2 November 2019

Vanishings caught on video

With our dwindling privacy and the sheer number of cameras quietly and dutifully watching practically our every move, it is perhaps no surprise that they sometimes provide curious insights and clues into mysterious deaths and disappearances, capturing victims of crimes, perpetrators, and those who have vanished into thin air. However, the existence of this potential evidence does not always lead to solving these mysteries, and in many cases can even weave more puzzles around these cases.  With the advent of technology we now have myriad and numerous security and surveillance cameras set up all over the place, at times capturing every move we make. With this new advancement in technology we are sometimes offered glimpses into the last moments of people and animals who have mysteriously disappeared, and while this may not always do anything to solve the enigmas surrounding these cases it is usually enough to add another layer of creepy bizarreness to it all.

Traders were left in shock after CCTV footage reveals how two cats mysteriously disappears in front of their shops. The film is a shaky hand version of the original CCTV.

A second video shows another cat disappear from the same street (not the same cat) followed by a man.

A CCTV camera video shows a mysterious cat that appears to disappear. Many have claimed that this footage shows an instance in which teleportation was caught on tape. Some have claimed that this video shows a time traveling cat while other maintain that it is nothing more than trick editing.

The eerie moment was captured on the couple's CCTV security cameras and shows what appears to be a man sauntering down the road. As he continues walking, the man starts to fizzle out and eventually disappears completely. The shadows at the point of disappearance do not change their rhythm which proves there was no glitch involved with the camera. The camera's view extends enough to see down the street but the man doesn't reappear at all. But the man does look to be wearing pants and an army fatigue top. His shoes are black. At the time of the filming, the wife rushed outside so that she could see if she saw the man. 'The dude was gone he just disappeared and if he would have tried cutting through the yard my camera system would have caught him,' she said. 'I actually just recently got a spirit box that my husband and I was gonna try and talk to someone.' The couple was relaxing and watching TV at their home at the time of the strange occurrence.

An odd piece of footage from a home security system in Ireland shows a cat walking into a backyard and then seemingly vanishing into thin air, leaving some to wonder if it was an apparition. The spooky video was posted to Reddit by the bewildered homeowner who insisted that the footage was genuine and not edited in any way.

We are left perplexed, and despite our cameras really being the only ones who will ever truly know what has happened are the vanished themselves.


