7 October 2017

Bizarre Cat Abductions

Police are investigating a spate of mysterious cat disappearances around Newry, Belfast Ireland. The situation is extremely worrying, if it's one person responsible then they are covering quite extensive ground.

The bizarre abductions were initially believed to have been concentrated in the Newry area but disappearances have been reported as far away as Dublin, Enniskillen and Ballymena, with the most recent case reported in Holywood.

"They fit the same general pattern and owners are telling the same stories, there's something very strange going on and it's extremely worrying. One cat gave birth to a litter-of-six but the mother has since vanished. If a cat is hit by a car it might run off somewhere to die, which might be hard to find in the country but not in bigger towns - yet they have completely disappeared."
A database handed over to the PSNI who have confirmed they are investigating the peculiar incidents. Concern has been expressed that someone might be imitating the 'Croydon Cat Killer', who was later dubbed the 'M25 Cat Killer', who is believed to be behind the death and mutilation of more than 250 cats - as well as dozens of foxes and rabbits since 2015 - had to be given a new nickname after more animals were found dead as far north as Manchester. The map shows very clearly that this is happening in towns and cities situated along an extensive stretch of motorway, which is exactly what has been happening in England.
"Now cats are disappearing in the same way here and my fear that this could be something similar has only gotten worse."
Despite more than 1,000 hours of Metropolitan Police time dedicated to solving the chilling case since 'Operation Takahe' was officially launched in 2015, officers have turned up nothing.

Initially, foxes had been thought to be responsible but London charity Snarl revealed some 50 foxes had been found with identical injuries to the cats, and suggested five rabbit deaths and two swan decapitations could also be linked. Many cats have been dismembered, with the deaths described as "gruesome" by animal welfare workers.

Pet owners to have their cats neutered and to keep them indoors.

Forensic scientists have been hired in the hunt for the Croydon Cat Killer. The experts will re-examine corpses of some of the estimated 250 victims of the pet killer. The will carry out new tests for DNA evidence and try to identify a geographical pattern to the slaughter. It is hoped the CSI -style prob will shed new light on who is behind the ritualistic killings, first reported in Croydon, South London, in 2014. The killer was also dubbed the M25 Cat Killer as decapitated victims were found in towns around the motorway.

Post mortems have already been conducted on some cats and their remains frozen. These will now be examined by Surrey-based ArroGen Veterinary Forensics which has been launched to help the RSPCA bring prosecutions.

ArroGen boss Dr Alexander Stoll said of his new laboratory; "It will be a one-stop shop for investigations involving animals. People who harm animals are more likely to abuse humans". A £10.000 reward has been offered for information leading to an arrest.

Campaigners believe the killer bludgeons the cats, cuts off their heads and lays out the remains in a ritualistic way.

Gove`s law plan. 
“Michael Gove’s promise to bring sentences in line with Northern Ireland – which has a maximum of five years’ imprisonment – should help to deter people from abusing and neglecting animals, and will finally mean that the sentence fits the crime.”

Apparently the current term for animal cruelty is 6-months. I wonder why this is in the same paper same day, is it to show the people that are victims of cat mutilation to their pet (or kid them up) that something is being done. 250- victims and no one has seen anything, and killings are still probably still going on. Who's financing this anyway, forensics do not come cheap, I think some one is getting worried about the amount of killings. I cannot wait for the forensic results. If they release them.

They say when doing research 'Follow The Money', I wonder who finances ArroGen .


Image - Belfast Telegraph

8 October 2016

Ignorance is Bliss

It was not so long ago so-called wildlife experts in the UK were saying there was no chance of big cats (puma) or other roaming the British countryside. It now turns out years later that it is now an excepted fact that big cats are real in the UK. I would really like to know what the authorities are thinking and doing behind closed doors. 

On the face of it they tell us that the UK cat killer is a psychopath, but even they must be puzzled by so many unsolvable deaths and disappearances, not only in the UK but around the world. I suppose we will have to wait until it bites them on the bum so to speak, but seriously I suspect the authorities have their suspicions but their job is not to panic the public.

They cannot simply blame anyone for this, because even if they arrested a suspect and kept them in detention for a psychiatric report (which they would have to because we have been told this person may go on to kill humans), how would they explain it when the killing of cats continued while this suspect was locked up. They cannot really arrests anyone unless they are a 100% sure it is them because the public will expect answers. 

