7 December 2018

Interview with an Exorcist

Fr. Gary Thomas is the mandated exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, California. In 2005, his bishop, Most Rev. Patrick Joseph McGrath, asked him to take training in Rome for the rite of exorcism. In Rome Fr. Thomas apprenticed himself to Fr. Carmine De Filippis, a veteran Italian exorcist, and his eyes were opened to the reality of evil as never before. His training was the subject of the 2010 book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Baglio and the 2011 Hollywood movie based on the book, The Ritestarring Anthony Hopkins.

In late 2012 Catholic Answers Live radio host Patrick Coffin conducted a phone interview with Fr. Thomas.

Patrick Coffin: Can Satan read our thoughts?
Fr. Gary Thomas: Satan can have some sense, I think, of our thoughts or our feelings, but Satan doesn’t know us as well as we know ourselves. He can’t predict the future.

Is satanic activity on the rise in recent years?
It would seem there are many more people today who have dabbled—or more than dabbled—in idolatry and paganism who are both Catholic and non-Catholic than twenty, twenty-five years ago. Benedict XVI said, “As faith diminishes, superstition increases.” And I would say, as a kind of corollary, “As faith diminishes, darkness increases.” Because we’re all spiritual beings, we’re all searching for meaning; and if we don’t find meaning in ways that the Church would promote, we’ll go search for ourselves. And because of our flawed nature, oftentimes we’re drawn to things that, down the road, can do more harm than good.

How did you first hear about the ministry of exorcism and decide to pursue it?
The ministry sought me out. The first priest who was asked by the bishop to take on this role happened to be in my priest support group, and we thought he was a superb candidate for it. But a month later he came back and said he had declined. And for whatever reason—I believe it was providence—I piped up and said, “I could do that. I could be the exorcist.” I was getting ready to go on sabbatical as it was, and Bishop McGrath said, “There’s a course you can take in Rome,” and the rest is in the book.

The grace of being in Rome was that I found a priest who does a lot of exorcisms, and I had the time. I had the time to read, to pray, to journal, and the time to spend with Fr. Carmine. So I was out three days a week in the afternoons for three and a half months. It was all meant to be. I could not do what I’m doing now without the kind of training, observation, and discernment that I had when I was in Rome.

Let’s talk about the different levels of demonic activity, starting with what is perhaps on a lower rung. What is infestation?
An infestation refers more to a thing or object. For instance, a demon or even a disembodied spirit can attach itself a house. It could be because a satanic ritual was performed there, or a satanic cult existed there for a long time.

Segueing to the more intense degree of demonic activity, it would be oppression, which is a physical attack. The lives of the saints are rife with this kind of thing.
Yes, an oppression would really refer to a kind of depression, where the person is filled with anxiety and very often there’s a sense of despair or despondency. The other word is obsession, where the person is overcome with or obsessed with the idea of Satan being in their life. But in both those cases a person can function to where you wouldn’t necessarily be able to detect anything demonic going on unless they disclose certain things to you. . . .

The idea that a demon is in somebody is a misnomer. Sometimes they can be attached to someone and work through someone and be around them in a sense but not actually in them.

Let’s move to the most extraordinary and the rarest degree, and that would be possession, sometimes known as involuntary possession. Does the devil take full control of the person’s will so that they’re a kind of puppet to Satan?

A demon can’t control a person’s soul; it can only control a person’s body. Now, the will thing is tricky, because to me the will has everything to do with the soul. However, I do think when a person is possessed their will can be compromised, because their functionality is limited. They may not even be able to take care of their own physical needs. A person who accepts the demon, we call that integration, whereas possession is involuntary. Nevertheless, a person who is fully possessed is not able to make decisions on their own.

Have you witnessed full possession?
Yes, a couple of them in Rome and one here [in the U.S.].

One of the stories in the book that kind of threw me was the nun who had been seeing an exorcist for nine years. Now, when people here this, they think, wouldn’t she be in a state of grace? How can a professed religious be possessed?
There were a number of professed religious who came to [Fr.] Carmine. We had one situation where the parents were actually Satanists, and she left the cult and was later baptized and joined the convent. I know of another situation where the mother dedicated the child in utero to Satan because she had failed to abort the child, and [the child] later became a professed religious.

Can full possession be the result of someone putting a hex or a curse on the person?
I don’t that a curse can lead to a full possession, but I think a curse done by a competent practitioner of the occult or the satanic certainly could create an oppression or an obsession. You have to go in and break the curse before you can remove the demon.

I wanted to ask what are the classic signs of possession and how they’re distinguishable from mental illness.
The classic signs. One would be the rolling of the eyes, and that’s usually because of an aversion to the sacred. So if someone was to walk into a church or even the parish center—this has happened a number of times—walk into the parish center and they cannot stand to look at the crucifix. Or if they walk into a church and cannot stay or can only stay with great difficulty because of the presence of the Eucharist or a crucifix or another sacramental, or a statue of the Blessed Mother or something.

A knowledge of hidden things can be a sign. So people who know something they have no reason to know, either about me or a situation or to predict the future.

Another sign would be being able to speak in a language they have no competency in. This would usually occur either in a deliverance prayer or a formal exorcism.

The person possessing inordinate strength—that will often come out in an exorcism in cases where the demons are very violent.

The person can have very extreme facial contortions and a change in the voice. Sometimes their whole body language, including their face, can take on the look of a reptile or a snake, and I’ve had that happen a number of times.

So this is a physiognomic change—not just they’re doing some strange thing with their mouth or their tongue but almost a temporary bone structure shift.
Yes. I know that seems off the charts, but I’ve actually seen that in people’s faces, where there is a change in the contour of their face. I wish I could describe it better, but I’ve seen that happen a number of times.