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1 February 2019

Vanishing Houses

There have long been tales of whole houses seeming to dissipate from view, to blink into nothingness, often to reappear just as mysteriously, and here are some of the strangest.
  1. I swear this is a true story. My partner was wheat carting in the summer of 1994. Our 12 year old son was with him. He was outside Molong in NSW Australia and drove past a For Sale sign on a farm gate. We were looking for a small property to purchase so he stopped and climbed through the fence and walked up the circle-shaped drive to have a closer look at the old house. He stepped onto the veranda and looked through a window. He found the interior empty with paper, dirt and cobwebs littered about. On his return home a few days later, we rang the agent and asked for further details about the property. The agent had no idea what we were talking about and insisted that he had no properties for sale on that road. We told him we got his number off the sign on the gate but he insisted there were no properties. We were feeling frustrated so a week later we drove to Molong to have a look at the farm ourselves.  We couldn’t find it. We drove along every road out of Molong without success. My partner insisted he knew where to find the property so we persisted. We did eventually find the ‘spot’. All that he could recognize was a water tank on the hill, a creek and some trees where the house used to be. There was no gate, circular drive, real estate sign… or house. He still wonders what would have happened had he decided to camp that night on the veranda instead of inside the truck.
  2. In the late 1800s there was also the tale of a phantom house that seemed to randomly warp about in the region of Suffolk, England. On one summer evening in 1860 one farmer named Robert Palfrey was baling hay when he suddenly was overcome by a biting chill despite the otherwise warm air. When he looked up he claims to have seen a majestic and pristine red brick house surrounded by green gardens looming nearby, which he had never seen before in all of his years in the area. The house then vanished into thin air just as suddenly as it had appeared right before his eyes, melting away into nothingness. This particular house would be seen on and off again in later years. In 1912, Palfrey’s own great-grandson, James Cobbold, was in the very same area when the air became frigid and he claimed to hear a loud whooshing sound, as if a great amount of air had been abruptly displaced. When Cobbold and his companion looked up they noticed an opulent, three-storied, double-fronted, red brick, Georgian-style house surrounded by lush, blooming gardens, even though just moments before there had been nothing their but open expanses of open farmland. After a few moments, the house was ensconced with some sort of a fog or mist, before blinking back out of existence.
  3. Then in 1926 a young teacher and her student were walking through the same area when they claimed to have come across a massive house with a wall around it, imposing iron gates, and verdant gardens. When the teacher later asked local residents about the estate she was informed that no such home had ever existed anywhere near there. The teacher returned to the area with her student the following spring to find that indeed the house was not there, and she would say of this: "My pupil and I did not take the same walk again until the following spring. It was, as far as I can remember, a dull afternoon, with good visibility, in February or March. We walked up through the farmyard as before, and out on to the road, where, suddenly, we both stopped dead of one accord and gasped. “Where’s the wall” we queried simultaneously. It was not there. The road was flanked by nothing but a ditch, and beyond the ditch lay a wilderness of tumbled earth, weeds, mounds, all overgrown with the trees which we had seen on our first visit. We followed the road on round the bend, but there were no gates, no drive, no corner of a house to be seen. We were both very puzzled. At first we thought that our house and wall had been pulled down since our last visit, but closer inspection showed a pond and other small pools amongst the mounds where the house had been visible. It was obvious that they had been there a long time."
  4. United States, one odd tale of a mysteriously disappearing home appeared in the book The Big Book of Virginia Ghost Stories, by L. B. Taylor, and concerns a witness by the name of Kathleen Luisa, of Falls Church Virginia. She claims that she had driven past an old manor called the Stone House, situated near Sudley Road, many times and had always wondered about its history. The house was located amongst some of the old battlefields of the American Civil War, and was absolutely steeped in history, as well as being a common landmark in the area. One night in 1986, Luisa went out to one of the old battlefields along with her mother and grandparents in order to gaze upon the passing Halley’s Comet, but as they approached the intersection where the Stone House should have been looming it simply wasn’t there. The baffled witness turned the car around and was finally able to locate an empty lot where the house should have been standing, yet there was not a scrap to suggest it had ever been there at all in the weed-choked lot. The only thing that remained were the well and some fences. The puzzled witnesses figured that the house must have been unexpectedly torn down or relocated sometime very recently without their awareness, even though it seemed as if the lot of land was relatively untouched and did not display the sort of activity that one would expect from such an undertaking. There was no rubble, no scars in the earth from machinery or vehicles, no holes in the ground, no foundation walls. It seemed to be merely a lonely expanse of land that had remained there open to the elements for some time, the only sign at all that there had ever been anything there that well leading down into the dark. The group milled about the lot for some time trying to figure out what had happened before dejectedly continuing on.  Two weeks later, the same group drove by the same intersection and was absolutely baffled when she saw that the house was there once again as if it had never been gone. They all swore that they had seen the empty lot, and were equally befuddled as to how the house could be there. She would insist that she had been living in the area her whole life and had definitely not made any mistakes about the location. In the same book was another odd story concerning the Stone House, this time with the testimony of a Beverly Kish, of Merrifield, Virginia, who claims that in January of 1997 she had her own unusual experience concerning the structure, which she felt compelled to share upon hearing of Luisa’s experience. Kish would say: "I experienced a ghostly encounter of sorts in January 1997, but I didn’t know about it until I read about the lady (Luisa) who said she drove by the location of the Stone House and the house had disappeared. The same thing happened to me! I was living in Manassas at the time and wanted to take a drive one night. It was clear with the moon out. It wasn’t pitch dark. I was alone. Having lived in the area tenty years, I know exactly where the Stone House is. In fact, I took a tour there a couple of years ago, yet on this night it was gone! I even turned the car around and said to myself ‘That’s funny, I’m at the right intersection,” and all I saw was a patch of grass with the glow of the moon on it where the house had been. And you can’t miss this house. It’s close to the road, so I can personally vouch for what the other woman saw- or rather, for what she didn’t see."
Is that is what is happening in such cases of spectral vanishing houses? Have these structures somehow been etched into the location through some mysterious means, as if an image burned upon film? Can a place have the memory of a house pervading it? Or are these instances of time slips, in which scenes from different eras become visible for brief stretches? Could it even be that parallel realities are bleeding over into our own, with these houses being denizens of another dimension temporarily crossing over into our own reality through some thin spot in the veil that separates us? Perhaps it is just mistakes and memory glitches? These are questions for which we have no real answers, and we are left to merely speculate on what is going on with these houses that seem to flicker in and out of existence at will.


  • http://www.enigmaticearth.com/2012/08/house-that-vanished.html#.Ww90XkiFOUk
  • http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2018/05/mysterious-disappearing-phantom-houses/

9 November 2018

Could this be how cats are disappearing?

Hundreds of Irish Cats have mysteriously disappeared, could a recent video be the actual documentation of one cat who simply vanished.

I have always felt something reaches in and takes our animals. A portal is opened in-front of the animals and they just walk in, like a trap. The cat in the video can be seen meandering along a garden path before being alerted by something and it momentarily turns around, before jumping into oblivion. 