There are no answers to how this supposed psychopath managed to kill so many cats without being seen or detected and also if said killer traveled to other cities to commit mutilations, to me if the police admit anything they will end up with a big headache because there would be so many questions. They know this, and to me they avoid making any arrests preferring to say "This crime was committed by person or persons unknown". They know without doubt that it is not humans attacking cats, rabbits, foxes or birds, leaving behind bloodless remains, they just dare not admit it.

A recent horrific report on the overnight mutilation of a horse in Australia, was commented on by RSPCA Inspector Sommer Heath Crilley, who attended the scene, he said "the incident was strange due to the lack of blood".

This case was followed up by respected investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe and discussed on Coast to Coast with George Noory on a subject titled Dark Galaxy, Animal Mutilations & ET Encounter:-
 ...this past August, a horse in Coomera, Queensland near Brisbane, Australia was strangely mutilated, with its legs cut off after it was dead and then left behind near its body, horse breeder Carolyn Greer detailed. Linda reported that between May and September 2016, 60 bloodlessly mutilated cats and foxes in the counties of Surrey and Kent, UK have been reported to the police. In her fourth segment, she spoke with "Mark," a retired factory worker from Cedar Rapids, Iowa who described his bizarre 1978 encounter with a ball of light that descended from a UFO onto his truck. He felt as though he was in a kind of force field, in which thoughts were transmitted into his head, and he saw alien humanoids with bulbous heads who seemed to appear in the force field
Using forensic evidence as logical proof is nothing more than mere words spoken throughout the years to calm the masses. In 2008 "predator caused" reports bought one frustrated farmer to make a stand bloodless mutilations occuring on his ranch.  It was written up in the Ranchland News The LARGEST rural weekly in ALL of Elbert County and ALL of eastern El Paso County. 
"Yarnell said he became frustrated with the CBI’s ‘predator caused’ reports, stating, “Dang it, I was just pretty sure with my naked eye that some of them weren’t (predator caused). But I’d just know what the results would be…’done by predators’! So one time I just reversed it (the notches). I got the same results.” In other words, the CBI examined the edge of the hide Yarnell cut out with his knife, and came back with a report that the cut was done by predators. “The side they said was cut by predators was absolutely the side I cut,” Yarnell revealed. “I had ’em fair and square on that one.” He said it is possible the CBI blamed the mutilations on predators to ‘save face’, and keep from admitting they were unable to solve the mystery.

In a January 1980 a news article in Chicago Tribune titled "Animal Mutilations create nightmare for farmers", lawman Gaabe Valdez says that the incidents are classic because the cutting was done with surgical precision with no blood at the scene.

People will always disbelieve in a crime too unnatural horrible to contemplate and authorities will always refuse to admit to anything that doesn't fit logic. 

The 'Problem' as some so rightly call it, has accesses to anywhere in the world, but it does not need a jet airliner a boat, train or car. It can move as and when it wants, anytime any place and even multiple places at the same time. But how do you explain this to a public that can see no further than immigrants and some idiot with a knife as to being the cause behind the mutilation of our pets. We have no chance of fighting this until people start to waken up and face the fact that there is something very sinister behind these animal deaths and disappearances 'and it is not human'.

And someone must be listening because a nameless authority has recently spoken about the disappearing and bloodless mutilated animal phenomena :-
"... please do send alerts. Having worked on this case for a year now I have an increased interest in animal abuse/mutilations anywhere. I do agree that there are a number of cases that defy explanation and as I said before I have an open mind on the issue of alien lifeforms."
And the phenomena continues...
The English Cognizant Citizen

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Book 1 An Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms

Book 2 Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms

11 September 2016

It Comes to your DOOR

Something is snatching our cats right from their very front door. Something so fearful it is making them scream before they vanish, never to be seen again, except, perhaps, for scattered body parts days later.

I kid you not. This is real. This is happening. This is taking place during the night while you are sleeping.

Croydon UK is in the grip of an absolute unholy nightmare. The sickening serial murders of cats which began in South London have become a national epidemic – with up to 100 pets around the country now thought to have been slain. The terror is growing as the body's pile up. The fear is exacerbated by anxiety and loss as the incomprehensible becomes impossible to ignore and bizarre theories begin their circulation while neighbours look to others to blame for the strange and bloody mutilations happening around them. And in a further shocking development, animals in Coventry, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire and Brighton have also been butchered in a manner suspiciously similar to the London deaths. The killer’s trademark is to capture and execute the animals before dumping their bodies near the family home to be discovered by horrified owners, often with the head and tail removed and taken as trophies. Many of the attacks are truly chilling in their brutality.

