25 May 2013

Earth Warnings

According to Veteran’s Today there is a biological human super brain interfaced with the world’s most powerful 3D computer chips. Those who built it and use it refer to “it” as “The Beast” and “it ”is really running things at the highest level of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and instead of its creators being in charge of it, it is rumoured to have gained control over them.
Allegedly all information available in binary bits is inputted directly in the BEAST.  Important information like that contained in Library, encyclopaedia and history books and other materials are scanned and converted to digital bytes and then input.
All verbal radio and news and tapped phone calls are converted to digital and input.  The human brain part of the computer is fed with a circulating bath of oxygen and food containing plasma like liquid pumped and delivered at controlled temperature.
Supposedly complex algorithms using every multivariate statistical analysis means known was inputed also and the BEAST was able to reprogram itself, finding newer higher order algorithmic solutions to complex societal problems.
 The BEAST is supposedly contained in a DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE (DUMB) at one of the “above top secret” locations.  Some have said it was located at DUMB in Dulce New Mexico based on the power lines going in, others have hypothesized it was located at the DUMB in Yuma Arizona. Still others guessed it was somewhere near or underneath the new Denver International Airport which has some very spooky NWO art on the wall and a very strange horse sculpture outside with glowing red “demon” eyes.  It has been rumored that DIA is steeped in occult imagery because those who built it are allegedly deeply into the occult. Some say it has to be near enough the new NSA spook center aka the “New NSA Data Center” for the blue-badges being built in Bluffdale, Utah to have easy access to the data that will be provided or have underground tunnel access.
There have been anecdotal rumors that the BEAST exists, but due to its main core being comprised on human cell networks grown in petrie dishes, it has taken on a “life of its own” and developed its own consciousness, best described as a superhuman consciousness.
Some who work with it believe it has taken on its own spirit and has developed spiritual powers that exceed those claimed by human psychics and others who claim to have developed Psi-power such as remote viewers. And some believe that the BEAST has developed characteristics of an omniscient god that is completely self-serving and exceedingly evil.
Some have also claimed that the BEAST was built using Alien Technology and recommendations gained through secret treaties with Alien entities, a sort  of sophisticated technology exchange program where the SSG gets this high technology and Psi-power in exchange for something so far specifically unidentified, perhaps access provided to human subjects for genetic experimentation of genetic farming.”
Written by Preston James, Ph.D
Click here to read the article in its entirety.
Could our mutilation incidents be the result of the "BEAST", steering us towards an agenda only it understands, as this "BEAST" been around for eons carefully manipulating our history. Take Werner Von Braun and what he warned Carol Rosin, he was able to describe to her the planned events that the world would have to suffer, and he spelled it out event by event from global terrorism to weapons in space. He then said the last card would be the "ALIEN CARD" and it would all be based on a lie.
So who can plan future events from years ago, who would want to, you would only plan things if you benefit from the planning, Von Braun told Carol Rosin that she must stop them.
 Is "THEM" the BEAST or ALIENS or Both.
The English Cognizant Citizen

18 May 2013

Alien abductee tells us how to make it stop

"There are those of you that have been abducted against your will. Some believe that this is out of their control and believe that there is nothing that they can do to stop this happening. I am a medium/psychic and healer. I am here to inform you that there is indeed something that you can do to stop this happening against your will.
We all have spirit guides and guardian angels. According to the laws that govern this area of our life, that is the alien presence and alien abductions it is important that we know what our rights are. It is not enough to simply ask these beings to leave us alone as they will not listen to you. Some of these experiences can be very terrifying and malevolent. Some of these beings can be working with the darkness and choose to inflict suffering upon innocent people for their own agenda. This is what you can do to make it stop. Call upon your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels or Angels of Light. Tell them in clear language that you wish for them to put a stop to these abductions or the interference of these beings in your life. They have the right to act on your behalf to put an end to their interference and or abductions in your life. Simply asking God for help will not be enough. The Guides and Angels are not allowed to intervene in your life unless you ask them specifically to do so. I was once the subject of alien interference, but by asking my Guides to intervene am now free of the suffering that I was subjected to. You too can once again have peace of mind knowing that you are protected by the Angels of Light.
Spirit Guides and Angels ARE REAL SOLID BEINGS but just on another vibration. They are able to interact on the same level as the ET's. The ET's are telepathic and so the Guides can communicate with them. On that level they ARE able to intercede for you if you ask them. They cannot intercede if they are not asked due to the law of free will. But they can due to the laws that govern these things intercede on your behalf and block these beings. These ET beings must comply once the Guides are involved as the 'Powers That Be' will physically intervene and stop the ET's from interfering with you. These 'Powers That Be' are other 'Spiritual Forces' that have the policing power and the means to employ it once you have asked the right channels for assistance...Beings that belong to 'The Spiritual Hierarchy'. The Galactic Federation Of Light' and 'Other' 'Spiritual Beings' from other worlds and other dimensions that are more powerful than the ET's that belonging to the Darkness abuse human beings. Also many of the 'abductions' are 'Astral Abductions' that is the ET's responsible are taking your 'Spirit Body' or 'Energy Body' onto their ships without permission of the owners. So especially in these cases the Guides and Angels are in the perfect position to block them for you. 

Yes people are being abducted 'physically' but the majority of the time it is an 'Astral Body Abduction' But of course many people are not aware of this and believe that they have been abducted physically. The 'Astral' or 'Energy' body is an exact duplicate of your physical body and so those who are not aware of even having an 'Astral' body believe it to be a physical event...Yes they can take your Spirit/Energy Body and Yes the Guides and Angels CAN block this from happening if they are asked to. Guides and Angels are REAL and are as solid as you and I but just on another vibration. They actually DO exist in the REAL world and have a REAL effect. They are not a 'mental conception'. IN answer to the last part of your question the reason is that there are many 'LAWS' that govern the Earth at this time. It is up to people to know what their rights are. In the case of those that are being abducted they are not aware what their rights are and so the ET's are able to take them. This is why I am doing what I am doing so that through education people may come to realize that they DO indeed have the right to say NO. All they need do is ASK for the intervention of their Guides/Angels or The Galactic Federation Of Light. If they do not ask, then these 'Powers' are not allowed to interfere.

Please copy and post this where appropriate so that many more can be free."
Source Erol Pheonix


11 May 2013

China Cat Meat


"HEADLINE - Crash saves cats from Chinese dinner plates.

Around 600 cats stuffed into wooden crates and destined for dinner plates in southern China have been rescued by animal protection volunteers after a truck crash."

This was the ABC News headline on 18th Jan 2013.

How sad it is to see cats and dogs produced for commercial purposes like food. Click
here for more information about cat meat. The cat rescue is not the first of its kind in China. A truckoad of dogs were seized a year ago bound for chinese dinner plates. That article can be read here. Eleven countries around the globe still eat dog meat. They are: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Arctic and Antarctic and two cantons in Switzerland.

Chinese Animal Protection Network (CAPN) is the first Chinese network for animal protection. They need to be congratuated and supported for the work they do. It takes a strong person to act out of love for a living creature. 
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is another organisation that is fighting for animal rights. They are vital to stopping the illegal fur trade which is alive and well, especially in China. This subject is so vile and so heartbreaking that I cannot bring myself to include a link.  
Please be generous with either your time or money to help our pets. Without us there is not much hope.

4 May 2013

Foul Smell Preceeded the Entity

This true story happened to my mother in the early 90s. She had been complaining about a bad smell which seemed to invade the living room towards evening. My husband pulled up floorboards to see if an animal had died under the house. He found no obvious cause for the smell. My mother was adamant about the strength and foulness of the odour and was at a loss with how to get rid of it. The smell ruined her evenings and her appetite. 

This went on for about a month. Then the odour got stronger and strange things started to happen. 

My mother was asleep one night and she woke to the sound of the bolt being drawn on the back door, the sounds were of someone walking outside. The kitchen light was switched on. She thought it was a family member who was staying at the house, who, incidentally, could not smell the foul odour. She waited for him to return. Eventually she became annoyed and got out of bed only to find that the back door was still bolted and everything was as it should be. She turned out the light and went back to bed. 

I visited my mother some days later and found her looking pale and exhausted, I could tell that something serious was wrong. I asked her what the problem was. She told me about the back door incident and then she told me that she was seeing people in her bedroom. She said they looked like her mother and father but she knew they weren’t real because her parents wouldn’t frighten her like that. I asked what did you do? She asked me what I would do? I said hide under the covers! That is what she did; until daylight. 

I left her that day feeling very concerned for her welfare. I decided I had to try to help her so I rang the local church and talked to the priest. He asked me if there had been anything of major importance had happened recently within her home or her life. I said no she led a simple life and was a positive minded woman. He asked me if she could be feeling guilty about anything. I said yes. 

My mother’s own mother had passed away. She promised her mother before she died that she would look after her brother. Unfortunately, he was going his own way and there was nothing she could do to change things; apart from feeling guilty that she could not keep a promise. 

The priest explained that no one should ever never feel guilty, especially about what they couldn't control. Guilt was a sin. Jesus died for our sins. He wanted to bless the house. 