Have we just witnessed a cat abduction?

Some cats who disappear mysteriously manage to survive but return in a shocked and terrified state, at times with missing or burnt fur, but sadly most do not survive and their mutilated remains are returned back through that portal to be discovered by horrified owners. 

The cat in the film needs to be traced and to see if it returned to its owner, the only other thing it could be is, like they said, is a fault in the camera.

An odd piece of footage from a home security system in Ireland shows a cat walking into a backyard and then seemingly vanishing into thin air, leaving some to wonder if it was an apparition. The spooky video was posted to Reddit last week by the bewildered homeowner who insisted that the footage was genuine and not edited in any way.

The scene is fairly straightforward, as far as ghost videos go, as it simply shows the cat meander onto the man's patio in the middle of the night before jumping onto his lawn and seemingly dematerializing in the process. Until similar videos that pop up online with dubious origins that provide almost no means for further investigation, in this instance, the individual behind the footage thankfully stuck around on Reddit to answer questions from users.

While a number of people were convinced that the oddity was a ghost cat, advising him to move out or congratulating on his new paranormal pet, others weren't quite as convinced. In response to the suggestion that the creature had merely disappeared into some shrubs at the edge of the patio, the man said that the plants there are quite small and that they "aren't really bushes that things can hide in."

A total of 38 cats have gone missing in Ireland since July 2017 with the most recent reported disappearance on Sunday in Banbridge. Gerard Redmond lost his first cat Alan last November but he only became concerned when two-year-old Dermot vanished in broad daylight in September, just six days after another, Bruce, went missing.Mr Redmond had let Bruce go out into the back garden of his home on the Fullerton Road in Newry at around 1pm. Within 30 minutes he was gone.

Emma O'Hare from Pet Connection in Newry warned cat owners to keep their beloved pets indoors for the foreseeable future due to the high volume of incidents. She said six cats went missing within a square mile radius in a single week. She is compiling a database in order to present evidence to the police and has vowed to look into all cases. In the past few months 260 cats have disappeared from their homes.
"I put a post on Facebook directly asking if any other cats were missing and the amount of people who responded was shocking. It's only now that I realise it's a widespread problem," she said.
"Although there are no bodies turning up in Northern Ireland, we are really worried it is something similar," she said.

"They are just vanishing, not one has shown up (dead or alive) - that's what is so strange about it.

What does Lynn from Psychic Focus say about the ghost cat?
Q. Hi Lynn, Is this really a vanishing cat, ghost cat or just a technical glitch in the system? This was caught on video in Ireland, where there are hundreds of cats simply disappearing. Is this connected?

A. I get this was authentic, and we are witnessing a cat that manifested itself to where it could be seen in the 3D, and then later shifted back to the spirit realm.



12 May 2018

Strange Disappearances in the Australian Outback

Has a serial killer been roaming the Stuart Highway for over 30 years? For over thirty years people have been disappearing from the Stuart Highway. Over fifty people that we are aware of. The hunting's began sometimes a year or so apart, and now they are only months apart. If you are travelling this route, you are strongly advised to NEVER EVER stop for anybody. Even authoritarian vehicles, I would be heading for first town before pulling off the road. Do not stop for anybody, no matter the circumstances because this killer is still out there, possibly in big part due to the governments continual cover-up of all the persons murdered and missing.

Stuart Highway is one of Australia's major highways. It runs from Darwin, Northern Territory, in the north, via Tennant Creek and Alice Springs, to Port Augusta, South Australia, in the south – a distance of 2,834 km (1,761 mi). Its northern and southern extremities are segments of Australia's Highway 1. The principal north-south route through the central interior of mainland Australia, the highway is often referred to simply as "The Track". The Stuart Highway is known for strange disappearances and missing persons.

2017 Paddy Moriarty - a 70-year-old smiley moustachioed Irish fellow, disappeared from the red dusty no-horse town of Larrimah in the Northern Territory on 16 December 2017. That day he’d been drinking at the Pink Panther hotel before heading home with his dog at the end of the day and vanished leaving behind everything untouched including his hat and uneaten dinner, his dog vanished with him. His home had a chicken in the microwave and the table was set ready for his evening meal. His hat, keys and vehicle were all at home. The fan was going. The lights were on. But Paddy disappeared, along with his beloved dog Kelly who was always by his side.

PODCAST : Lost in Larrimah, 6 episodes


2017 - Rebecca Hayward, 34, flew from Perth to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory to visit family on New Year's Day and was spotted three times walking along the Stuart Highway several kilometres north of the town on January 2 after leaving her aunty’s house the evening before. It was her first visit to Alice Springs.Her family says she is a compulsive walker. She walks long distances and it's not uncommon for her to be walking 10 or 15 kilometres. 