What else?
In general, the animation of legs and arms during the prayers, where their using their limbs to either intimidate me or put their hands in the form of fists with every intention of using them to injure me or the people around them. All these things can be signs.

It’s usually within the context of the efficaciousness of the prayers. During the praying of the rite, the naming of saints, the direct address to Satan or to the demons—demanding they leave—can actually cause great pain to the demons. The use of holy water or placing a crucifix on a person can cause a sensation of burning.

Are the prayers [of the ritual] prayed in Latin or in the vernacular?

They’re prayed in Latin [in English-speaking countries].

With no interruptions, how long does it take to recite from beginning to end?
Approximately thirty-five to forty-five minutes. But when you superimpose the presence of a person, what lengthens the ritual is the reaction and observation. You’re looking for reactions to either the prayers in general or some of the words of the prayers to see whether or not those are having any kind of effect on the demon.

Could you liken it to a wrestling match where you’re looking for holds and advantages and signs of victory?
I think that’s fairly accurate. You can intersperse—and the ritual calls for this—the Lord’s Prayer or the Hail Mary between the prayers that directly address the demon. And you’re looking for advantages based on the reactions you’re getting from the demon that’s operating and acting through the person.

Tell us about the preparation that goes on beforehand.
When a person comes to me, I may say, let’s pray for a while, I want to learn more about you. I’m always listening for doorways, so, you know, if there’s any pattern of practice with the occult or history of sexual abuse. Eighty percent of the people who come to me have been sexual abuse victims, usually as a child. But I’m asking questions about pornography and drug use, habits of their growing-up years, experiences in their family. Any kinds of traumas—the suicide of a person—I wouldn’t rule out any traumas as presenting an opening [to demons].

Then I may refer them to our clinical psychologist. If they’ve been under psychiatric care I might have our psychiatrist look at them. If they start manifesting in ways I’ve never seen before I might refer them to our doctor. If we get to the point of doing a formal exorcism, I always have our prayer team involved, even before the exorcism is going to happen, just praying for the person, praying for me.

Is the rite done in a church or in a home?
I do them only in a church, because it’s a sacred place, and I want the proximity to the Blessed Sacrament. Plus, we have more control in a church. We can lock the doors.

We meet in a circle in an area of the church where there’s a lot of space. If we need to have the person lie on the floor, they can. I bless the whole group with holy water, the team and the person. Then we would lay out these pre-exorcism prayers that give glory to God, that acknowledge that God is in charge and that clearly tell the demons what they can and cannot do. All those steps are taken before the formal exorcism begins. What that does is tell the demons who’s in charge and that they’re not. And that I have the power of the local bishop, which is important for me to say, even though they may not recognize it, it’s important that it’s said. And that they can do no harm to the team or anybody in the parish or to this person over whom we’re praying. All that is established first, and it’s not in the actual ritual.

When do you know that the evil spirits have departed?
You know the exorcism is over when the manifestations stop. But you don’t stop the prayers immediately, because the demons will try to trick you into thinking they’ve left when they haven’t. So when the manifestations end, you continue for a serious period of time praying the rite, and when there’s no more, then you have to make a judgment as to whether they’ve left. And you also ask the person, “Do you sense anything within you?” So you rely on them to some degree, and you rely on what you’re observing.

How much of a gateway to Satan has been opened by the wide availability of pornography on the Internet?
Porn is a click away. I think it has incredible power of being an addictive activity. I think it’s nothing but objectifying one or both sexes. Sometimes there’s an incredible amount of violence that is attached to it. Depending on the frequency, I do think people’s minds after a while become amalgamated into a life of darkness. And when people are involved in this—it’s usually very hidden, much like Satan, who is hidden—I think it can open doorways to the demonic.

Let’s talk about the armor—the light, the hope, the joy—that is found in a life with Jesus Christ.
In order to wear the armor of protection, one needs a moral life, a faith life, a prayer life, a sacramental life. So it takes action on our part: How do we conduct our lives? How do we engage and serve other people? Because part of our mandate as a baptized Christian is to be in service to one another.

Do you recommend that people nurture a relationship with the Blessed Mother? 
Yes. She’s the first disciple, the first to say “yes” in the Gospels, she’s the first vocation in the Church, she’s the carrier of the Word. From the point of view of an exorcist, Satan and the demons hate the Blessed Mother in a very different kind of way than they hate Christ. And very often the Hail Mary can be more powerful than the prayers of the rite of exorcism.



12 October 2018


We all live through many lifetimes, not only from past lives but also within this present lifetime, evolving and transforming from earlier experiences to where we hopefully grow in wisdom. Every phase of our life has unique value and beauty: the innocence and newness of the world we experience as children, the strength and sense of invincibility of youth, the relation shared with a mate and creation of a family, the difficult phases when we must overcome great obstacles or tragedy, and the later phase of life when what we have done is greater than the time left for what we will do. 

We are all often fooled and make false assumptions based on the society we were brought up in. Luckily we now live in the time of the Quickening, when many truths unfold and are revealed on a daily basis. Sometimes this overwhelm of new knowledge puts us out of sync with those around us who are more comfortable with old assumptions and world views, and this create a sense of alienation that is something akin to a Cassandra syndrome, where we try to share these truths with others thinking we’re crazy. It is hard for most people to admit they have been living under false assumptions, and we must respect that. Everyone needs to follow their own time frame for awakening and path of development. 

