26 October 2013

Strange Cat Mutilations & Disappearances

Cat disappearances and mutilations around the world have been in the news because of either the strangeness associated with the event or the fact that the humans associated with the event need to be stopped. Each article reveals that the mutilation has taken place elsewhere because of the lack of blood at the scene. Some of these cats have been let outside their home and a short time later have had half their bloodless body found. How can this be? Why is it worldwide?

The excerpts sum the article...


Always the same (or very similar) MO! Reward offers (and public awareness campaigns) make no difference! Super brazen cat mutilation spates continue unabated! Never any blood!
What is going on here??
Copy/paste this material now! Inevitably it gets CG flagged ! What's with that?
Cat's need your help - Cops can't seem to do anything to stop this.
Copy this material and research (it) online - it's rich. Always the same MO! Bizarre!

Bloodless Cat Mutilations in Bellingham, Washington 2002
"...there is methodology to what's going on." The speculation is that the cats are somehow removed from their home or neighborhood, taken somewhere for the cut and excision of internal organs, and (then) returned close to their homes."

Unusual Cat Deaths from London England to San Jose, California
Posted October 4, 1999
...it was believed the cats are captured, taken elsewhere, their blood drained and organs removed, then replaced on their owners' lawns.

27th August 2007 Barrie ON

Surrey BC Sept 2010
https://www.bclocalnews.com/surrey_area/peacearchnews /news/103958934.html
Surrey_02 BC Sept 2010
Surrey BC August 23, 1997

Something or Someone is Terrorizing Cats in a South Side Neighborhood. Pueblo CO
May 11, 2010. By Kasey Cordell (happened 10 years ago too - re: Chieftain News).
....there was no blood on the flesh, and it was cut very clean.

Animal Mutilations 'Serious Problem' in Blair (Michigan) September 24, 2010
".. prompted Rogers to take the dead cat to a local veterinarian, who said it appeared someone cut Remus in half with a knife or hacksaw."
Three cat mutilations lead to an investigation in Saratoga 10.28.99
... cats in three separate incidents have been taken from an area, killed and mutilated, then returned to the same area the next morning. An investigation is under way, although it is too soon to determine whether these Saratoga crimes are connected to each other, or to the string of some 20 cat mutiliations in the Almaden area. In the Almaden incidents, cats have been taken, often from yards or porches, killed and mutilated and then returned to the owners' homes.

Destin FLA .. Scene of repeat high-strangeness cat mutes - poorly documented. 10's of cats - possibly more.
...Spot had been skinned with a knife. Since investigators did not find blood on the scene they believe that Spot was killed elsewhere and returned to the home.

Lee, Massachusetts. Oct, 1996

...the bodies of four cats -- either the front or back halves -- were recovered within the last month in a northwestern section of this Berkshire Mountain town. Police were checking
yesterday into a fifth unconfirmed report that another cat's body turned up in the neighboring town of Lenox. There was little blood where the bodies were found, so the cats were
apparently mutilated elsewhere.


Los Angeles (West Hollywood) 13 cats total - all cut in half - poorly represented online - records exist.
Friday, October 28, 2005
...the group reported that several other cats had recently been mutilated by someone using a machete.

Is a Cult Responsible for Killing a Bunch of Goats? Salmon, WA
Apr 14, 2009
The goats were all missing their udders, which were removed with surgical precision. No blood was spilled and detectives have no idea how the animals actually died.

Cat Cut In Half Beaverton, ON (CA)
"We haven't found anything else, but we have had a number of calls from that area about missing cats."

At the time of the discovery, Ms. H. said that it was highly unlikely that a predatory animal was responsible.
"There's no question that it was deliberate. The cat was cut clean in half,"
While the case shocked Ms. H, it's something that Debbie Houghton (Debbie Hunt*) of the Durham Humane Society and the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
(OSPCA) has seen far too often. Seven years ago, Ms. Houghton served as the lead investigator for the OSPCA when a handful of mutilated cats were found in Toronto.

"In Toronto, the police were called in and a reward was established ($60,000!) , but we never found out who was responsible. All of a sudden, it just stopped."


Police Believe Perpetrators Responsible For At Least 10 Cat Killings In Austin Area. DALLAS (August 14, 2001)
In at least five of the cases, one part of the cat's body had been returned to the owner's property soon after the killing. In all of the cases, the cats had been let outdoors for a relatively
short period of time before they turned up dead.