March 2015 - Dane Kowalski. Searchers found the body of Mr Kowalski, 27, in harsh scrubland about 95km south of Coober Pedy on Friday a few hundred metres from his bogged utility and about 4km off the main highway. He was last seen on December 13 when he told friends he was heading to Darwin for a fishing trip.

Sept 2015 - Shaun Jones. Shaun was last sighted on 26 September walking southbound along the edge of the Stuart Hwy approximately 30km south of Tennant Creek, near the Linfox Depot.

2007 - Brenton Simon Stoddart, 34, whose vehicle has been located abandoned on the Stuart Highway, 20 kilometres south of Adelaide River. Mr Stoddart was reported missing to Canningvale Police in Western Australia on 27 December last year by his parents. He had not been seen since 22 December and is known to have been driving a 2005 light blue XR6 Falcon utility with WA registration. The vehicle was observed on 27 December parked approximately 200 metres from where it was seen again on 28 December. It was still at this location yesterday and had slight front end damage. At this stage it’s believed the vehicle ran out of fuel and was abandoned. 

January 2007 - Oswald Orman, 37, from Queensland, set off hitching from the Barkly Homestead, on the Barkly Highway, 200km east of Tennant Creek. Orman arrived at the Barkly Homestead on Tuesday, January 16, in a white Datsun ute. He parked in an area reserved for coaches and began dismantling his car. Asked to move, he declared he was starving and was given $50 by the roadhouse manager. Orman, a sufferer from schizophrenia and known to Queensland institutions, stayed where he was, pulling apart the motor and arranging the parts neatly - fanatically so - on a table. He pulled off the doors. Someone wondered, ruefully but not cruelly, whether he was looking for the CIA listening device. Then Orman took off, heading east on foot towards the Queensland border. Orman's backpack was then found at a rest stop 50km east of the roadhouse. But no Orman. 

Mid January, 2006 - Aloysious Hayes, 41, goes missing from William Well, an outstation about 20km south-east of Alice Springs. 

January 24, 2006 Ricky Megee, 35, was found by farm workers sheltering in a "humpy", a crude shelter made out of branches and twigs, on a remote cattle property in the Northern Territory, on the edge of the vast Tanami Desert. He said he was flagged down by three men who said they'd run out of petrol. Megee allowed one in the car and shared his drink with him as they drove towards the nearest Aborigine camp. Having finished his drink, Megee's companion reached into the back and took another for Megee. "He slipped something in it," Megee says. "I had a few mouthfuls and started to pass out, so he grabbed the steering wheel." They careered off the road, Megee fighting for the wheel but unable to stay conscious. He came round at dusk, sitting in the passenger seat of his car. "I could hear voices nearby. I jumped in the driver's side, sort of half conscious, and tried to pull off. Then someone jumped on the back of the car." There began a Spider-Man-like drive, with Megee trying to shake off the man clinging to his car but failing to do so before the man smashed in the back window and started throwing punches. The car went down a ravine and became stuck. Megee passed out again, drifting in and out of consciousness throughout the night. He remembers four figures surrounding him and going through his car. "I woke and was thirsty so said to one of them, 'Take my car. I don't care, just give me some water'. I've since done some checking," he says. "There are people who live out in that area who pay people to rob cars, passports, money, everything. People don't realise what a passport is worth nowadays, you can take somebody's whole identity. "That's what they were doing," he says. "I woke up the next day, no shoes, no socks, nothing. I wasn't supposed to walk out of there, I wasn't supposed to live." But the plan failed. Megee woke the next day in a shallow grave. He was under a tarpaulin, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, with car keys, $14.50 (Dh36) and a mobile phone with no battery power. Megee was lucky to be alive, but - unbeknown to him then - he still faced 10 weeks in the area, an arid wasteland the size of France, Italy and Spain combined. Ricky later wrote a book about his experience LEFT FOR DEAD.

April 24, 2006 - Patrick Doolan wanders away from the Amoonguna community just out of Alice Springs. No trace has been found of the elderly Aboriginal man.

April 22, 2006 - Brett McGillivray goes missing near Attack Creek, about 80km north of Alice Springs. A passing truck driver noticed the missing man's abandoned car in a parking bay with the keys left in the ignition.

March 4, 2006 - Sybil Malbunka, 48, is last seen at the boundary of the restricted area near Santa Teresa community, about 70 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs. She had been drinking with family and slept overnight in the area, but was gone when they woke the next morning. Ms Malbunka is also known as Sybil McMillan.