The internet has become something like psychic training wheels helping us to connect to others and develop a collective consciousness where we grow spiritually and teach each other. But at the core of every person, almost as part of their DNA, is an internal navigation system guiding their life’s course: intuition. Even from an early age we instinctively know what we’ll be good at in life and even knowing the things we’ll never have interest in or attempt to do in this lifetime. Intuition almost instantly tells us when something rings true or sounds bogus, even when we don’t know all the facts. It allows us to recognize opportunities and dangers if only we listen. How many times after something bad or a missed opportunity happens do we say to ourselves, “If I had only listened to that voice inside my head…”

Just as people go through different stages of life, so does the world. It grows up along with us, and the transformations we are able to witness and experience in a single lifetime are truly remarkable. We are all lucky enough to have lived experiencing a past world that is gone forever while standing on the cusp of a major new era of global conscious wakening which will hopefully shrug off the perverse PTW ruling mindset of human husbandry that treated us like cattle. Many visit Lynn’s blog seeking answers or reassurance, but almost every time someone posts a question to her, you can see or sense the answer within the question itself. It is that sense of intuition we must learn to recognize, cultivate, listen to, and act upon. It’s our own personal road map to navigate our life’s journey through the world we live in.

Reincarnation of an ‘individual self’ is only as possible to the extent of believing that your sense of ‘self’ – your ego – is real. Two identities who are dwelling within two different physical bodies in the present, or in the past, will be two very distinct personalities. In truth, the ‘I’ is a transitioning, ever-changing phenomenon. Although our identities and senses of self are ever-changing, there is something that remains the same. There is something within us that is constant and continuous and that is pure awareness. It is this very pure awareness which serves as the experiencer and observer of life, and it is this pure awareness that we can refer to as ‘our’ Soul … This understanding of reincarnation closely resembles that of the Buddhist idea that the continuity continues, but the individual disappears.

31 August 2018

Ludicrous Professionals

Strange Shavings
Professionals who value their own opinion over facts have the incredible gall to brush away challenging problems with the public willing to  accepting their word as gospel. When mutilated cats began to appear by the dozen in London and the south-east, there was talk of serial killers and black magic. Now it seems that the case of the mysterious `cat-ripper' has been solved - but not to everyone's satisfaction.

UK Animal Killer

Officers now seem to favour the theory that the cats are already dead when they are mutilated. Police hunting the so-called Croydon Cat Killer appear to now be favouring the theory that the pets are already dead when they come into contact with a human who they suspect is then mutilating the animals. Police and SNARL, the animal rescue group which has been helping with the inquiry, now differ in their views on how the cats are dying. SNARL have been adamant that the cats are being killed by a human. Police say the allegations are almost exclusively of mutilations of dead cats, not of cats being killed by a human. "It's a leap of faith that all cats are being killed by accident and then one person has found them and mutilated them." 

Back in 2016 Detective Sergeant Andy Collin had told the Advertiser he favoured the theory that a human was to blame. He said: "Until I get firm evidence to suggest it is cars then I'm exploring that it could well be something else. We are leaning towards deliberate. There's not evidence to say they were deliberately killed. They appear to have been. But until we have got further evidence we can't really commit to definite but I can say they appear to be.' This seems to be a deliberate change of direction from the force.

There was no formal announcement, but journalists who had been assigned to cat-ripping duties were quietly informed that the alarm was over. If the bemused journalists were unsure if this was good news or bad, their editors had no such doubts: this was good news, to be confined, if published at all, to a couple of paragraphs on the inside pages. And so, for sharp-eyed readers, the mystery of the mad mutilators reached its conclusion.

Except that it didn't. You can't whip the public into a frenzy of wild imagining and then expect it to return to earth at a moment's notice. Three months later, many cat-lovers still feel - if not robbed, exactly - somehow shortchanged by the story's anti-climactic ending. "It was such a glib explanation," says Chris Fairfax. "Suddenly everything's all right - it doesn't ring true to me."

"This professional is not and was not a forensic pathologist, whilst it is true that he tried to put a stop to Operation Takahe in the early days, it is also true that he refused to meet with the investigation team and the pathologist when it was clear that the killings were not the result of fox predication and due to his perceived eminence, they felt they should at lease pay him some respect by explaining their findings, he is not and never has been part of the forensic team. The professor blames foxes for the killings."


"What absolute rubbish. How on earth can one person find so many dead cats? There is no way my cat was dead before this "person" got near her, mutilated her and left her in our back garden to find. I have been alive for 40 years, in that time I have never seen a dead cat. This person must be incredibly unfortunate."

"It sounds like a cover-up story to me," says David Cayton, a UFO investigator who is currently looking into an "epidemic" of animal mutilations around Britain, "because it's not the sort of thing that the authorities want the general public to know about." Cayton believes that such mutilations, together with crop circles, "show that we are being visited by advanced beings from other worlds". He recently engaged the services of a professor of pathology to help him in his quest for "tangible evidence", but has so far come up with nothing conclusive."

Even a West Country lawyer and animal rights campaigner, Chris Fairfax, an intelligent and down-to-earth man, is reluctant to give up the possibility of an unnatural explanation for the London cat-rippings. "You keep getting these reports of cats going missing," says Fairfax. "And when you see what people do to other people, I have little doubt that there are people out there who take great pleasure from mutilation. There are some fairly scary people out there."

In America, an exhaustive, year-long investigation of animal mutilations by ex-FBI agent Kenneth Rommel conclusively debunked the "mystery" nearly 20 years ago. That hasn't stopped animal mutilation ("mute") becoming an established sector of the paranormal industry there. Outbreaks of cat- ripping come and go like clusters of UFO sightings. Recent years have seen cat-ripping scares in Vancouver, British Columbia; Lee, New York; Plano, Texas; Falls Church, Virginia; Ahwatakee Foothills, Arizona; and Los Alamos, New Mexico, where cat-owners were warned by police to keep their pets indoors. In several cases, road accidents and coyote maulings were subsequently declared responsible; but those who follow these matters view any such declarations with deep distrust.