Southwest Austin TX - Neighbors' Cats Mutilated
Wednesday, 08 Jul 2009
The woman said one cat had been cut in half and the other was just the cat's head. The neighbor said the cats did not show any signs of an animal attack.
Another neighbor said he found a different cat that had been split in half.
Senior Deputy, Ken Rush with Office of Constable Precinct Three responded to a call in the Shady Hollow subdivision a couple weeks ago. "It was a clean cut,"
said Rush. "It was just in half."


Maricopa County Cases
Sheriff's Office Searching for East Valley Cat Killer (Maricopa County)
Oct. 27, 2009
The mutilations began in Tempe six weeks ago and since then, similar incidents have been reported in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and East Phoenix.

Cats (and Dogs) Killed and Skinned in Owners Back Yard
Neighbors said there is no way another animal could have killed the cat because there was a clean slit across its stomach.
Humane Society worker came out and collected the heads and said they appeared to be "cut" off. No other body parts were found.

"I don't want dead cats in my yard," a reference to the spree of cat killings and mutilations that occurred in Ahwatukee in 1998

Hicks cited a series of 12 to 14 cat torture and mutilation cases last fall in the Ahwatukee Foothills, five of which were confirmed by necropsies to have been killed by humans.
All were thought to be perpetrated by neighborhood teens.

n.b. "L.E." got in 'hot water' for accusing neighborhood teens specifically a 13 y.o. boy .. online records are poor to non-existent in this direction - reference local archives.

Recent Rosemont California Spate (9 cats) Cat Mutilations Places Sacramento Neighborhood on Edge
(George Warren) 7/8/2010
A Northern California animal welfare group has offered a $3,000 reward following the mutilations of as many as nine cats in Sacramento's Rosemont neighborhood.
"No blood. The cat was literally cut in half," she said.


Humane Society Investigates Suspicious Oceanside CA Cat Deaths
July 9, 2010
The San Diego Humane Society is investigating two suspicious cat deaths in Oceanside, a spokesperson told The North County Times.
One cat appeared to be cut in half, the NCT reported.


Dozen Mutilated Cats Found in San Diego, California 10/20/2001
Cats Mutilated In Ocean Beach, San Diego CA 2001
County Blames Coyotes, Residents [U>Not Convinced[/U>

Oct 5, 2010 Article Discounting 'Halloween-Inspired Cat Sacrifice'
"Although there may have been an occasional cat sacrifice during Halloween, it’s likely far less common than media hype has suggested"

reference to similar posts

Set up Google Alerts© to monitor this activity - receive notifications in your mail-box - keep up-to-date re: "pet killer strikes again" ,
"another cat found mutilated", "found cut in half" etc.

Source: https://tech.dir.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ParanormalGhostSociety/conversations/topics/74387

"The reports of horrible new nocturnal mutilations come almost weekly, the latest last weekend, when a tiger-and-white striped tabby was found in two pieces. Oddly, no one ever hears any noise, and dogs do not bark. There is never any blood on the ground, just a torn feline carcass on the front lawn when the sun rises over Orange County.

Sixty-seven victims have been found in the last three months months alone, some of them cut in half with what some say is almost surgical precision, others disemboweled or skinned."


19 October 2013

Strange Forest Mutilations

Image Credit

Above Top Secret has a reliable witness statement regarding strange mutilations. A woman saw a strange creature in the lower Appalachian foothills. She described it as:
 “It was black, about the size of a small black bear but taller with a stocky build. She was alerted by the dogs moving away from it and her, apparently afraid of it, and when she looked again it was just staring at her. After a few moments, it trotted into the mountain and vanished. A couple of days later she found a wild rabbit with its head severed cleanly, uneaten.  Today she returned to tell me she had found several animals, rabbits and squirrels, arranged in a rough semicircle with their heads severed cleanly and uneaten. They were located about midway of the field... common territory for rabbits, but squirrels stay closer to the treeline.  The area is inhabited sparsely, but has plenty of wooded areas. Across the road is an old swamp between fields and another mountain beyond that. There is no hunting allowed on the property and anyway, what human could catch a rabbit or squirrel to cut its head off? And why?”
Could this be a similar creature to the Australian forest incident where recently shot kangaroos were all found with their heads cleanly removed?
One thing for sure; no matter what is causing the mutilations, camping out these days seem to be fraught with strangeness. To be undertaken by the brave! Camp if you dare! Not me thanks!