The police have been working alongside animal shelter South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), and the RSPCA. The RSPCA is at breaking point over the deluge of bogus reports which are continuing to roll in and are proving a distraction to investigators who are hell-bent on catching the vicious perpetrator.
"We have ruled out several bizarre alternatives from people collecting cat whiskers to aliens, it has got a bit out of hand with who they think it is. But the reports have taken a darker turn - with some people trying to frame others as the notorious cat killer. There are people dropping a neighbour in that they don't like or trying to get back at an ex and when we follow it up it turns out it was just a domestic situation"
SNARL says:-
"If you live in Greater London you are currently living in a high risk area for these killings. However, we also now want to know about any cats, foxes or birds found with the following combination of injuries from Manchester down to the South Coast: Decapitations/ removal of tail/ removal of paws/ any combination of these. Please note that a high number of birds found decapitated are caused by predation injury, but we have one case of an owl who was decapitated in East London with a bladed instrument so we would rather know about them all."
The Croydon Guardian first revealed fears a sick killer was preying on cats in October 2015 and the growing body count has since attracted national media attention, including in The Independent, The Sun and on the BBC. "It has been going on a long time and we are a bit surprised that we haven't had more tip-offs. We take the matter very seriously and the police are leading it because obviously there is a man with a knife running around an urban environment, the person dubbed by some as 'Jack the Rip-purr'".

Authorities are snatching at logical conclusions.:- 
"Pets were believed to have been lured into a vehicle with food treats, with the attacker deliberately picking spots not covered by CCTV."
"A breakthrough has been made in the hunt for the Croydon cat killer after tests confirmed mutilated pets had died at the hands of humans, the RSPCA has claimed. Scientific analysis of several headless cats found dumped across south London suggests the victims had been mowed down by a car before being decapitated, according to the charity."
"The RSPCA, which initially suggested foxes could be behind the deaths, post-mortem examinations conducted by specialist vets and forensic experts suggested human involvement. Examination of the bodies we have received showed that the heads and tails appear to have been removed by a human, after death. He has a very distinctive way of killing them, a very distinctive way of making the cuts. "
But South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), a shelter which initiated an investigation into the deaths and has been orchestrating efforts to protect pets, said it doubted the RSPCA's findings. The group wrote on Facebook:- 
"Our vet does not agree with these findings and as he has seen three times the number of bodies the RSPCA has, we are inclined to agree with him. Just because some of the deaths are unexplained, doesn't mean that a particular theory is appropriate to hang your hat on".
A vet, who wished to remain anonymous, told the BBC he was able to link 10 of the deaths out of the 16 bodies he had examined so far.

He revealed that in the past two cases raw chicken had been found in the cats' stomachs, suggesting the killer had used the meat to lure in the animals.The vet told the BBC:-
"I think they are being strangled and then taken off-site to be butchered, and then the bodies are being returned and dumped, that is why there is no blood found at the scene. My fear initially was the cats were being hacked to death because the cuts were really random but the incisions have become much more precise, which suggests they are being killed first.
When reports of the spree of deaths hit the headlines, skeptics blamed foxes and other wild animals for inflicting the injuries on the cats.  I think part of the problem is that the thought that somebody is going round and deliberately doing this is so scary to some people that they would much rather think it was foxes or aliens".
Personally I would rather the problem lay with a human entity rather than an alien entity, at least then we would be on a level playing field. 