In Britain, the London cat-rippings are already becoming established in the hearsay archives of the Unexplained, and those who insist that they were explained are liable to be dismissed as Establishment stooges. Indeed, Paul himself has already fallen out with at least one valued contact by ruling out alien abduction as an explanation for missing pets.


In 2016, at least 12 cats returned home with shaved patches on their legs and stomachs. Cat owners fear that the mysterious 'Cotswold cat shaver' has returned, two years after a bizarre spate of attacks left 12 cats clippered in incidents across Gloucestershire. The most recent cases of shaved cats have occurred in Nailsworth, but there have also been reports in Minchinhampton and Brimscombe.

Tabby, an 11-year-old rescue cat, had been missing in Walkley Wood for over 24 hours, before returning home, appearing nervous and aggressive. After carefully examining the formerly feral cat, two 'shaved' patches on her foreleg and stomach. 

But one veterinary nurse has dismissed the theory that there is someone stalking the county's cats and grabbing them off the streets for unwanted haircuts. Emma Green, manager at Companion Care Vets, has suggested a more innocent explanation. Emma said: "In my opinion, that cat has overgroomed rather than been shaved", she said. "Obviously having not actually seen the cat in person it is very difficult to say for sure. But the leg patch isn’t where we would shave for an IV. It’s on the wrong side of the leg. There is still hair in the bald spot, just much thinner. Clippers would remove all of the hair.In my honest and professional opinion, as a qualified vet nurse of almost 15 years, this looks like overgrooming rather than shaving."

But not all pet owners are convinced by the expert's theory of overzealous grooming habits. Tabby's owner maintains that her cat's temperament changed dramatically after she returned home. She attributes this sudden shift in Tabby's behaviour to the traumatic experience of being forcibly shaved. She said: "On her stomach it looks more like clippers than overgrooming. She came home last week with what looks like a shaved leg and stomach. Cats in Minchinhampton, Brimscombe, and Stroud have also returned home bearing the mysterious bald patches.

What absolute rubbish. How on earth can one person find so many dead cats? There is no way my cat was dead before this "person" got near her, mutilated her and left her in our back garden to find.
What absolute rubbish. How on earth can one person find so many dead cats? There is no way my cat was dead before this "person" got near her, mutilated her and left her in our back garden to find. 
What absolute rubbish. How on earth can one person find so many dead cats? There is no way my cat was dead before this "person" got near her, mutilated her and left her in our back garden to find. 
What absolute rubbish. How on earth can one person find so many dead cats? There is no way my cat was dead before this "person" got near her, mutilated her and left her in our back garden to find. 

17 August 2018


I never thought that a person could actually worship the Bible, or that there was even an actual term for this. Bibliolatry can be taken by some to mean “taking following the Bible to an extreme”, but the truth of Bibliolatry is that it means “to worship the Bible in the place of God”. 

Using the Bible as a crutch and oracle in order to help understand what is happening in your life. There are so many situations and circumstances that don’t seem to be answered by Scripture alone.
The Bible is not our God, and cannot be treated as such. The Bible is the revelation of the love of God through Jesus Christ, and its sole purpose is to point us to Him.
How does a person turn their worship of God into worshiping the Bible instead? And what does that look like? It is so easy to take things that we can see and touch and turn them into an idol. Because we worship an unseen God, it sometimes causes a great struggle between our minds and our hearts. To have the Bible in our hands as a manifest representation of our God makes it so easy to use it as a tool of worship.

Jesus Christ is the revelation of God the Father. Jesus is the Truth and the Way. The purpose of the Bible was always to reveal the truth of who Jesus Christ is. The Bible shows us our inherent need for Jesus: we cannot do this life without Him. Jesus Christ is indeed the Almighty Creator and our Life Source. It is only through Jesus Christ we find the answers to life and the guidance for our specific circumstances and questions.

Only Jesus Christ was meant to be our everything. Everybody can have a rich and intimate relationship with Jesus. We cannot let the Bible replace a relationship with God. God gave us Jesus Christ so we could have a relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the exact representation of the Father and the image of the invisible God. To see and know Jesus Christ is to see and know the Father who sits in the heavens.

Therefore you must strive to achieve deeper and greater levels of intimacy with God through Jesus Christ. We must read the Bible, but then we must set it down and sit with Jesus Himself. We must talk to Him, but then we must be silent and with patience listen for His reply. He will guide and direct us to the specific advice for our current situations. He will answer questions and give us divine revelation and wisdom for the deep soul-searching questions we have in these modern times.

First and foremost God wants to strengthen us in our identity in Him and the knowledge of His great love. Without those things, we will continue to struggle and our relationship will continue to go back to the Bible instead of using the Bible as a bridge to the Word Himself. The Bible is a wonderful tool, but it is not the Way; Jesus Christ is.
Let Jesus Christ be your guide and your everything. He loves you. He wants you. He sees you. And He says ‘You are good. Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Do not be faint-hearted but come my children, come to me and let me love you.’
Some people have made the Bible their everything and the priests in their church the ones who have all the answers to their individual problems. They need to have something to touch and see and talk to so that their faith in God is tangible. They put these things before their invisible faith. These people fill personal text messages and emails with more passages from the bible than actual words of contact to the receiver – ‘spreading the word’. They grow their lives into a little segregated world with their own type of  people and they see everything in life as black and white while those of a different perspective such as  ‘new age’ spiritualists working against God and bordering on the demonic. It is hard to be a true friend to people who are  so narrow minded because you must hide those parts of yourself that doesn't meet their rigid beliefs..