12 October 2013

UFOs Human Mutilations & Missing People

 "This Presentation by a 27 year veteran homicide detective should be given a ear. Butch Witkowski is a MUFON volunteer investigator. What he presented at the annual Pennsylvania Local MUFON conference on human bodies found mutilated like the cattle may shock you, but it deserves a listen." Source

Homicide Detective Butch Witkowski - UFOs & Human Mutilations entire

Todd Sees abduction and mutilation

5 October 2013

Boys UFOs & Jets

Caverswall UK
Our son, along with his friend, had been across the fields to the Rugby club, the fields are less than a hundred yards from home. On this day in the early evening, our son and his friend burst in through the door, in their excitement they quickly explained what they had seen. They were coming home from weight training and were just about to leave the fields and come onto our housing estate, when they turned to see where our dog was when something caught their eye. In the sky to the left of them they noticed a small movement of red light, and in the next instant that red light had gone to the opposite horizon leaving a red line across the sky for a few moments; the same effect of waving a child`s sparkler on bonfire night.

We quickly ran to the fields. The boys just had time to point from horizon to horizon as they again started to describe the event, when from our left at tree top level came two heavy duty fighter jets, followed a short distance behind by a third jet. The boys confirmed with further excitement that the jets were taking the same course as the red light object. Because of the cruise speed of the jets I had the impression they were told to follow and observe and not to engage. I do not have knowledge of where our military air force bases are situated but I can confirm they are some distance away and for them to get here so soon somebody had to have known that the red object was coming. The time taken for the boys to run down the road and for us all run back up to the fields was three minutes at the most, so a lot happened in a short time.

21 September 2013

Someone or Something

More Cat killings in America this time in Vancouver Washington. People are saying that someone or something is leaving mutilated cats in their streets and across their laws. This has been ongoing for the past three years.

Mutilated cats have also been turning up in Oregon City.
"The latest case is similar to two cases that happened in the area two summers ago. In the first case, a mutilated cat was found in a grassy area at St. John Apostle Cemetery. Then, less than two weeks later, a passerby spotted cat remains at the nearby Hillendale City Park. Police determined the cats were tortured. "
San Antonio is another place recently in the news for cat mutilation where neighbours are still in disbelief.

All these incidents speak of humans being responsible for their deaths. Coyotes are mentioned but putting the blame on animals is an mild attempt to persuade the public that "dark hearted" people do not live in our cities. Even the thought that a remote possibility exists of actually knowing  one of these cat murders is enough to make you look sideways at your neighbours. How can a normal human being harbor such cruelty?

How does one catch these types of people. Maybe if security cameras were liberally placed in areas where these occurrences have happened the culprits  would have a better chance of being caught. Cat lovers everywhere would be glad to contribute to this worthy cause. 

14 September 2013

Disturbing Links


"Nobody knows what is behind the disappearances, and the only clues have been a few discarded collars - no bodies have ever been found." 
 9 Pets Disappear - Ireland 2010
"In the case of the missing cats in Tandragee, the animals appear to have “vanished into thin air”    
Missing Moggies - UK 2011
"CATS have been disappearing from a Flintshire village in mysterious circumstances"
Cats Disappearing - Utah 2011 
"It's a real-life mystery shaping up in a Layton neighbourhood"    
 "Animals are actually missing, they are actually disappearing. The cats do get out but guinea pigs and rabbits — they don't get out"
 Great Pussy Purge - France 2012
"In 2011, 522 cats disappeared in the town of Angers in the west of France, up from 200 in 2000"   
More Cat Halves Found - Washington 2008
One man even suggested that aliens from another planet could be slaying cats. He didn'’t want his name in the newspaper because people tend to think people who believe in UFOs are “oddballs.” Actually, UFO enthusiasts have been writing about the link between killed cats — especially half cats — and UFOs for many years..”
 Strange Story with Happy Ending - Florida 2012
"This amazing series of coincidences was definitely a miracle, a little white nearly blind cat . . . is important enough in this vast universe to save."
"Every time my cat comes outside and sits on my lap with me there is constant commotion and movement in that patch of woods."
"Most of us have heard of cattle mutilations, but there is something happening even more disturbing. Throughout North America, pet cats have been found sliced clean in half, and to date no one knows why."
A Gust of Wind - Argentina
 They felt a sudden and intense gust of wind. It was accompanied by a strong, nauseating rotten odour, which suddenly went away. “That was the night before. The next day, when we woke up, we found the five mutilated goat kids.”