Nov 30, 2006 - Jamie Herdman was last seen hitchhiking at Daly Waters, about 600km south of Darwin, on November 30. The dreadlocked traveller's Kombi van - containing his mobile phone, clothes, toothbrush, cards and some cash - was found abandoned near a Stuart Highway roadhouse. The car, which was prone to overheating, was unlocked and the keys were not in the ignition. But the fact he left beer, money and a phone behind in an unlocked car, windows wound down, was troubling. His family have no idea where the happy young man was headed. Jamie, a trained chef, had spent the previous 18 months working for a furniture removal company at Broome in Western Australia before deciding to go on his road trip. Despite an exhaustive air and ground search, police have found no trace of the missing traveller, who comes from Whakatane in New Zealand. Jamie had no history of mental illness. But he had departed Broome on November 24, where he had been working as a removalist, in an upset state. And in a real hurry. On the day he left, his boss, the last person to see him in Broome, told Steve that Jamie "was in a very distressed state". He was unable to pry from Jamie what the problem was.

January 4, 2005 - Lubos Gencur, 41, arrived in Australia on the 15 December 2004. He flew from Sydney to Alice Springs on the 18th December, and was last seen in the Curtin Springs area about 9.00am on the 19th December 2004. At the time of the sighting Lubos was on foot and was wearing shorts, t-shirt, shoes and a cap and carrying a black "GEMMA" brand backpack and water bottle. He had a history of trying to kill himself and it seems the bush finally accommodated him.

Sept 24, 2005 - Stanislav Dobias, 60, abandoned campsite, disappears after walking down a track. Dobias was suffering from Alzheimer's. He was a caretaker at the Attack Creek gravel pits and had gone to lock a gate and has not been seen since. It is widely accepted that he became confused, wandered, and perished.

April, 2004 - Jennifer Lane, 52, disappears from the YHA hostel in Parsons Street at Alice Springs. She failed to check out and her luggage was uncollected.

June 1994 - Andrew Robert Johnson resigned from his job in Adelaide and drove North, intending to work his way around Australia. In early June, he contacted his parents and told them he was in Darwin. On 13th November 1994, his car was found abandoned in the scrub, 100 metres off the Stuart Highway near Elliot. 

April 10, 1983 - Ivica Sinozic, On 10 April 1983, a white Datsun 120Y station sedan was located about 400 km east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Both registration plates and the vehicle compliance plate had been removed. Subsequent enquiries revealed that the vehicle belonged to SINOZIC. In June of 1982, SINOZIC had left his parents’ home in Victoria seeking employment in the mining industry outside Victoria. His parents have not heard from him since that time. He appears to have travelled through New South Wales and Queensland, and arrived in Alice Springs in July 1982. To date, all enquiries have failed to locate any trace of SINOZIC. Grave fears are held for his safety

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25 September 2016

Phenomena over New Zealand

It has changed location. The phenomena that has seen cats mysteriously disappearing in clusters all over the world has now settled over New Zealand. Pets have been vanishing in the towns of Temuka, Timaru & Wanganui, an area covering the lower and upper areas of the islands.
"Dozens have been disappearing and it's been happening week-after-week. Their fate unknown and leaving their owners with no closure. One cat survived and Sparkles has now become a very expensive tabby spending almost a month at a vet. Forty percent of her skin had been completely burned, including her armpit, and her whiskers were blackened. Her treatment is not over yet and the verdict is she may have been set on fire."
Strangely disappearing cats has been a phenomena in America and Britain, with articles appearing in newspapers around the world as the numbers of missing cats grow. The injuries of NZ Sparkles is similar to that of UK Ipswich cats who suffered "a catalogue of cruel injuries after disappearing on Sunday evening. When he came back he was limping, he was covered in faeces and he was absolutely terrified, his whiskers had been burned, there was a large chunk of fur that seemed to have been ripped out and when I took him to the vets they said it looked like he had been kicked around like a football. Other group members had been forced to put their cat down after returning with serious injuries. One owner lost all three of his pets in a single week."

Croydon UK is also currently in the grip of an unholy nightmare where cats are disappearing in the few seconds that it takes to run to the front door. "My cat disappeared at around 1am and I heard her screams outside. She was gone by the time I opened my door." 

Desperate people have bizarre theories as to what is causing the distressing phenomena, blaming neighbours, ex-partners, and aliens, while the authorities are scratching their heads and making logical conclusions and blaming a very clever psychopath who knows the locations of all CCTV's.

If New Zealand is suffering the same fate as the UK the problem is not going to go away in a hurry. 

You MUST keep vigil, especially if your cat is outside, do not let your pet out of your sight. To be kept indoors is the only guarantee that your cat will be safe. 

NZ Sources:
The newspaper links below all cover cats missing in Temuka, Timaru and Wanganui New Zealand as at the end of September 2016
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20 February 2016

Alarming Leap in Vanishing Cats

Shetland Islands UK
The UK Shetland Islands have become desperate to find out what is happening to their missing cats. 