Comments taken from SNARL
  1. I had no idea of this until I had lost my own cat and started using Facebook lost and found pages. Weird thing is though, there have been many pet abductions and so many cats have gone missing all at once lately so I was starting to think there was more to it before reading about this particular one. I can't believe how many cats are strangely disappearing. Four just from my street in fact. So many others in surrounding areas too. I live in Barry, vale of Glamorgan. There has been reports in my area of a man, I think alone, in a white van going around door to door posing as selling mattresses just to note if the home has a dog inside and then later going back and throwing food to them when they are out in their gardens. The food is preloaded with a sedative which aids this man to steal the dog and get it into his van. Another horrific incident in Swansea, a man, also alone, broke into someone's house and stole multiple dogs, one was due to give birth, another dog and also a full litter of puppies but left the mum behind. Sadly, there was a poor pregnant dog of the same breed as the stolen one found somewhere in a bin inside a child's play area. The newest one I've seen was in Port Talbot where two young lads had broken in to a cat rehoming centre and all the elderly cats they had in that particular section were missing along with one large cage. Unfortunately one of the cats was found dead in a nearby lane. I'm not 100% sure if any of this stuff is connected in any way but I was thinking, are all these body parts etc all from cats that resided in the places they were all found? Or could it be that they are taken from anywhere and scattered at random places as well as targeted ones? My cat disappeared at around 1am and I heard her screams outside. She was gone by the time I opened my door. 
  2. I thought that my beloved cat that I had had for 18 years had been attacked & half eaten by foxes.But my son recognised that he may have been a victim of the cat killer! His head, front paws & tail were missing and nowhere to be found! He was missing for four days, then suddenly his remains where left on the lawn, in full view from the house! This sick evil bastard needs to be stopped, he has now killed over 200 !!!!!!!
  3. On 23 July 2015 I came home from work at 2pm and as I walked up my garden path I saw a dead kitten (approximately 3-4 months old black/tortoiseshell). It had been beheaded, it was very traumatic for me and I had to get my neighbour to remove it as I just couldn't have done it myself. It was the way it had been positioned like it was sleeping which I found very suspicious and there was no signs of blood anywhere. When I told other people about it they said it was more than likely that a dog or fox had killed it so I convinced myself that was how the poor creature had perished, even though I still had a sneaking position this was done by someone (not an animal) as there was no other signs of injury. Whoever killed the kitten obviously though it lived at my house as I had seen it in my garden before, it must have belonged to someone local.
  4. It’s more than likely these cats that are being targeted are of a friendly nature as they are the ones that will want you to stroke or pet them (making it easy for the person to snatch them).  I have now noticed that other cats I used to see before have disappeared and I hope they have not fallen prey to this persons sick and twisted fantasies.
  5. I have read that the sicko is luring the victims by feeding chicken, but I still don't see how they are catching them!
  6. We have also had cases of that down here in Eastbourne.going back 5 yrs , and as far as I know nobody has been caught for it. even now cats are going missing but, we cant say there being taken or wandering off but the numbers are getting higher.. and to go with it. we don't know who or why! 
  7. There has been cats with similar injuries in Telford !!
  8. Still feel guilty because she was in garden at 9.30 let her stay out a little longer cos she had a mouse..10.30 didnt return. Found a week later head and tail missing in another road.
  9. This is also happening in Birmingham a decapitated cat left on somebody's door step in Erdington and a decapitated dog found in a pond.
  10. I know someone that found a cats leg in their Garden- Guildford she didnt find the rest of it, but I dont think it would have lived through that.
  11. There was a cat found in the Newquay area early this year. Same injuries, I remember thinking the sicko must be on holiday, nothing in the area since.
  12. I've just lost a kitten and a full grown male cat in a month. I live in a rural village in Essex called Matching Green. No one has seen them.
  13. Some of the feral cats that Ive been feeding for three years have disappeared.
  14. I've just looked back on posts over the last few days & bloody hell he's getting about. Seems more than one a day in all areas not local to each other! How on earth is he doing it at this rate I'm not even convinced he has a job anymore.
  15. How do they know which house the cat actually lives at if its someone who travels?, it could be a cat killing network of people who are in contact with each other. The mind boggles
  16. What I don't understand is how no one sees/hears him. You are right, he must be accessing people's gardens which confirms to me what I've thought all along, I think there must be a link. Do all the owners shop at a particular Pet Store for example? I just don't believe the killings are totally random. I mean if the bunny had been stolen from a garden, how did he know it was there? He must have known that the household had a rabbit.
  17. I hate to sound like the "crazy guy" on this thread, but I feel obliged to inform your community that the pattern of bloodless, severed animal mutilations is part of a wide spread global phenomenon that dates back decades, if not hundreds of years, and is well documented by investigator Linda Moulton Howe. Regardless of whether or not you agree with her conclusions, the research she has done on this is top notch, and she has been extremely helpful to local law enforcement. Meanwhile, the town of Denton Texas in the US is also currently experiencing the EXACT same phenomena.
  18. My god this vile sicko is getting more prolific can't believe it's still out there, do you think it's just one, or some weird group who work together from across the country? It's beyond belief.
  19. Is there never any CCTV footage on one of these roads at all where an attack happens? there have been so many attacks now. Not once a similar vehicle on CCTV has been spotted appearing at these different locations, this country has more CCTV than anywhere else in the world. 
  20. Omg, Westerham and two other places further away yesterday? Now this at Wallington, wtf is he on/in to get around the uk so pdq?
COMMENT about Newspaper Articles
For one brief moment when I saw the title I thought people were starting to wake up and were thinking out of the box. Alas that was not to be, just a few crazy comments about immigrants and the problem (to the sleeping masses) seems to be solved. To those of you who are willing to read what I write please take a step back and `Think ! ...........There has to date been no one caught for these atrocities to our pets, mutilated pets are sometimes left on or near the pet owners garden, there is no blood, this phenomena moves from town to town and city to city and these mutilations are happening on a world wide scale.

