, but everything! Very expanded. I then saw myself sitting on a fence overlooking the green pastures. I then realised that I was consciously creating my thoughts and that I was making the decision of what to do next. I came from nothing, but I can go into what ever I think about, I can create my own reality.

This perception has changed my life!

Anyway I just felt like sharing, because I know that if I can experience oneness, everyone can. I came from a very sad childhood and felt terribly isolated. I thought I was nothing. What could I, little nothing me have to give the world. I am a no body. That was how I perceived myself, until I was 26. I thought everyone was better then me. But if I can see it for how it really is, you must be able to as well. Everyone has the same potential. Everyone creates their life by their thoughts. It comes from nothing and manifests through your thoughts. Whatever you think about, you create.

All I really know is that life is an open book. We need to face our fears, so we can experience real love, the love of God, the source. Be brave and look your fears in the eye. Turn and face it because whatever is chasing you will diminish the moment you become the warrior and turn to face it. You will get sick of feeling like the victim. There will come a time where enough is enough and you will take on whatever it is that scares you. Find your weapon of peace. Nothing is stronger then the power of God, NOTHING!

Prayer just works for me, you may have some other saying/belief that works for you. Whatever the highest thought is, is that, the highest thought.
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7 June 2014

Snowden's Proof

Snowden's Manhunt
Federal Security Services has reported on nearly two million highly classified top-secret documents obtained from the United States Department of Defense, released by ex-patriot Edward Snowden, states that this information is providing “incontrovertible proof” that an “alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda” is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945. 

The evidence is incontrovertible which means indisputable, incontestable, undeniable, irrefutable, unassailable. 

Apart from being a computer specialist, Edward Snowden was a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, and former NSA/CSS contractor. He disclosed classified documents to several media outlets in late 2012 and was granted temporary asylum in Russia in 2013. 

He released these documents by warning that that there “were actually two governments in the US, the one that was elected, and the other, secret regime, governing in the dark.” 

Former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer, who was given access to all of Snowden’s documents by Russian intelligence services, stated the documents were, indeed, “accurate”. He was allowed to appear on Russia Today’s program SophieCo this past fortnight where he shockingly admitted that aliens have “been visiting our planet for thousands of years” and described several types of these extraterrestrials, including “Tall Whites” who are working with the US Air Force in Nevada. 

Most disturbingly, the “Tall White” agenda being implemented by the “secret regime” ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth as they enter into what one of Snowden’s documents calls the “final phase” of their end plan for total assimilation and world rule. 

Unbeknownst to the FSB, this report confirms, are those still in the US government backing Snowden, but whose presence Russian intelligence experts note is “unmistakable” and shows a cataclysmic power struggle is currently underway against this “secret regime” now headed by Obama by “forces unknown.” 

The mind boggles.

Read the rest here:

24 May 2014

The Fear Thing


The other day something dawned on me about "Fear", using myself as a metaphor for the general populace you could say that I am always frightened by the Paranormal . The sight of a UFO would make me run and hide, the sight of an entity, big or small, would send me screaming or freeze me with utter terror, in some cases I would probably faint.

Everything Paranormal has the potential to strike fear in our hearts, but have you noticed one thing… something that really stands out… and that is the fact that you never hear of a human paranormal confrontation where we the human have scared the entity. I may be wrong but I have never seen or read a written account of someone chasing a UFO away or so terrifying a six foot ghoulish entity, that, just by the mere sight of us, makes it turn tail and run screaming back to where it came from. It is always us that do the terrified bit.

Now this makes me wonder is it all prepared for us, could there be a psychological process behind the appearance of these entities, they tend to appear out of the blue, when you least expect it your mind is thrown into total confusion, time stands still, nothing else seems to exist, for a few terrifying moments it is just you and "IT".

These events do not happen to everyone in your street they are spread out country wide, it’s as though there is a process to evenly seed the whole world with paranormal activity, to get people talking. Is someone or something trying to keep our minds sharp or to awaken us to an alternate reality, perhaps they are a natural part of human psyche, a stabiliser, just when we think we have got life sorted and we are skipping along to a delightful tune, everything is ok, life could not be any better, then "Bang!" the paranormal is in your face, it stops you settling in that false world you are creating for yourself. The smile leaves your face, your mind is forced out of stagnation, now you must resign yourself to the fact that the world and reality we occupy is much bigger than we anticipated.