Staff member for the local Cats Protection team, Carol Ritchie, said there had been a definite increase in the amount of disappearing cats. So concerning has the situation become that the organisation has created a Google map pinpointing where each missing cat came from, revealing a focus on Lerwick and Scalloway.

There’s far too many cats missing in Lerwick and Scalloway, and they're just never turning up again,” Ritchie said, “It’s very strange. I don’t know what’s happening.

Typical of other strange reports of missing cats, there are no fur, collars or bodies to be found.

Clusters of missing cats is a phenomenon that has been appearing in various places around the world. Some believe that UFO's are taking cats to use in their alien nefarious hybrid agenda's. While this cannot be proven it sits in the same category as strange animal mutilations.

Read more of the this story here:

Read more about missing cats here:

Aliens On The Internet

14 November 2015

Taken and never returned

This article has been copied entirely from The Christian County Headliner News and talks about the possibility that people are being abducted by aliens and never returned. It is based on the fact that abductees speak the truth regarding their own experiences and asks the most obvious question - what if not all abductees get the chance to speak.

This week we will broach a delicate topic that I have only heard discussed among fellow researchers in hushed tones and private conversations. It actually involves combining two mysteries — one covered by the mainstream news media and the other “on the fringe” — into one tentatively proposed suggestion.

At this point, there is not enough evidence or support for the concept to justify referring to it as a theory, at least as the term is used in the scientific community.

The concept is deceptively simple to state as a question, but the ramifications and emotional impact are disturbing. Each year a great number of people across the country and around the world disappear without a trace, as if into thin air.
At the same time, there are a significant number of reports taken by UFO investigators in which experiencers claim to have been abducted by, apparently, alien entities. The troubling question, as you have undoubtedly already figured out, is this: Are there occasions when people are abducted and not brought back?

For those with closed minds who consider UFO believers as candidates for a mental institution, with alleged abductees being confined to padded rooms, there is no question to be answered. But if you are aware of the unexplained disappearances and are open minded about the abduction accounts, the concept of an occasional victim not being returned must be at the very least considered with an open mind. But once that point is reached an even more complicated and potentially frightening question comes into play — why?

One suggested scenario goes like this: An individual is abducted and in the course of the oft-reported physical exam something goes wrong and the abductee expires. Perhaps they have a weak heart and literally die of fright. Faced with a dilemma, the abductors decide that the best solution to their dilemma is for the body to disappear without a trace.

As an alternative, there are those who maintain that the abduction scenario is a testing procedure of some sort, and those who pass are either invited to become an ambassador to another world or taken there whether they agree to the “honor” or not.

There have been cases in which abductees recovered memories, either spontaneously or under hypnosis, of being told they were “not suitable” or “did not pass.” This communication is usually said to have taken place silently, by way of telepathic messages.

The truth — if indeed such a scenario actually exists to be explained — may lie in a combination of these extremes, and depend upon who is doing the abducting. Most of the reports involve a description of the familiar small beings commonly referred to as “gray aliens” or simply “grays.” They are generally rather benign and somewhat emotionless, simply going about their task of gathering samples and conducting tests without either inflicting unnecessary trauma or being particularly comforting.

The so called “reptilians,” on the other hand, seem to be more malevolent and either uncaring about the pain and terror they are inflicting or actually enjoying it. Fortunately for those who have such experiences, the gentler “grays” are the most frequently reported.

My personal opinion on the question at hand is a cautious acceptance that the overall concept of people disappearing by way of alien abduction is indeed plausible, but is still a long way from being proven to my satisfaction. As far as the various scenarios proposed to explain why “permanent abductions” may occur, that debate is a classic case of getting the cart before the horse until the connection between disappearances and abductions is either proven to the majority of researchers’ satisfaction or at least becomes more widely accepted. Perhaps some eager young ufologist needs to research the possible correlations in time and place between UFO sightings and mysterious disappearances. Their findings would go a long way toward solving this enigma within a mystery.

If you have had an encounter with any type of paranormal or unexplained phenomenon that occurred in Missouri or an adjoining state, I would like to add it to my ever-growing files. Send me a complete account, with as many details as you can. Include your name and a telephone number or email address I can reach you at if I need more information. Complete anonymity, if requested, will be observed if your experience is used for publication. Send accounts and comments to samuptegrove@gmail.com and I will respond.