Disturbing Information


"There is a massive number of missing children in Britain, America and other places connected to underground bases. By the sheer amount of evidence the only conclusion I can come to is that certain sections of the US and British government have sold us and our children out to malevolent ET’s in backdoor treaties."  
"Dedicated to Milab victims. Abductions and persecutions by unspeakably evil forces"  

"He was a senior electrical engineer in the Los Alamos underground base in New Mexico. Whilst working there he witnessed rows of caged humans, tall grey aliens and a reptilian alien."

Help for your Cat
CBD OIL for Cats
"CBD Oil helps anxiety and soothes your cat’s aching joints, ease nausea and vomiting, and help maintain a healthy weight."

7 September 2013

Dirty Technology

Its a fascinating write-up by Preston James and endorses some of my speculation about our "technology trap". I like his comment about the world being "dirtied up". When you put yourself outside and look in, you can see a society getting grubbier by the day, and the entertainment industry is just beyond belief. Last night for example I went to get a DVD from the video shop and took a chance with a film that did not indicate strong language, and as per usual the sound quality was atrocious so you could not follow the story properly, the only word that always came across clearly was the "F word" that littered the film from beginning to end, said by men and women alike.

Who says this is what we want to hear? Every film I picked up in that shop gave descriptions like strong bloody violence and language, or gore violence and language. I picked about seven films to read about. I`m willing to bet 95% of the films in the shop were of similar content. Talk about corrupting society! I have never been able to put my finger on how they determine what we require in films.


Your latest publication on Dirty Technology prompted my memory, a couple of month back I did write to the British Board of Film Censors.

The Letter

I`m writing an article for an online website and your help or advice would be most appreciated.

Over the years I and many other people have noticed that the content of the vast majority of films have declined into a state that makes one wonder if there is a deliberate plan to `Dirty up society`. Over the past year I have chosen only 3- films where there was no Sex, Drugs, or Gory Violence, on a recent visit to the video shop I viewed 10-films all I deemed unsuitable for a nights entertainment. After further exploration I came to the conclusion 95% of the films on display contained unnecessary and potentially corrupting content for young people. I know the law says young people should not view films of inappropriate content, but as you may well know so called adult films are watched by children on a regular basis. I personally know of children aged 10 and 11 years old watching adult films. It’s not only films that seem to be getting worse in content but also TV, Magazines, and celebrities that give explicit interviews of their sex life, drug taking with some foul words thrown in for good measure, and it’s all there for young people to read (and they do). The amazing thing is that it’s considered fashionable to be like those obnoxious people, I thought society was supposed to get better.

Anyway my question is, who determines the content of films, is it the film maker? if so why such vile content?, I know it’s said people require to see this sort of viewing, if that is the case where do the film makers get there information from, that this is the way to go. Or does the final say on the content of films lie with the Board of Censors? If it does could you please explain why so much explicit and unsuitable content is allowed through for public viewing?

I will leave you with this, a few weeks ago I was flicking TV stations when I came across a scene from a murder drama, I could not believe what I was watching. A serial killer had just pushed a knife into a young woman`s stomach, as she slumped into a sitting position the killer, without withdrawing the knife completely, slowly kept pushing the knife repeatedly back into her stomach, while calmly saying "It will be alright soon".

We all know bad thing happen in this world, I`m not that naïve, but is this type of viewing necessary, how can the world get better if we are continually dragged back into the realms of depravity by what appears at the moment to be some hidden hand.


I was informed that the content of films did not come under their remit and that I should try Ofcom. Ofcom in turn told me that they could not look into film content unless there was a public complaint. So next I sent the same letter to the Producers Guild of America, here I drew a total blank, I`m still waiting for a reply ( I will not hold my breath). Previous to all this I did read on an American film producers site that the main thing to think about when producing a film was "DOLLARS", no talk of regulating content, nothing said about

What effect this film may have on certain people in society . Take the now common F-word, its thrown around in films like confetti and the results are now deeply embedded in society everywhere. The most vile being parents who F... and Blind in front of their young children. I have seen children subjected to this abuse at the age of 3-years, in the street in public and in shops. These children will in turn grow up thinking that it is the norm to swear, the other day we heard a young girl of 10-year say to her friend or sister, "Get of my F......g back, leave me a F.....g alone". She did not say this quietly, she was not bothered who heard hear. I do not like the way society is going, and the people who influence the public by what they produce could not give a damn.