There are hundreds if not thousands of animals killed in this manner, so will you well informed people in the comments section please tell me, who, besides the daft comment `Some bloke with a knife` is committing these mutilations ? Who has access to any place in the world, who can kill a hundred cats and not be seen ? , just think about it `no one sees anything`.

I`ve got news for you `some one always sees something` but obviously not when it comes to animal mutilations in the community, ask yourself `Why `?
Even the Police and Police of other countries also the R.S.P.C.A are baffled by these attacks, ask yourself why can the Police not get a lead to who is committing these crimes. They have no problem solving a whole host of other crimes but are stumped when it comes to animal mutilations.

Whatever is doing this does so in the blink of an eye, it may not be Aliens from outer space , it could be something more sinister we have yet to encounter (in person). Either way whether Aliens or something else the mutilations will continue and no one will be caught.


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14 May 2016

UK Cat-ripper Spree Gone Countrywide

"For decades farmers have found cows that have been surgically dissected on ranches throughout North America. No one really knows why these mutilations are occurring.

But there is something happening even more disturbing. Throughout North America and the United Kingdom pet cats have been found sliced clean in half, and to date no one knows why. These cat mutilations, like the cattle mutilations, are similar in that there is little blood reported at the scene."

Who is Killing Britain's Cats? The double page spread in The Sun's newspaper has people horrified and jumpy as hundreds of cats are discovered gruesomely slaughtered on home base while dozens more are missing in what has been described as a national epidemic.

The killings involve a feature common to many of the bodies discovered: an almost complete lack of blood.
"The lack of blood is because he [the killer] is killing them elsewhere, letting the blood drain out, and putting them back where they came from. Someone has taken my cat and done this to him, then brought him back to me to show off their bloody deed.”
It is far too strange to go unanswered.
Police say "pets are believed to have been lured into a vehicle with food treats, with the attacker deliberately picking spots not covered by CCTV."   
The police statement clearly shows that no one has any idea of how the 'killer' gets hold of his cats. Perhaps police are suggesting that there is in existence a device that is tuned into a database of CCTV addresses? And anyone that knows cat behavior will not agree with the "here, kitty, kitty" likelihood of ''jump in my car and get this food treat".

Chris Holly first wrote about the Half Cat Mutilations in 2008. Compare the information then to what is happening now:

Cat Mutilations Comparison
UK - Now Chris Holly - Then
 ..cat killings in Croydon stretch back to 2008.  First wrote about this odd subject back in 2008.
 The cats are left in what seems a purposeful fashion in a place that the owners could not miss them once they start to look for their family pet.  It appears the cats may be taken to another area and returned once they are prepared to be found  for the owners. 
 There was no blood around the body or in fact in the body.  All the internal mess and blood that would happen during the slaughter of the cat is never found.
 ..bodies are often dumped near the doorstep. ..left in areas visible for their human owners to find. 
 ..a clean cut with a bladed instrument.  ..cutting the cats in half is clean and done with a surgeons skill.

The information above is proof that the mutilations have been happening for a number of years, in exactly the same manner. 

This is a phenomenon; and the phenomenon of mutilated cats goes hand in hand with the phenomenon of missing cats.

So what is doing it and what to do about it?

The only logical answer for this phenomena is that it is caused by an entity.

AN EVIL ENTITY that grows stronger with every mutilation and more powerful with the escalated fear. As the cycle feeds upon itself the problem gets worse, the mutilations get inventive, detailed, more horrific and more aggressive.

The only way to fight evil is with PRAYER.

Your own prayers are very powerful. Do not underestimate your own ability to pray. If you feel the need for help you can contact Bill Bean, an eclectic priest, who can pray for you. Bill is a world renowned deliverance minister.

"Bill is anointed in the area of spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry that addresses anything from curses, obsession, oppression or possession by demonic spirits. Bill believes that just as Jesus was sent fourth to cast out demons and preach deliverance to the captives, we must also learn to operate in our God given authority to cast out demons and unclean spirits, according to Mark 3:14-15 and Luke 4:18. Bill performs deliverance/exorcism, house blessings, baptisms, weddings and eulogies."

Send your message to Bill today and ask for a prayer of protection for those you love. 