Source:  http://m.ccheadliner.com/opinion/uptegrove-taken-and-never-returned-a-scary-possibility-of-alien/article_272dfb56-71ce-11e5-b8f9-9bec2c0658e2.html?mode=jqm

Lets take a look at one of the biggest fear based cons going but let me say before I go into this that I believe that this planet is subject to Alien and Demonic interference and has been throughout the ages and this planet and solar system are strewn with artifacts showing the existence a long time ago of a superior intelligence. It was a subject I was slowly drawn into many years ago, The `Alien` that off world creature that is set to torment and crush humankind, to use us and abuse us with the threat of invasion and dominance. This menace has grown from strange UFO sightings and even stranger humanoids in the 1950`s to today`s terrifying Reptilians the Grey's and a whole host of off world entities most of which it is said do not have our well being at heart. 

If we take the `Reptilian`for instance we keep being told they are out there plotting to take us over and use us for food and they are manipulating our politics through the `Reptilian` bloodlines established long ago on planet Earth. Yet I have not seen one `Reptilian` no spaceships, nothing that says to me the `Reptilian` is here or coming to invade. There is, plenty of rubbish on YouTube concerning our demise at the hands of these creatures, there are equally some excellent documentaries by good researchers, yet I, after all these years have not seen one `Reptilian`. The only `Reptilians I know of are already here and it appears to be us humans because we are engaged in everything we associate with the `Reptilian` we murder and torture, we create wars and eat flesh whether human or animal. Next time you go to a butchers shop you will see the butchers in a matter of almost merriment cutting up the body of a killed animal while he jokes and engages in conversation with the customers. The fact that those chunks of meat the knife slides through was once a living breathing creature flies over their heads. All over the world the consumption of flesh of one kind or another takes place every day, thousands of tons of flesh are devoured daily by us so called humans.

Even though I want to be abducted taken to a spacecraft and probed by `Alien Gray`s` it has never happened, neither have I had any encounters with the rest of the `Alien` gang, I want to, but it just aint happening. The big question is are humans being taken for food, if we are it should not upset us to much, just give a thought to the butchers shop, how possibly could we complain when we indulge in the same activity. But looking at it from another angle the `Reptilian` may not exist but its a great `Fear` to use, a type of false flag to get people to follow an agenda like putting weapons in space to combat a fictitious invasion by these `Reptilians`. 

Remember agenda`s are set years in advance, will they one day tell us (when they put their plan into action) that this `Reptilian` group have been responsible for all animal mutilations around the world and they have been taking humans for food. Imagine the horror that would sweep over this world, would'nt you just do anything to be protected form such unimaginable horror.
I know in my heart that there are Alien civilizations out there, some may be friendly and some may not, but are the Aliens we are being continuously sold a total fake, a need to scare us for some future agenda.

Missing People: Shocking True Stories Of Bizarre Disappearances (Missing People, Missing Persons, Strange Disappearances, True Crime)

The Strange Disappearance And Equally Strange Reappearance Of David Gerrold

Missing People: The Chilling True Stories Of Strange And Unusual Disappearances, Unexplained Missing People And Missing Persons Cases (Missing People Series) ... Missing People, Unexplained Disap Book 1)

20 October 2015

No sign of fights, no fur, no collars

Clifton Knolls and Clifton Park, New York has a serious problem with a large number of missing cats, all disappearing within the last few months. 
“They’re not getting hit by cars because we’re not finding them on the side of the road,” Tudor said. “No cats have been returned despite them having microchips and there’s no sign of fights, no fur, or collars. There is a recent report of someone finding a small animal body part.”
 Local authorities have put the loss as coyotes having pups with pup bodies being found on road sides and coyotes howling at night  saying it all stands to reason that cats are disappearing.

One cat owner lost his 12-pound coon cat in August from his yard in the Wishing Well subdivision where he has an electric pet fence. He was surprised by this theory.
“If the town has a coyote problem, I think they should be doing something about it. At the very least they should be notifying residents,” he said. “With the fence, that meant the coyote was very close to the house. I’ve lived in here for 15 years and never seen this many notices for missing cats. I never heard about coyotes. I feel if this many cats are missing and they’re not telling us, something is wrong. It’s tough when you have to tell your child that the kitty we’ve had so long won’t be coming home.”
 So exactly what are we not being told.

Read the rest of the article on this link:

More Disappearances

25 September 2015

It Spikes in Spring

Guelph, Ontario thought it had a rather simple problem of cat disappearances in the west side, but it turns out the west side is not alone with its vanishing kitty problem as 229 cats have been reported missing throughout the city—a higher number than previous years. 

Missing cats cannot be attributed to coyotes because "If there was coyotes marauding around in here you wouldn't see as many rabbits or squirrels, and we are overrun with rabbits." 

Whether it is a coyote or a human, or a combination of both responsible, the cats are not coming back and there is a lot of chatter in the neighbourhood about the missing cat mystery. One west-end resident has posted a sign throughout the area warning cat owners of the danger of letting their pets outside. "This is not a safe neighbourhood for cats to be outside unattended," the sign reads.