Source http://www.theothersideofdarkness.com/bibliolatry-worship-bible/
Image https://pastordaveonline.org/2012/07/05/the-charge-of-bibliolatry/

21 July 2018

Who's Throwing Stones?

The urge for answers to all paranormal events is getting stronger by the day, from the Secret Space Program and Aliens to Animal Mutilations there are many unanswered questions, hundreds of theories but no positive answers. I have read many books, watched many videos and listened to the top researchers on all manner of paranormal subjects, but still, no answers are forthcoming, all that I`m left with is my own theoretical thinking.

All the strange goings on I have ever researched seem just as far away as they were 30-years ago, my daily tabloid The Sun Newspaper has just done a UFO week in print, for about 4-days they told us of strange UFO events, did they tell us of up to date UFO reports like NASA cutting the live stream from the International Space Station because it showed 2-unknown objects approaching the ISS, did they report the link between UFO`s and Animal Mutilations, did they report some of the findings of top researchers, the answer is a resounding No ! They in their infinite wisdom reported mostly on old cases, why will they not report on the modern UFO phenomena, why do they not interview people like Richard C Hoagland, Kerry Cassidy, Richard Dolan and Preston James and Gordon Duff, all excellent researchers, why? These researchers and many more would open up people's minds and make them view our reality the way it should be viewed, to have no secrets, to know our true history.

I just get the feeling that the pressure is building up on a door that hides the cause and reasons for paranormal events, the wood is cracking and the door bulging , the guardians of that door have had us running in circles for many years, I`m fed up with research I want answers, in fact 1-answer would answer everything, because just to know something like the cause of animal mutilations, just to know that would open up the door, and the solutions to many paranormal events would be revealed. But who or what is sitting on and keeping a greater knowledge from us? they must know they cannot keep it from us much longer. They know if we knew one answer to one event the game, for them, would be up and that`s why we never get an answer to paranormal events.

I have always said perhaps the solutions to the paranormal events that blight our lives are so simple they fly over our heads, mainly because like finding the answer to a crossword question we try too hard, it nearly always turns out you knew the answer all along. , we can view paranormal events but that`s all, it stops there, the only thing an event does is produce fear or inquisitiveness or both. Are we indeed under the influence of an Alien race, are we part of some on going experiment that can only be completed step by methodical step. I`m starting to get the feeling these paranormal events are being piped in from outside, someone or something is in control of their distribution, it's like someone throwing a stone over a wall into a crowd of people, one person will get hit by the stone throwing event, injured and blooded they ask who did that? They are left with a mystery, they immediately start to look around in the crowd of people strangely hoping to spot the culprit, who is long gone by now. The only thing the stone throwing did was to cause panic and fear amongst the people, there would be unrest, everyone would be looking at everyone else in the hopes of spotting the stone thrower instead of thinking out of the box and looking over the wall. Paranormal events, no matter what form they take hit us in the same way, they happen right out of the blue, they leave us shocked and emotionally blooded . Have you noticed that no brave soul has ever caught and captured any of the fearsome entities that are reported to have been seen, catching an entity cannot and never will happen, that is not the way it works, I get the feeling we are meant, metaphorically speaking to find the wall and look over and find the stone thrower. But what is that wall? well if you think about it it has to be a dimensional wall, that is the only place paranormal events could come from, to materialize for a few moments, to scare the living daylights out of us.

But why, what`s the purpose, is it just to produce `FEAR`? or are we being teased along to find the perpetrators and thus when we find them enlightenment on a grand scale will be our reward. 
The English Cognizant Citizen


The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

Unafraid: Trusting God in an Unsafe World

9 June 2018

IT Lives

Resident Evil
If the cause of cat/animal mutilation is human by nature, as the authorities keep telling us, then we have to ask some questions such as, "How does this person/persons get around the UK or The World in the blink of an eye?"

They cannot, it’s utterly impossible for anyone to move that quickly around a country or the world and achieve so many mutilations, and, or be in two places at once.

If humans are responsible they must be a world-wide organisation dotted through-out the UK and the world. When they commit mutilations, let’s say in London UK and killed or abducted 10-cats he/she/they will phone further up the country and in coded words would tell other members of their group to start abducting and killing cats or any other animals they can get their hands on in their area. Can the phone companies help, can they look for key words in conversations like they do when they are looking for terrorists, but they will not bother its only cats, and there is as yet no proof its humans doing the nasty deeds so why go to that expense.

 Why?, and what for what?, do these mutilations achieve other than `Sadistic Terrorism` to strike fear into local communities. In historical conflicts around the world the bodies of fallen dead soldiers would be purposely mutilated to put fear into the enemy, is this what the killer/killers are doing, again, why? why go to all that trouble and the ever increasing risk you might get caught and locked up for a long time. If this is humans then the organisation and the secrecy it’s run by, you would associate it with something like MI5 or the CIA, really deep stuff, but these mutilations have been going on for years, long before MI5 or the CIA  existed.

The authorities are baffled, but why? if it’s human they should have, by now, been caught but no one has. Humans make mistakes and blab especially a group of humans, humans have a need to boast even if it’s a whisper about what they have done, and in  today`s  world we just have to film everything, if someone is getting beat up, out comes the phone so you can show your friends the gruesome details of the beating. So you cannot tell me that if it’s humans killing cats that they have not filmed their vile activities. So where are the films, someone somewhere must have seen cat’s being cut up, there are films I have been told that you can down load to your phone where you can watch a person being beheaded. Yes its sick but if that`s available why have no cat mutilation videos turned up, this would really upset the cat owners.