So, something will not let us shut the lid on our comfort box, I suppose fear does keep us awake, could it, in a roundabout way, assure our intellectual advancement? When it comes to fear it is certainly one sided… all paranormal events seem to be about us, not the entity.

The English Cognizant Citizen

20 May 2014

Nephilim Demons and the Ukraine

One really has to wonder what we are dealing with. Some time back Gordon Duff spoke of Africa for Aliens, since then it's never been out of the news. 
What most people probably do not know is that where the May 2nd Odessa Ukraine tragedy started was in Greek Square in which located there are a number of nephilim giant statues. Most people just think they are statues of mythological Greek gods. They were not gods and they were not myths. They were the offspring of the mating of fallen angels and earth human women. When these nephilim were born they grew up to become giants. When the food ran low they killed and ate people. Nephilm lived like others at that time to be 800 to 900 years old before they died. But God condemned they to become evil demonic spirits to wander the earth until the final days. The demons obtain their food or energy from human fear, rape, torture, murder and suicide. They want and need to inhabit human bodies to feed on this fear. Demons can be in a family for four generations. The current Ukraine nationalists are the offspring of fathers and grandfathers who sided with Hitler and the Nazis and mass murdered tens of thousands of Polish and Ukrainian people in the west during WW II….Demons can remain in a family for four generations. So it is likely that the fathers and grandfathers of the current Ukraine nationalists were possessed by demons and the same demons are possessing the current generation. Demons can also possess objects such as statues, relics of various types, jewelry and any number of things and including animals. It is very likely that demons were in the Greek square nephilim giant statues and were feeding off of the fear, and fighting and were in the bodies of the criminals who raped, beat, gassed and burned alive the victims in the Odessa massacre. 
When you look at the mindless slaughter taking place in Odessa, who could commit such acts without feeling or remorse? I may be wrong but I find it difficult to believe any human could do such things, could they actually be right when they blame Demons. I do not care how much happiness there is in the world today, war and every day fear far outweigh anything good, no matter what media you consult, 90% will generate fear of some kind or another.

Take the advertising on TV, we are now subjected to all forms of illness we might have, today`s paper tells us we could die early if we argue too much, a week ago they printed a centre piece on the diseases and afflictions you could be in danger of succumbing to if your skin colour was black or white, they listed all diseases in detail, I could go on and on.

So what is it with this "Fear" thing, why are we given daily doses? is it indeed for us to generate energy for some parasite to feed on, we may look happy but in our minds fearful things lurk, put there by what I believe is an evil controlled media consisting of TV, Films, Games, Magazines and Newspapers. What was the real purpose of the last 2-wars and why are some people hell-bent on causing a 3-world war. Chance whatever the political reasons for those wars were, is there another reason? The loss of life and suffering in the 1st and 2nd world war does not bare thinking about. We learnt nothing , we still merrily carry on fighting today driven by some unseen force. 

So again were those 2-wars a big boost in fear energy for our parasite stalker? Were they able through the energy generated from these 2-big wars to gain a better foothold in our dimension, after hundreds of years of turning humankind against one another with wars and battles for their purpose of sucking on our life force? Are they now ready for the final push? Would a 3rd world war open the gate fully, to allow them not just periodic intervention but a full blown invasion of our dimension, is this what Revelations talks of in the Bible. Just think of the fear energy 6-billion humans would generate, it would truly become the kingdom of the Devil. 

It seems no matter where the fighting is today there is always a murderous group or groups that suddenly appear on the scene and they walk around invisible to any authority, committing atrocities, trying to drive events in a particular direction. Are these the parasitical Demons that have walked the centuries waiting for the day to be joined with those entities beyond the dimensional gate? Is their intent; to finally turn humankind against itself so we destroy all life, but in the process allow this parasite to gorge itelf on our fear, leaving a desolate and dead planet, while it has a whole new Universe to feed on.

That is why we must never let the 3-war take place, that gate must never open. Thankfully there are chosen ones working toward keeping the gate shut. 

The strange thing is, with writing this, I can see that I too am in the process of generating Fear. Perhaps we all have a Demon in us.