Prayer of Protection
The light of God surrounds (pet name)
The love of God enfolds (pet name)
The power of God protects (pet name)
The presence of God watches over (pet name). Amen.

Prayer in Memory of a Pet

Almighty God,
I was fortunate to receive the gift of (pet name) from Thou
Now that he (she) has left this life,
please help me cope with my loss with strength and courage.
I know that my beloved companion no longer suffers,
and will live on in many fond memories.
May they be treated with the care and respect
As he (she) has enriched my life,
I pray that I may enrich the lives of others. Amen.

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Enter The Valley: UFO's, Religious Miracles, Cattle Mutilation, and Other Unexplained Phenomena in the San Luis Valley

Extreme Paranormal Investigations: The Blood Farm Horror, the Legend of Primrose Road, and Other Disturbing Hauntings

Bloodline of the Gods: Unravel the Mystery in the Human Blood Type to Reveal the Aliens Among Us

30 April 2016

Strange Mutilations Take on a Stranger Twist

"On the night I finished writing this article my son rang me up to tell me about a work colleague of his wife, the lady concerned went home from work at night, she went to check on their Alsatian dog, the dog had a ear infection and was under treatment from the vet. They kept their dog during the day in their large garage, she opened the side door and saw what she thought was dog feces everywhere, its only when she turned the light on she realized it was blood, it was all over the place even up the walls. When she looked at her dog which was standing normal she noticed its tail was missing, the dog did not appear to be in pain, they rushed their dog to the vets where an operation was performed at the cost of £600. The vet's conclusion was that the dog, due to the irritation of the ear infection, had bitten its own tail of close to its body. My son does not believe that, he said he would have thought the dog would have scratched its ear raw or brushed the side of its head along the floor, my sons wife who works with the lady concerned did not think anything strange had happened, but as the night went on and she thought more about it she started to get a creepy feeling.  Remember, the garage was locked and no one could get in, also remember the dog was taking medicine from the vet which should have quelled the ear infection."
The plight of mysteriously missing and mutilated pets is enormous to say the least, if the truth be known thousands are abducted and mutilated each year under mysterious circumstances and no culprit is ever caught. By far, the most abducted and mutilated creature is the domestic Cat, a much loved family pet that seems to be the target of some sinister entity, and that is what I want people to start looking at and taking notice of. Confused! then let me explain. 

The Mysterious Individual
Over the years I have noticed in various missing animal reports there appears to be the involvement of a mysterious person or persons, people involved in these incidents either catch a glimpse or even get the chance to talk to one of these strangely acting people as in the case of the missing cats of Vaniers. Apparently, to cut a long story short, a number of cats have gone missing, I believe the total was 23 cats, one of the locals revealed that he saw a tall woman acting strangely with scratches on her arms carrying two cats who reacted angrily when she was refused permission to come on someone's driveway. Who was this woman? Where did she come from? If she had scratches on her arms then she did not have a coat on, so was she local? Were the cats struggling? If the person whom confronted her knew of the missing cats why did he not question her or try to hold a conversation with her in the hopes of finding out who she was? 

There is an account of someone seeing two men acting suspiciously at night in a black car after their cat ran in the house in utter panic, one gentleman even caught someone in his house after his cat but when the gentleman surprised him he ran across the back yard and climb over a wall, the house owner tried to grab him but he escaped jumped in a van with another man and they drove off laughing. In Guelph there was another case of an individual going on property there and being caught trying to take cats. And again in Somerset in the UK a couple was disturbed trying to get a cat in a bag, the subsequently dropped the cat and the bag and ran off. In these cases and many more no one is ever caught and only the vaguest of descriptions are given. The last account concerns a family pet dog butchered at 18th birthday party, this brutal attack took place in 2014 during a 18th birthday party of her son. Wanting to give her son and friends some space Lesley the 18-year old`s mother took her dogs upstairs while she waited for a delivery, she looked through the window while upstairs and saw a couple of people walking down the drive who she did not know, she had 3-dogs with her but was aware that Herbie her terrier ran down stairs, Herbie was a friendly lovable dog and would hurt no one. A short while later someone came upstairs and said the dog was dead, the injuries were too graphic for the media to display, an R.S.P.C.A inspector said he had seen nothing like it in his 10-year career. Apparently the right side of Herbies lower jaw had been twisted over his other pinning his tongue and choking him, his muzzle was shattered in numerous places. Yet again in this story above we have two unidentified people walking down the driveway of the house prior to the death of the dog. 