The Final Fact, is that humans are not the perpetrator of the mutilation attacks, no films will turn up, no arrests will be made, there is no world-wide cat/animal killing organisation, and without doubt the killings will continue. There is only one entity involved, I will refer to it as `IT` I do not know what `IT` is or the reasons this entity has for what it does, what I do know from the evidence is that this `IT` will turn up in your neighborhood some time or other, that you can be sure of, it’s all a matter of time.

Has anyone read the Ipswich Missing Cats?  Two years ago the focus was on Ipswich. Has the problem moved on to a new area? HERE!  How do these person/persons get around the UK World in the blink of an eye? It's utterly impossible for anyone to move that quickly around a country and achieve so many mutilations, and, or be in two places at once.  If humans are responsible they must be a country wide organisation dotted through-out the UK and the world. The authorities are baffled, but why? if it’s human they should have, by now, been caught but no one has. Humans make mistakes and blab especially a group of humans, humans have a need to boast even if its a whisper about what they have done, and in  today`s  world we just have to film everything. I think whatever is taking our cats is called "IT".

Something has turned up on RT UK which I find a little strange. They have done a report on animal cruelty, two teenage girls posted videos of themselves killing and torturing a range of animals, blanked out pictures were shown with a girl holding a large knife, and many people are in uproar demanding the girls be jailed. They then proceeded to tell us about people who in the USA  who had received sever sentences for animal cruelty. My fear is that this will reinforce with the majority of the sleeping public that humans are also responsible for the mysterious cat/animal mutilations, but what they will not notice is that most if not all of these convicted people filmed themselves committing these despicable acts, a modern human trait.  The very fact which I wrote of. 

I find it strange, and I sometimes wonder about the internet and how much it watches us and what we write about, animal abductions are increasing and perhaps much is said unknowing to me about these attacks, and perhaps people are showing their concern. Then all of a sudden this news topic appears which emphasizes the cruelty of humans and even announces how people are jailed for their cruelty (when I have wrote no one has been jailed, but I was talking of the mysterious attacks). The perpetuity of evil is carried on through the anger and fear created each time the news is shared.

Yes this could just be coincidence, but I`m forced to wonder sometimes if there is a greater force at play. Do we control the internet or does it control us? 

Image: http://fav.me/d1a9u72

6 March 2018

Spirit Energies

The new moon was at 8.45pm the next night. So that is what I did. At 7pm I lit the candle and opened my bag of crystals that I was given at the Chrystal healing shop. Then for 15 minutes I meditated by breathing, relaxing and freeing my mind of thoughts. I remembered to wrap myself in white/golden light.

Getting a bit bored I looked at the clock. Then I noticed the cat with big eyes watching movement in the kitchen. Something was moving up down and all around and across the floor. I got spooked and blew out the candle and packed away the crystals. Then I turned off the light and went to bed.

I read a book til I felt tired then went to sleep. That's when everything started to happen. I could hear movement under my ear, I thought it was something in my mattress. I could hear little noises around my bedside table. But the ear sound got worse. Every time I fell asleep I would be woken by the sounds of a million little mice feet running INTO the ear on the pillow. The sounds got louder as they got closer. It was worst in my left ear. Every time I lifted my head off the pillow the noise would stop. I stripped my pillow to make sure nothing was alive in it.

After settling down again scratching noises started up in the corner of my room. It didn't stop when I investigated. I was standing there wondering where the noise could be coming from. The scratching continued, I was positive that I had mice in my room, maybe even a rat, because the scratching sound was too big to be a mouse. I lifted the little pillows off the floor so that mice couldn't hide in their covers. I pulled open the cupboard drawers looking for signs of mice. I went back to bed with a thumping heart feeling very spooked. This time I said the Lords Prayer to myself and asked for the mouse/rat to stop scratching. It did. But I didn't sleep well until the cat eventually hopped on the bed to sleep with me. 

Tomorrow I was going to fix those mice.

By 8am the next morning I had been to two hardware stores and was the proud owner of one rat cage and two humane mouse traps. Everything was set up in my room. I had lifted shoes and bedding off the floor so the mice had no hiding places.

I spent the day feeling unsettled knowing that bed time kept getting closer. I had heard that the noises were nothing to worry about because it was only my intuition opening up. Google said the ear sounds were similar to rustling cellophane, which was a very good description.

That night nothing happened. All traps remained set. No sound of mice or rats. I was again very happy when the car hopped on the bed to sleep with me. I wondered if I should get another cat. A sleepy cat. One that liked to sleep on my bed all night long, every night.

I began to feel a bit better about going to bed each night. But I also began to realise that I did not have mice or rats in my house. So if it wasn't anything alive in my house what did I have? Was it a spirit? No, that was too much. If spirits were real that meant the spirit world was real. And that meant invisible monsters could be real...

The following night I woke at 2.45am hearing a radio. A muffled sound that wavered which made me think it was a person walking past on the street. I could still hear it when I went to the bathroom and finally decided that my neighbour must have visitors in their backyard. I went back to bed and blocked my ear so the noise wouldn't disturb me. The radio music stopped.

I had been hearing it in my left ear.

I couldn't go back to sleep so got up and had a cup of tea and watched TV for an hour. I Googled 'hearing music clairaudience'. Then I went back to bed leaving all the lights on and the bedroom door open. I had a wonderfully happy dream and a very solid sleep. When I woke at 8am I felt like I had a hangover, one that stayed all day.

I was secretly pleased that I had 'the ability', or part of it anyway.