15 May 2014

Strange Disturbances

We miss a lot of activity above our heads simply because they ARE above our heads. I can’t help but wonder how much doesn't get the attention it deserves… 

Rolling Disk 
My son had yet another strange encounter last night, as I have explained before in his last encounter, he lives with his wife on a main road in the country. He had decided to have a workout on his 6-foot punch bag which he hangs outside his garage in a secluded position, after he lay on some matting on the floor to do some sit ups and for a few moments he looked up at the sky to view the slowly emerging stars. Suddenly something caught his eyes, about 200-foot up there was a flat matt black disc about the size of a dustbin lid; he said it was not a bin bag as it stayed flat all the time. But he said it was tumbling and rolling along on a set course for a place called Wetley Rocks, one might think it was carried by the wind but it was a very calm day right up into the night. My son does not believe a flat disc could stay aloft like that, if dropped from a plane it would just slice to the ground. But there it was, rolling and tumbling along on what appeared to be a set course, he said its height did not fluctuate at all. Without further ado he shouted his wife to quickly come and look, her words were "What! on earth is that?" they both watched it disappear into the distance, their view over the country side is good. 

We certainly have some strange events where we are, I may have a chance to meet the paranormal this weekend as I`m taking care of our sons 2-Staffordshire Bull Terriers on Friday night. I will have an excellent view of the small valley from their kitchen window where they have said on occasions they have seen strange lights and movements late at night, and sometimes their dogs seem to bark for no reason in the early hours. I hope it’s a clear night as I will sit outside and watch the sky and valley for an hour or longer. 

Weird Electrical Interference 

My son was waiting on Tesco`s large car park for his wife, as he sat there in his car being casual and just looking around, he was amazed to see the back windscreen wipers on a car in the opposite isle operate on their own, after a short while they suddenly stopped. Ten minutes later the owners came back climbed in the car and drove off, he says he has never known this to happen before. He has been around cars and mechanic friend all his life. You might say it was an electrical fault, but on the same day and the same afternoon our granddaughters television in her room (she lives with us) was wiped totally clean of all stations, this has never happened in the 4-years we have had it, my wife had to reset the TV, our TV down stairs was ok . 

I wonder just how much unusual events take place but are just brushed to one side or taken no notice of. I believe all these worldwide events are telling us that the veil is about to crumble and reveal the real world to us.
The English Cognizant Citizen

10 May 2014

Precise and Deliberate Incisions

Summer is on the way and cat disappearances and killings are already taking place in New York and Florida. 

New York

"A disturbing find in New York was 30 plastic bags hanging from tree branches in the woods off Overlook Terrace. The gruesome discoveries were made by workers when they arrived to clean up an abandoned lot in the Yonkers area of New York this week. Police have confirmed they are investigating the bizarre killings.The bags were the flimsy plastic kind bodegas use, were neatly tied around branches as if someone was hanging a line of laundry. About 25 dead cats of various ages and in different stages of decomposition — including some skeletal remains — were found in the bags. Each bag appeared to have contained one cat, although wildlife appeared to have ripped open five or so of the bags, spilling the dead cats out. Most of the cats appeared to have been dead prior to being put into the bags because any cat would have been able to claw its way out. Officials are still working to determine whether all of the dead cats were feral. Experts were due to conduct autopsies on the animals yesterday".
I have my suspicions about this story even if it looks as though a human is responsible, why go to the time and expense to conduct autopsies if the cats were hanging in the normal sense. Are they looking for something related to the half cat mutilations? Something we do not know about? I would have thought they would have just labelled the incident the work of a sadist and after a half-hearted investigation filed it and moved on.

As usual the story lacks detail for the serious investigator of animal mutilations.
The English Cognizant Citizen


"Two Lakeland neighborhoods in Florida are in cat lock down because of a serious threat to their pets. So far three cats have been found mutilated and several other cats in the area have been reported missing. Two of the cats were cut in half, likely done with a knife or another sharp object. Investigators do not think an animal such as a coyote caused the injuries, because the cut incisions appear deliberate and precise. The police said that this is the bizarre, sadistic stuff that they don't want to hear. That's why they're out in full force trying to resolve it and going door-to-door questioning neighbors, looking for answers and clues that could lead them to the cat killer."
Note where is says several other cats in the area have been reported missing. I wonder if the incident would have made the newspapers at all if no bodies were to be found. Maybe the police should also be looking into the cats that have mysteriously disappeared and take into consideration the unreported number which must surely be much greater.

Whats taking our cats?

The articles can be read here: