10 December 2013

What's behind the Bristol Alien hoax?

By chance I saw Eammon Holmes on Sky News. They did a topic on the Bristol Alien creature where the creators of the hoax were 2-young men complete in suits and all smiles. They constructed the hoax to promote a new mysteries show called "Happenings".

The idea from what I have seen is to trick people into believing they are witnessing something strange, they aired an example where a crop circle appeared instantly in a field after UFO light effects. By the response of the witnesses some were un-nerved by the event, the young men concerned wanted to give people a feeling of what it would be like to be part of a scene from a film and feel as though it was real, only to dash their feelings of wonder and fear when it is revealed as a hoax.

Where have these young men come from? They do not look old enough to have worked and saved money for such a project so must they have sponsors, unless they came into money. This show has been in the planning for a while, why would they want to produce a show that makes people look fools? Is it to test peoples reaction to possible Alien contact by staging various paranormal events, or is it to tell everyone they would be stupid to believe in Aliens or anything else paranormal?

The 2-young men were all smiles, I had the feeling they were "front men" for someone else`s plans? Why do they not put money into filming real paranormal events… I suppose making fools of people is easier. We also had a classic remark off Eammon Holmes "So people see what they want to see". Eammon Holmes also said one night he thought he saw UFO`s, it was 2-hours later before he discovered they were Chinese lanterns.

To me now, it’s all a part of the "LAST CARD", so they can play their games and fool and trick people; it will all come out as planned, either by the Powers That Be or Some higher Intelligence manipulating event`s for the better. On the other hand the show could make people take more interest in the Paranormal, or is it part of a last ditch attempt to direct people away from UFO`s and the like, to muddy the waters.
The English Cognizant Citizen


24 August 2012

Followed by a Light

Dad spent a lot of time on the tractor and this night he came home scared and told us about lights in the sky that followed him around the paddock. We boys laughed at him and said he had too much to drink and was seeing things. He told us to meet him the following night with a drum of fuel and his dinner and we would see the lights for ourselves

I was too young to go out but I hid behind the seat of the ute. We found dad driving around the paddock and we filled up his tractor with fuel and while he had a feed we boys went off down the creek looking for rabbits.

From out of the west two lights in the sky came toward us, we watched as one light went south and the other went straight over dad then disappeared to the east. We watched as it came back and hovered over the top of the tractor, dad didn’t know he had company and didn’t know why we boys were acting strange. The light followed dad for two laps then landed in the corner of the paddock. We were watching all this from a distance. The light looked like it was shimmering through gauze as it pulsated in a forward rolling motion, we could see the light ball flickering as it moved. The light stayed in that position while dad did two more laps. By that time dad has seen the light and decided to drive the tractor toward it. He stopped about 60 yards away, got out and started walking toward it. The engine of the tractor stopped.

Dad stood undecided for a while then continued walking; that’s when the lights went out on the tractor behind him so he decided to get out fast. The tractor started OK and the light went up into the sky and shot off into the distance. Dad quickly turned the tractor around and headed home leaving all the gates open.

The next day an elderly aboriginal man by the name of Mr Smith was scoffing at the whole lot of us, so we invited him along to see the show. Mr Smith sat in his truck with his work dogs while we gave dad the fuel and food and went off again looking for rabbits. Dad did one round of the paddock and sure enough two lights came from the west, one light went south east and the other went over the top of us and descended into the young pines on the Sugarloaf Hill. The light stayed there for a long time so we boys decided to walk to the Sugarloaf to take a look. All of a sudden my brother yelled, “Lookout it’s coming at us!” We looked up and this light was getting bigger and it seemed that the pine trees were being flattened as it got closer to us. We turned and ran for the Ute. Ben* jumped in and locked the doors, Jim* slid on the vegetation and landed under the ute. I was banging on the windows then ran around the other side and got underneath the ute with him. The light shot off into the sky and disappeared.

Mr Smith believed us after that encounter but he had no dogs left in the truck; they had all cleared out and gone home. The lights in the paddock were never seen again by us but they were also never forgotten, a floating balloon from the local Show was enough to unnerve us boys when we were old enough to be the tractor drivers. 

*Aliases - Rural Australia

Followed by Another Light

I was driving home about 6.30pm and thought a car had run off the road ahead because I could see the lights positioned where I knew the road wasn’t. As I got closer the light seemed to move alongside of me and keep pace. I was feeling a bit anxious and kept my eye on it, the light seemed to know when it was near a house and avoided contact with it, by keeping just above the trees. It disappeared when I drove into the Creek near home. It was an unsettling experience.