I explained this to my mother but she would not let the priest bless her house. She said she knew what she had to do. And whatever it was she decided to do worked because life returned to normal. 

So go easy on yourself. Forgiving yourself is essential. There is a tendency in all of us to hold ourselves more accountable than we do others. The reality is that you cannot change what has happened. You cannot restore lives to where they were before the event. However, you can make a difference in the lives of others. You can give back some of what you have taken away by finding a different place to invest your time and compassion. Forgive yourself and let the healing begin.

27 April 2013

Mouse with Strange Marks

Mouse in GardenOne summers day about 2008 my wife was pegging washing out on the line in our back garden. Close to the washing line was a rowan tree and around the base of the tree was a circular rockery made from broken concrete slabs. Movement caught my wife’s eye and she saw what she called a "cheeky mouse" going about its business as if a human wasn’t there. She flicked a piece washing at it to try to shoo it off but it did not go away so my wife finished the task of hanging out the washing and went back in doors.

 Flesh missing from the nasal areaNow the following day things got a little unusual. For some odd reason before I went to work I went into the back garden and it was there I discovered a dead mouse in the middle of our lawn. I picked it up by the tail and was about to dispose of it when I noticed the mouse had unusual trauma to its body.

Gaping hole in back end of mouse

First in photo "A" the flesh had gone from its nasal area, nothing unusual you might say, just disease. But then I noticed in photo "B" there was a gaping hole at its back end. Again you might say disease, but wait! Photo "C" shows the back of the mouse. I took this image with the camera on Macro, with the normal eye there was a perfect teaspoon shape of cut fur on the mouses back, it was about half a millimetre in depth. You can see the spoon shape starting from either side of its tail, you could not see the two black marks just past half way up on the spoon shape with ordinary eye sight; it was only when I used Macro that these became visible. You must understand that even though it does not look like it in the image, the spoon shape was perfectly cut Spoon shape from either side of the mouse's tail with two black marks above

Some years later I showed a vet my images and asked their opinion. They said it could be what is called "Barbering". This is when the mate of an injured creature purposely trims the fur from around the wounded area. They did not venture an opinion on the other injuries. The trimming I can accept, but why in a perfect teaspoon shape, why not just around the two black marks? To me this was not done by a cat because cats maul their prey and carry it around in their mouth getting saliva on the mouses fur. This mouse did not display that kind of trauma. At face value something clamped on and held this mouse while it violated its body, what that something is I have no idea, my hope is someone may read this that could shed some light on what caused the mouses demise.

My wife believes it was the same mouse she saw. Twelve months later the rockery was removed, nothing unusual was found. For now it will have to remain a mystery.
The English Cognizant Citizen

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20 April 2013

Unusual Skeletons in UK Forest

Creswell Piece woodland near Stroke on KentRemains of fishbone skeleton originally thought to be dog
Skull of the fishbone skeleton"Only a little bit of fur remained to prove it wasn't a fish"Dog Size Fishbone Skeleton
Creswells Piece is a large expanse of old woodland situated in the countryside near Stroke-on-Kent UK. It is also known as the Sheep Wash. Compared with America’s forests it would be nothing more than a blade of grass but to me this is a large area and when the leaves and blackberry vines grow in summer it becomes quiet dense. The track you see is used by engineers to access the electrical pylons. I prefer to go off road for obvious reasons.

I do go out looking for evidence of unusual things. Most of the time I find nothing, but on this particular day some years ago at the top end deep in Creswells Piece I came across a sight that stopped me in my tracks. In front of me in a small clearing amongst old spindly twisted small trees was a skeleton of an animal which I presumed was a dog, but the odd thing was whatever had devoured this animal left the skeleton in a fishbone design, my mind immediately flashed to an extract from an
Arthur C Clarke book it read ......

The Chairman of the South Molton Farmers Union is impressed by the violence of the kills.

"This thing kills and eats lambs like no dog or fox ever did. It eats wool and all and goes for the chops. It leaves the bone structure of the neck like you would leave a fishbone "

Creswell's Piece Stroke-on-Kent UK area where the strange skeleton was found
As I surveyed the scene I noticed only a little bit of fur remained to prove it wasn't a fish, everything else had gone. The eating of this animal was methodical, because had this been frenzied feeding by hungry Foxes or Badgers all the bones of the spinal column would have been spread out over a larger area. I have found sheep skeletons up in the Scottish wilderness and they were always scattered over a large area.

Some months later I returned and collected the remains of the skeleton in the hopes of getting it identified, unfortunately this was not to happen.

Fox with Skeleton Tail
Elsewhere in Creswells Piece, a few months after the skeleton discovery, I came across a dead Fox lying down neatly under a tree, it had no visible body trauma such as gun shot wound or knife kill and no signs of it having been trapped.