Tell us your experience with spirit energies.


17 February 2018

View of the Bible from a Psychic

I hear that it isn't so much a blue print, but rather it provides the Christian perspective as to how you should live your life through stories and lessons. By implementing the practices, good and bad, a harmonious society would be created, and the reward would be a place in Heaven. 

I also get that many things that start as something good can be turned into something else. If you take the messages in the Bible in the purest form, there is a lot of good information. Anything that extends beyond that (fear of a fiery hell or the concept of "all forgiving beings" that damn people to eternity for doing, or not doing certain things) are scare tactics used by some humans to encourage people to believe in a specific faith (and was exacerbated by the need / desire of wanting people to donate to their church and by early establishing PTW / Powers That Were). 

Information comes to people in all different ways. If you are open and seeking it, it will find you. Everyone is ready at different times, so it isn't something that can be forced (and can be frustrating for those that "know" and want to share it). There is no magic website or book someone can read, but it is something within you that starts to wake up. 

As you wake up, things will be put in your path. You will have opportunities presented, and it is your job at that point to take advantage of those situations. It is also important to know that if you don't take a chance when you have one, another will be put in it's place (if you truly are ready). Just like in the Law of Attraction, "what you seek you will find." Don't obsess that if your opportunity passes it is lost forever, things return to you (if you want them too). 

Another way to help the ascension process is to determine patterns in your life (relationships, money, motivation, etc) that cause distress, and take action to break the cycle. This is one of the biggest ways to promote personal growth, which leads to a bigger expansion of experience (and prevents you from re-living another life with the same or similar obstacles). 

There will be beings that chose not to ascend, or want to stay in the 3D. I am reminded that it is important to realize these "good people" as you described aren't being punished. The Universe doesn't see good or bad, it just "is." Everything is in balance, and most times balance requires a contrast of some kind. When these beings are ready, mentally, physically and emotionally, to graduate to the next level, they will.

Nothing is an absolute rule. The Bible shouldn't be viewed as a book of fear, but rather a perspective on life (a "guidebook" of sorts). (Some) Humans turned it into a tool of fear, but that was not the intention of the Bible in it's infancy. There are some things that are destined fate, and also an element of free will. There are also events and situations that occur in cycles, that is why it is always said "history repeats itself." We are in a cleansing mode and the Reptilian race (the PTW) are at the end of their cycle, and are fated to lose control by the people and situations that the Universe has aligned. Through their (the PTW) own free will, they are putting up a fight, but ultimately they are just prolonging the inevitable. 2018 will be a big year. Lots of power struggles and shifting are coming...



3 February 2018

Invisible Growl

Last night my brother in-law was sitting in his living-room about 10-30 pm, since his mother died he now lives alone with his Akita dog named Kobi. He had just reset his modem to his I-PAD and loaded a word game, he was sitting there waiting when all of a sudden right next to him, was the most loudest and ferocious growl you have ever wanted to hear. His hair on the back of his neck stood up, he was scared stiff, his large Akita, lying next to him on the floor, jumped up and ran crashing into the living  room door absolutely terrified.

I do not know if this has anything to do with it but the day before a next door neighbor over the back yard stopped him in the street and said that her young daughter aged about 6, told her mother that she could see Mrs P, the brother in-law’s mother who died last year, playing with Kobi in the brother in-laws garden. The child's mother said she could see anyone, but the child was most insistent that they were there.

The growl that so scared my brother in-law seems much like the loud scratching my wife and I heard on separate occasions some years back in our house. One has to wonder just what roams this planet and on occasions drops in for a terrifying visit, the growl and scratching to me come under Demonic, and again it makes me wonder about animal mutilations. But also it seems as though these incidents do not hurt you but cause the utmost fear.
The English Cognizant Citizen

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24 November 2017

Kundalini Energy and Fear Feeders

Kundalini is the energy, the life force. It has different names, chi, prana, sometimes it is called shakti. The more Kundalini you have, the more alive and awake you are. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that literally means "snake." Kundalini is also called "serpent power" because this sleeping spiritual force in every human being lies coiled at the base of the spine. This energy is released during orgasm through the second chakra, as the body attempts to create a child. During life-threatening situations, the kundalini energy is also often released. This is how people suddenly have the superhuman strength to save themselves or a loved-one. Once awakened, it rises through a series of centers, also called chakras, and finds expression in the form of spiritual knowledge and mystical visions. According to the Tantric tradition, the human body contains seven centers of subtle energy (chakras), referred to as "lotuses," through whose channels the kundalini rises.

The kundalini rises through these centers from the base of the spinal column all the way to the top of the head, where the thousand-petaled-lotus chakra is located. When kundalini reaches the seventh chakra with its entire power, this spiritual energy develops its full majestic force in the form of enlightenment. At the subtle level, Kundalini is the fuel which keeps our subtle bodies running. Just as we need food and water to survive on the gross physical level, so we also need Kundalini to survive at the subtle level. So everyone who is alive has a certain amount of Kundalini flowing through their subtle (aura) bodies.

However, in this world at this time, most people are operating at a starvation level with regard to Kundalini energy. They have just barely enough flowing to keep alive, nothing more. The Kundalini energy resides at the base of the spine, in the first chakra, and in the process of living some of it will be brought up to higher level chakras to fuel our lives. When we meditate, we are trying to do this on a conscious level so that instead of getting just a minimal level of Kundalini, we feel its power flowing through us. Properly directed, the kundalini will travel up a tube in the energy body that lies close to the spine. Without proper direction, the release of kundalini can be very uncomfortable and possibly damaging.