The disappearances started to spike beginning in the spring.

And as this goes to air a new wave of disappearances is happening in Summerbook Tallahassee. Once again people are saying "cats that went outside and vanished: no remains, no signs of struggle, no nothing."

Read more:

19 September 2015

Cats Vanish in Vanier

At least six cats went missing south of Montreal Road that weekend and 15 have disappeared north of there recently, according to Vanier Street Cats, a local shelter.

When resident Jodi Turner’s cat Marmalade first disappeared, she thought it simply may have been scooped up by the Ottawa Humane Society, mistaken for a stray. But when she found out other domesticated cats had also vanished around the same time from her Vanier neighbourhood, she realized something more sinister may have happened.

One neighbour came forward to tell Turner and Elliott that he saw a tall woman acting strangely with scratches on her arms carrying two cats on the street. She had approached the neighbour and asked if she could go on his driveway. When he told her to leave, she reacted angrily and took off, Elliott said.

Residents now believe a cat hoarder may have taken the cats.

Police suggested it could be a predator that could have preyed upon the cats, but neighbours said there has been no sign of any cat remains in the area. Another theory was that a neighbour who does not like the cats could have hurt them, but both Turner and Elliott said they never had any complaints about their cats.

Kelly Wilson, who owns Vanier Street Cats, has scoured the area for any sign of the 23 missing cats, but to no avail.

“23 cats just disappeared and no one knows where they went,” she said.

“I’m getting scared because the more I find out about cat hoarders, I realize they think they love these animals, but they are not actually taking proper care of them,” Turner said.

“I almost prefer my cat was run over and was dead rather than be tortured in some house somewhere.”

Source:  http://www.ottawacommunitynews.com/news-story/5918478-cats-vanish-in-vanier/

The missing cats of Vanier is an interesting story for not what it tells us, but for what it does not tell us. Yes, without doubt the cats went missing under sinister circumstances, but we now have a term I admit I have never heard of before and that is a `Cat Hoarder` this person is said to take cats in the misguided notion that they are looking after them, other theories were given but no legitimate cause for the disappearance of the cats.

The strange part of this report is where the neighbor reports that he saw a "Tall Woman Acting Strangely" with scratches on her arms carrying 2-cats along the street, the woman asked this neighbor if she could go on his driveway, he told her to leave and she reacted angrily . 

Here are a few questions I would like answered.

What did the neighbor mean when he said the woman was acting strangely?
The neighbor obviously got a good look at the woman so why did they all not attempt to trace this woman? If she did not have a coat on she may have lived close by, also were the cats struggling?

What is meant by the words when the woman asked if she could "GO ON HIS DRIVEWAY"
It seems that someone always sees someone acting strangely then that`s it, everything stops there. This is very much like a story a year ago that was reported in the UK media, again a number of cats had gone missing, throughout the report it emerged that a neighbor had looked through her window during the night and had seen a man walking along the street with a net on a pole.

Again that was it, end of story, one has to wonder if this is done on purpose, by that I mean `adding the human element`, no one knows whats going on with these cat disappearances so to keep the general public calm they bring the human into the picture. Now we have neighbors watching other neighbors with suspicion while the real culprit moves to another area and abducts more cats.
The English Cognizant Citizen

BEK's and Animal Mutilations                                            
I`m starting to wonder about Black Eyed Kids and their relationship to animal mutilations  

I wonder if the woman in the story was an adult version of BEK`s because she asked the question "Can I go on your driveway,? its like a BEK asking if they can come in.
"Experts say black eyed kids are among the most terrifying figures to emerge from 'the other side'. They are said to represent the 'highest levels of pure evil'". 

The English Cognizant Citizen
Was it Satanists or a sick BBQ? Police baffled after more than 800 tails cut from cats and dogs appear in a Brazilian town
Disassociated Animal Tails
Police have been left baffled after hundreds of dog and cat tails began to appear around a Brazilian town - even though none of its residents reported any of their pets missing.

Baffled investigators admit they are no closer to solving the mystery that is gripping Sao Lourenco, in southeast Brazil, where so far more than 800 furry tails have been found.

The animals had been killed between 48 and 72 hours prior to their tails being dumped in various parts of the town, according to forensics.

However, there has been no trace whatsoever of the rest of their bodies, leaving locals and police increasingly desperate for clues which might help to explain the animals' fate, and find the culprits.
"Somebody should have reported their pet missing. But so far, there have been no reports whatsoever about any cats or dogs disappearing. So where have the animals come from?"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3225623/Police-baffled-800-tails-cut-cats-dogs-appeared-Brazilian-town-not-single-local-reported-missing-pet.html#ixzz3mIqwm4zo