Black Eyed People 
So what gives here? who are these people that seem to disappear after the event, in actual fact I`m starting to think more in the lines of are these people entities of the paranormal. Think about this, we have, whether you believe it or not, the phenomena of `The Black Eyed Kids` people are encountering something of a paranormal nature `The Black Eyed Kids` or `Black Eyed People` better known by those in their research as `BEK`s or `BEP`s, are an escalating phenomena we are now told they are seen not only at night but also during the day, are these the `Unknowns` that people from time to time encounter during the abduction attempts of our pets, take the woman with two cats in her arms, she reacted badly when she was not given permission to come on someone's driveway, this is also a trait of `BEK`s or BEP`s, they will it says, eventually become more angrily and forceful if you refuse to let them in your house or anything you may be occupying at the time, it seems even a driveway comes under that category. Take the two men driving off in a van laughing after nearly getting caught trying to abduct a cat, why would you be laughing? when, had the van license number been taken, the police could have been on their tail in no time, your face would have been straight and you would have just put your foot down to get away unidentified. The poor terrier that virtually had its face twisted off, well who or what could do such a thing in a few seconds and disappear, sometime back I wrote that what if people kept their pets indoors to protect them from abductors, would the entity or entities start to enter our homes to take their quarry, it now seems this is starting to happen. 

An Entity with Different Names 
One has to wonder how long this entity with many names has been around, it to me, can be whatever it wants when it wants, it can be The Men In Black or Bek`s or BEP`s a Werewolf or any other strange creature you care to think of from the history of paranormal phenomena.. Let's go some years back a 178 to be precise to 1837, this was the time Spring- Heeled Jack appeared on the scene, this entity struck terror into the hearts of everyone he encountered, a report states that an unknown leaping figure was seen in west -London in 1837. Descriptions of this entity had him dressed in a suit with helmet and cloak, fiery eyes and hands like iron claws and the ability to spit flames, it appears that many people had encounters with Spring-Heeled Jack. One lady in particular was `Jane Alsop` she lived with her father and two sisters, as she answered her door one night a devilish being spat blue flames at her and scratched and tore at her with iron claws, only to leap away when she shouted for help . I have to ask was this a mild mutilation attack, no one could catch him or `IT` this entity would just leap onto buildings and escape, in 1877 army authorities set traps for him after he slapped two sentries with icy hands and leaped atop of their guard boxes. Coming back up to more modern times for the moment, I read a story of a motorist who stopped his car because he was astounded at the spectacle before his eyes, in the distance of the countryside he could see a man laughing and leaping over farm fences and walls, in leaps and bound he eventually ended up in front of the gentleman in the car, he promptly slapped his face and bounded of into the distance leaving the occupant of the car bewildered . Was this S. H. Jack in his more modern form, is this an entity that lives through the ages, changing all the time to suit the time period its in, take a look at `BEK`s and `BEP` their description say they wear modern clothing just like the `Men in Black` do, after an encounter the Men in Black disappear just like the BEK`s and BEP`s do, are they the same entity? 

Mutilations in Time 
Going back into history and mutilation stories we have one murderous puzzle that will never under current thinking be solved, and that is the case of Jack The Ripper, Let's take a look at the most vile of his apparent murders that of a Mary Kelly, without more or do I will go straight to the description of her murder (stop reading if you are faint of heart). Mary Kelly was found at her home on her bed, her throat had been cut prior to abdominal mutilation, the whole of her abdomen and thighs were removed and the abdominal cavity emptied, the breasts were cut off, the arms mutilated, and her face hacked beyond recognition, her throat was cut to the bone. Parts of her internal organs were found in various places, the uterus kidneys with one breast under her head, the other breast by the right foot, the liver between the feet, the intestines by the right side and the spleen by the left side, the flaps removed from the abdomen and thighs were on a table the nose cheeks eyebrows and lips had been partly removed. 

Do you think like me, that this sounds like the description of an animal mutilation, there are cases where pets have been found with their internal organs removed and spread around them. During the same period of history there were many murders, but I find the murder of a 7-years old boy distasteful yet intriguing, his body was discovered under a bridge, both legs had been severed and one ear cut off. Again in more modern times we find animals with ears lips and genitalia removed and as in the case of sheep their back legs were cut off. 

Does the entity we call `Spring Heeled Jack` or `Jack The Ripper` live on forever, does it take the form of BEK`s or `Bep`s, it's my belief they are all one and the same thing, they or `IT` will live forever changing all the time to suit the environment that is unless it is stopped. 