What it did have was nothing but bone for a tail, this animal looked healthy no signs of Mange, it may have been an older Fox but it looked well fed. I tried contacting people involved in wildlife conservation, I asked one gentleman if it was possible for a Fox to live for a length of time just with bone for a tail he said "Nothing surprises him". He did not volunteer to offer examples of similar incidents from his experience of working with such animals. In short I do not think he knew what to say.

There were no signs of blood around where the tail enters the body, so I think we can rule out Fox hun
ters, I believe they would have taken the whole tail as a trophy.

In the image you will see what looks like a stick it is actually the bone structure of the foxes tail, no fur no flesh no skin just bone and it was still attached to the foxes body. As for the skeleton I would say it was the size of as a Border Collie.

The English Cognizant Citizen

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13 April 2013

Strange Knockings & Scratchings

I lived in a haunted house once. I didn't have any problems with it but my husband certainly did. Footsteps coming up the backsteps; the sound of the back door opening, footsteps through the house and then the sound of the front door. Obviously the ghost lived in a time when all our doors were still functioning correctly! A chat to the landlord informed us that it was the old caretaker who used to do a walk thru in real life. Just a friendly ghost still doing his job! No problem… so we thought.
The whole business was too much for our cats and my husband still hadn't come to terms with the fact that he could hear a ghost. We did a little ritual with sage to keep the caretaker out of the house. That worked quite fine for about four months and then off it all started again. This time with a difference.
The old caretaker was knocking on the back door to be let in!
So what does one do when a ghost is knocking on the back door in the middle of the night? Well the first thing you do is to stand there and wait for it to happen again. Then when that happens you run out the front door and tear around the house to see who is at the back door. When you see no one there that is when you start looking at shadows and realise that you are standing alone in the dark in your backyard on a property surrounded by scrub chasing ghosts. A fact that smacks you in the face with its implausibility. A man's ghostly laugh near the back gate soon brings you back to reality.
That is when you make the decision that you are not going to hear any more strange knockings on doors. Sure, as if ignoring it would make it go away! The knockings just get louder and turn into thumping’s. Then they start happening through the day and are heard by visiting family members as well. Sometimes the thumping's were followed by tapping's under the house. You could feel the vibration with your foot right at the spot.
For the rest of our time in that house we discovered that saging every few months kept things quiet. We even had a few funny things happen. My husband decided to finish an uncompleted building job. Over the next few weeks he was woken at night by the sound of scraping roof tin and banging of hammers. Obviously the old caretaker had decided to join him in work.
"The hair still stands up on my neck. Please understand when you read it, nothing can get under our property. There is no cellar, there are concrete footings all the way round, and any animal would have to tunnel 100 yards as the crow flys, avoiding pipe work and other obstacles just to get to our house
We have lived at this property for 34 years and it is not until I think about it that I realize just how many strange events have taken place. I think most people who encounter the unknown close their minds and brush it off as natural causes or coincidence, but I will explore an event and ask questions.
The incident that happened to me was about 1980. I was off work for a few days due to a very bad back you know the sort where you cannot stand straight or sit comfortable. I had to get around with the help of a brush stale. Anyway on this particular day I was in on my own, I had with difficultly just lowered myself into an armchair by the window. The fireplace is only about six foot from my chair so it’s quiet close. As I sat there in silence all of a sudden, without any warning, under the floor between me and the fireplace I heard two powerful scratch sounds. The hair stood up on my neck, I rose from my chair and stood frozen to the spot staring at the floor. For the next full minute I forgot I had a bad back. I sat for many a while just looking at the floor wondering what could have made such powerful noise I could not even imagine a grizzly dragging its claws on wood making the sound I heard.
Now fast forward to 2005, in the years leading up to 2005 we had a loft conversion on our bungalow. It was converted into two bedrooms which now accommodate our grandchildren when they come to stay. Well one day in the afternoon my wife was in one of the bedrooms tidying up and moving things around when all of a sudden there was a powerful scratch from where the chimney was, she found it very unnerving and could not think what could have made such a sound. That was the only time the scratching was heard again and it was years apart. We have ruled out a squirrel, mouse, rat and bird, as there is no way any such creature can gain entry under the floor boards and if they did the noise would be continuous. Yes they can get down the chimney but the only way out if not upward is to come out from behind our gas fire, this happened once with a bird. The noise from the chimney was powerful as though it was on wood but they do not build houses with wood in the chimney`s for obvious reasons . I hope sometime this year to get a look under the floor board as we are planning to get a new central heating system, I will let you know if I find anything."