How does it feel when the Kundalini is flowing? It's a tough thing to describe, but you just feel better about life. You have more energy; you are happier, you get sick less often, and you just tend to see the bright and beautiful side of everything. It isn't some warm fuzzy feeling, but rather you just feel life at a more intense level instead of being largely numb to it.

The process of meditation is the process by which you bring Kundalini energy up from the lowest chakra to the higher level chakras, and experience the more refined states of mind associated with those chakras, ultimately bringing the Kundalini up to the crown chakra and attaining Enlightenment.

Energy can be expressed in many ways. In our human bodies the type of energy relates to where in the body it is associated with regard to our seven seals and specific emotions. The raw energy being the kundalini energy, curled up like a serpent at our first seal, base of the spine, normally released as an orgasm, but with the potential to activate the higher seals. In our first seal, the groin area, the original intent for the release of this energy was to create offspring. So where does that energy go when not used to create a child but simply for body pleasure, because in general that is all people know how to do when their kundalini starts to move and they get amorous. Having the deeper knowledge it would be a good time to focus on creating and empowering what you desire while in this state.

Most people however will just go with their animal instincts and waste it. I am not saying that we must stop having sex, but at least to be aware of this concept. So then that energy must go somewhere ethereally? And there you have another way that these energy vampires can feed. We see this planet sinking more and more into the lower seals, where pornography and sex seem to be everywhere and encouraged. Well there you have it! You are feeding them, getting a little pleasure but in reality losing some more of your vital force that could have gone to empowering yourself in many other ways. Think what a feast they must have on Valentines Day!!!!

What happens when you become angry and have an argument or outburst at someone? You too feel drained afterwards and this would be another way for them to feats!

We should be particularly careful not to frequent places where these and all sorts of other energy vampires hang out, including human energy vampires. Places like bars where I would think that there are hundreds of these energy suckers. When you use alcohol or drugs you become an easy target for these things, not only to drain your energy and attach themselves but also of course to make you amorous, to ‘collect’ later. Also it is much easier to manipulate your mind and get you to do their bidding and implant thoughts and ideas that are not yours, while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
"My encounters with these creatures first happened a few years back. I had been doing a lot of energy work, regularly pushing my Kundalini energy up my spine into the higher seals. Also worth mentioning is that I have been focusing and creating that “I am a multi-dimensional being and pioneer in contact”. That was one of my intents and still is, a route to expand myself out of this limited physical reality. I did not have many specifics on whom or what I would encounter, friendly or malevolent, I just wanted a greater reality. My interest in ETs and UFOs is what started this all, way back when I was in high school and had my first sighting. So dimensional entities was just one more step in my expansion and awareness.
The interesting thing is that with a lot of my stuff I first get the actual experience and only later, sometimes years later, get more information and the knowledge on specific subjects.
I awoke one night and all of a sudden had this immense fear and at the same time saw and sensed this “dark blob”, like a giant amoeba creature coming right through my wall and door next to my bed. The door was closed, but this thing moved in as if there were no physical barriers.
I like to have my room very dark when I sleep, so I have always had block-out on the curtains, so that not even moonlight or starlight comes in (for maximum Melatonin flow in my brain). So it was pitch black (although that darkness is more “greyish” and “pixelated”, close your eyes tight and cover them with your hand and you will see this) and I could not even have seen my hand in front of me if I held it up. This creature was however even darker than dark, like deep thick black ink, moving in with no form, but ever changing, like a giant 3D amoeba, reaching from the floor to the ceiling. I lay there in fear not knowing quite what to do but then remembered what I have learned about visualizing a blue five pointed star and expanding my own energy for protection. What ever it was it was like pure evil, for lack of a better term. I then turned and switched the light on and it was gone and I eventually fell asleep, although there was still a trace of residual dark energy even with the light on!
That was my first encounter and I contemplated all that had happened and my reaction and actions, and started to formulate a better strategy if it returned. I certainly was not going to sheepishly take this so lightly again. When I had visualized the energy expanding in me from the fourth seal, which is above the three lower seals which are in duality, that seem to have helped. So I would use this again, this time with more power and confidence. I also realized that if it was feeding off my fear that I could use this to my own advantage. As I am Lord of my own energy I can command it where to go. So the idea is that the more fear that is created in you, the more powerful you become by redirecting this fear back to yourself and making yourself extremely powerful and at the same time knowing that your spirit is eternal and immortal. Much like when you corner a frightened animal, as you continue to close in on it the more frightened it becomes, but if you continue to approach the animal further, it becomes more dangerous and eventually will attack or bite you and can even kill you, depending on its size and strength. Same principle, but in this case with this entity you do not allow it to steal away your energy as fear. You keep it all feeding back to your own power.
A few weeks later I got another visit. Looking back this almost seems like some type of initiation that I had to go through. This time, unlike the first time I immediately knew what was happening and now recognized this thing. I applied the above mentioned strategy and had much less fear than previously. I did not attack this creature but focused on myself to expand and shine from within, knowing that it could not destroy me. This is all happening while I am still lying down on my bed, fully awake as before. I then again turned the light on and it was gone. After a short while I turned the light off and drifted to sleep, this time with a greater sense of power and accomplishment and much less fear.
The “shadow” did visit me one more time, after we had moved to our present home. There was little fear and I was almost happy for another encounter to polish and perfect my technique, but it was soon gone and not much of a highlight.
Now the question, did I start to see these things because they were trying to created a greater fear feast to consume, so they actually appeared whereas normally they would feed invisibly; or because of my work in increasing energy where I was starting to perceive a greater range of frequencies; or was this sent to me to help me empower myself, some type of initiation? The answer could also be all of the above?!"