Entities Walk Among Us 
Ok! some of you might say, over mutilations and abductions that its rubbish, it's just bad people doing bad things, then please tell me why no one can say who Jack The Ripper was, or why has no one ever been caught committing a animal mutilation or abduction, or why do some of the murders from the past mirror the mutilations of today or why the police have no answers. Take the murder of Elizabeth Short born 1924, again I will concentrate on the details of the murder because to a certain degree they mirror the death of Mary Kelly. January 1924 Elizabeth Shorts body was found on a vacant lot in Los Angeles her body had been cut half at the waist, she was drained of blood, her face was slashed from the corners of her mouth to her ears, she had multiple cuts to her thighs and breasts where entire portions of flesh had been sliced away. The lower part of her body had been positioned a foot from the upper part, and her intestines had been tucked neatly under her buttocks. Her corpse had been posed with her hands above her head with her elbows bent at right angles and her legs spread. As far as I`m concerned there is are entities walking amongst us, they laugh at us and have now taken to entering our homes for what they want, how long before it gets bored with cat or dog how long before we see more Mary Kelly`s and Elizabeth Short`s. 
"Do not forget this phenomena is changing all the time, will we soon see human bodies mutilated and returned to our garden lawns?."
The English Cognizant Citizen 


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Russell's Guide to Interdimensional Entities

2 April 2016

Demon Barbers of the Cotswolds

Returned Shaved
There is a less violent, but altogether weirder, kind of cat crime going on in the Cotswolds.

A demon barber has been shaving the fur off domestic cats. 

In the most recent attack the same cat has been shaved twice in the past few weeks, and four times since November.
"The first incident was before Christmas - she came home with a patch shaved from her belly to her leg. Then it happened again a week later. On Thursday she was missing in the morning and when she came in she acted as though she was sore. Her collar was stretched too - it may have been that someone tried to grab her, although it could be that she got it caught on something. I haven't a clue why it's happening and neither has the vet." Two neighbours in Minchinhampton have had their two pet cats targeted eight times in total. "Now it's happened to a cat owned by an old woman just around the corner. It's getting worse and worse." Some of the cats are now seems traumatised and scared to leave the house.
A Cosmic Joker
There is something bizarre about the whole situation, this cat shaving is but one of a line of unusual activities that appear to target the animal population of many countries. In this country alone hundreds of cat are attacked one way or another. 

In other countries you have what is called the half cat phenomena, where by someones pet cat is cut cleanly in two, glove puppet fashion. The top part of the cat is then left either for the owners to find or close by in someone else`s garden, there is never any blood. In other cases the cats internal organs are laid out next to the animal on the owners lawn. Its not only cats that suffer these attacks, we have seen in various news stories that horses have been killed and had specific parts of their body removed. 

This whole phenomena is world wide and is escalating. The general public in their infinite wisdom seem always to have the solution at hand, and that is to catch the 'Human' or 'Humans' responsible. The problem with that solution is that no 'Human' or 'Gang of Humans' has ever been caught on a world wide basis committing these attacks. The police seem to be able to catch all types of criminals but not the animal attackers, another point is no one ever sees anything, various communities are left in shock when a number of cats go missing or are mutilated. When ever these attacks make the news the comments section is littered with people screaming for the arrest of these attackers, have you noticed it never happens, and so the attacks go on and on. If it WAS humans they would sometime or other make a mistake but it has not and never will happen, even the police that can normally get a lead on who commits a crime are themselves puzzled by these attacks. 

A thing to remember is this phenomena moves around so do not be surprised if one day you find a half cat on your lawn, and no one will have seen or heard anything. Please do not take my word, do some research, what you will find will shock you. 

A GPS device on your cat may help to solve these crimes but people first need to waken up to the fact that there is more to this animal/mutilation/abduction phenomena than some idiot hiding behind a bush at two in the morning waiting to catch someone's cat.

A cosmic joker is toying with us. It has the power to take and return. It has the power of life and death.

Entities from another Dimension
This video on the ATS site shows a group of dogs knowing there was something strange coming their way. The dogs then scattered as this shadow entity makes a lunge for them. Again this type of paranormal event begs the question has it got something to do with the animal/pet/cat abductions and mutilations. Its said these entities have `matter` because they can move solid objects, also Stephen Hawkins say they could be from another dimension and are attracted by our thoughts. So is it as I wrote sometime back that it appears that something reaches into our dimension takes our pets mutilates them for whatever reason then returns their bodies, or as in other cases they are never returned. I know these videos could be fake but I have this gut feeling they are not.


Cat Mutilation Mystery "Half Cat" Nationwide Epidemic - Pt1