In all forms of media what drives this unseen hand in its relentless pursuit for something shatteringly new , something that stretches the previous boundaries of imagination, something that lacks decency, is it money? Money on its own is a defenceless piece of paper, it cannot move , it has no legs, no voice to shout with, but! put that money into the hands of a human and there is a sudden transformation it suddenly acquires value and power, the power to persuade many people to do things whether good or bad. The strange thing is, this paper money has now become numbers on a computer, most of the time we do not see money in its paper form, it is now just a number on a computer, a digit, and these digits are sent from one computer to another when payment is required. Is it not strange that years ago you had money in your pocket, you had control of your copper, silver and paper money, you could judge easily what to spend and what not to spend, but now the control of your finances has been taken over by the Machine. I believe years ago when we were all told that we must have our wages paid into a bank and use a card to get our money that this was the first step to controlling the populace, and know no matter what you are involved in, whether shopping, looking for a job or anything associated with everyday life, ID is required, put your code numbers here, use your pass card to unlock a door, set your burglar alarm by entering your code number. As I have said before we have truly become prisoners of the Machine, yes some technology has been for the good an example would be that which is used in hospitals, but at the end of the day it is all about control.

So! back to the subject at hand, why do all forms of media seem hell bent on flooding society with the distasteful side of life, the more controversial the more shocking the better, the more curiosity will be aroused, the more money will be paid so people can be shocked and disgusted, and someone behind the scenes gets rich on numbers, and something else gains more control. Let me explain, the other day it was told to me that when a new weapon is invented it is sold and used in action, when that weapon has proved itself on the battle field to a satisfied customer, the manufacturers in order to generate more sales must now come up with a new weapon, or an improve weapon. Killing is big business as we all know, is it the same for all forms of media ?, do they make a killing on the mental state of society, and like on the battle field they do not care about the casualties so long as the weapon has proved itself . Now they can get rich and powerful while society is milked of its remaining decency, just how far can this hidden hand that manipulates the media take us before we become less than human, again is this hidden hand the super intelligent "Beast" the controller of the "Machine" which in turn controls or uses Humanity. Does our shock and awe generate energy that is required by the creators of the " Beast" , violence is purposely kept as the selling point in 90% of games and films, as I have said before, games that require a degree of intelligence, something to exercise the brain seem none existent, but I can pick up a violent game with my eyes shut. From an early age we are taught to be proud of our countries achievements throughout history , great battles fought for honor, great leaders whom put the "Great" in Great Britain In reality the truth is we invaded, we slaughtered countries into submission, all opposition was killed, and when this was done we drained that country of its resources, and paid a pittance in wages while the invaders got rich and powerful, that is what our history consists of. In that respect we have nothing to be proud of, while at school many years ago not once did our history teacher tell us that what we achieved throughout history was wrong, it was put into our heads that the violence was ok, it was necessary , it was right. The most amazing aspect of all battles fought are that they are all fought in the name of an all forgiving "God", “Please God protect us while we murder and butcher for possession". It makes one wonder just how long have the controllers of the "Beast” been around. Eons ago did some cataclysmic event plunge the people of this world into a dark age, all technology destroyed, we are not an evolving race, we are a recovering race, and we were in turmoil. Did the Controllers spot our dilemma? While we were at our weakest did they move in, gradually steering us back to an age of technology, but this time with a difference, the Controllers would be in control thus leading us to the "Machine" driven society of today. Have we in a sense been grown, grown like a plant, grown to produce life giving energy for the Controllers.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, judging by the events of today`s world, people are starting to wake up, they are realizing that they have been used and abused by the few, the rich the powerful, the politicians that persuade to think that we voted them in Government, we are not falling for it anymore. Hopefully we may soon be free of the evil that controls us and keep us confined to this world for its own ends, and then and only then will we be able to travel to the stars in peace.

The Cognizant English Citizen