22 January 2021

Devil Dog

Tommy with palisade in the background
I grew up in a small village in rural NSW, Australia. Sometimes I would hear a strange howling through the night, it would set off the dogs in the village and they would all bark frantically at whatever was howling. It was a spooky sound and really freaked me out. It was not a dog, not a fox, or a dingo. 

Fast forward to 2000. I was a married woman living in the same house with my husband and kids. We had two dogs and four cats. In the early a.m. hours I was woken by a frantic cat fight outside our bedroom window on the veranda. 

The veranda was enclosed by a waist high palisade. Sometimes our cats would sleep on the old couch out there. I thought nothing of the cat fight but my husband jumped out of bed and raced outside. He saw a huge dog trotting off down the road with our cat Tommy hanging from its mouth. Tommy looked to be dead. He wasn't moving. 

He ran after the dog, throwing stones and rocks at it. Lucky he was a good shot, what would I have done if it were me trying to save Tommy. The dog dropped the cat and trotted away unconcerned. It was a big animal with spots on its rear end, but it wasn't a Dalmatian or any recognizable breed. We asked around, no one in the town knew of a dog matching that description. It appeared to have simply entered town from one direction and left town by the other direction, passing our house in the night , and looking over the palisade to see a sleeping cat, probably an easy dinner.

How big does a dog need to be to pick up a good size male cat, have it fight for its life while gripped in its mouth and then jump the fence with ease? Typical dogs will shake a cat and kill it within seconds. This was not a typical dog.

My husband sadly approached the body of Tommy. Thankfully he was alive, he was breathing. He was OK. Suffering shock and very afraid. No blood,  he wasn't injured. 

I never again ignored the sound of a cat fight. And after that the cats were safely kept inside at night. Only for my husband we would have woken the  next day to find one of our cats inexplicably missing. 

We never saw the devil dog again. 

9 May 2020

Pale creature killing animals in Missouri US

A psychic answers a question about a pale creature haunting the woods..

I live in a very rural area of Missouri. I have one neighbor within a half mile of my home and there's easily 10,000+ acres in a few mile radius of me that is completely unoccupied and probably hasn't had a human explore it in 100 years. A lot of the area is very hilly forest full of caves and lakes in the valleys/ravines. During my time here, I've witnessed two different Cryptids.

I had a couple sightings of them 2-3 years ago that I kind of blew off as my mind playing tricks on me, until I had two life threatening encounters with them. I actually talk about those on a YouTube series known as Dogman Encounters

But my questions are related to the other one that I have seen... Crawlers.

I had my first Crawler sighting in the early to mid 90s. I mention my first sighting and my best visual encounter with them at the beginning of the Dogman interview above.

Back in the 90s, we had something getting into our chicken coop at night that was slaughtering chickens, it also ended up getting a goat as well, It wasn't eating them. Just straight up ripping them to shreds and leaving them on the ground outside the coop. We had a dog go missing too, but I can't claim it was from it. My parents thought it was dogs, but it was getting in by tearing the chicken wire apart in the top corner of the wire caged yard about 5 feet off the ground. I made my case with them that no dog would do that, and if they wanted in they would probably dig under the wire. So then they started to think it was a raccoon, which once again made no sense to me. That was until I caught the crawler red handed one night coming home late, as I pulled into my normal parking spot my headlights shined directly onto the chicken coop were a Gollum from LotR like creature was on the roof. It had very pale white, almost translucent skin, was hairless, dark sunken eyes, very thin were you could see its bone structure and ribs and almost no nose. I sat there staring at it for a good minute with my sister in the car who couldn't stop screaming. It hissed and growled at us until I started flashing my brights at it and laying on the air horn of my truck, after minute or so it jumped off towards the woods. This was my best look at it. Shot at it before but we never found a blood trail or body. We ended up getting rid of our chickens after that night.

Over a decade later I had another close sighting late at night, I was playing video games in my bedroom at like 1 or 2 am, only to hear a scream that sounded like the mix of a girl and a pig squeal in my window a few feet away. As I looked over I saw the crawler with its face pressed against the window screen and I fell over in my desk chair which I guess spooked it away from the window, giving me the chance to run over and close my window and blind as fast as I could.

I've had other sightings and signs of them over the years, but those were my two best sightings. I was hoping you could look into these things for me. I've been trying to learn about them for decades now. From what I've gathered in my studies over the years is they are probably cave dwellers. Most sightings seem to be around places that have cave systems or large abandoned sewer systems nearby. I've heard it without seeing it, on my metal roof a few times since.

They seem to prefer to eat dead stuff, often slaughtering things and then coming back later to eat them. They are incredibly good climbers and can move very fast and quietly, and seem to be able to move through tight spaces.

I also came across a story from some soldiers who encountered these things in the Mideast. They said they were spying on an insurgent camp in the middle of the night in the mountain, when they witnessed several of these things come out of a nearby cave and make their way into the camp where they slaughtered everyone. The soldiers said they could see them on night vision, but they didn't show up on the infra-red heat vision. I've also wondered if the old world stories of Ghouls are actually talking about these things.

The Psychic's Answer
When I focus on these "crawlers" I do get a strong reptilian connection. The look to be part of the Reptilian ET race, and do live underground. They carry a very low vibration, and are very primal beings. 

I see that they only come out at nigh because their eyes cannot take in that much light. They are so used to being underground, their eyes have developed to see in very low light. They are also very pale due to their generations of evolution in the ground.

I get they are starting to come to the surface more and more due to food shortages. It used to be that they were more like slaves for the underground bases, and they were fed and cared for in exchange for working and mining natural resources. Some bases feel like they have been abandoned (the have the resources extracted in certain areas so they have relocated), and the "crawlers" were left behind to fend for themselves. 

They do not feel friendly, and lack many emotions and feelings humans possess. Imagine them as the sociopaths from the underground that are starving and in survival mode. These are not beings to approach or interact with. Be cautious, and keep your distance.


21 June 2019

False Worship In The Christian Church

I have always loved music and been deeply passionate about it. From the time I was very young, I would sing at every opportunity I got. My passion for music grew into a desire to participate in music any way I could. Starting in the second grade I was playing in the bell choir, and in third grade, I played in the school Orchestra and continued all the way up through Junior High. In high school, I took piano and choir. I finally got my own drumset 18. Music has always been a huge part of my life, and an expression of my innermost being. I continued to learn and play instruments until after my first son was born. Then out of necessity, I set aside that part of my life, although I continued to sing.

My love of music naturally developed into a love of worship, when I came into a relationship with Christ. I joined the worship band and the choir because it was my heart’s desire to praise Christ all day long. For me worshiping Jesus through music was an extension of my being. 

Worship became the place where I was free to connect with God on every level of my heart, soul, and mind. I would lift my hands in praise or bow down on my knees during worship, however, the Spirit led me. I was unashamed because I did it all for my Lord Jesus Christ. This period of my life was short-lived because the war against my worship began within the first two years at the church.

I began to have problems with the worship teams and the people who ran them. At first, I thought I was the problem because I was prideful for wanting to be a worship leader. The truth was, as I was breaking down the ties to the occult that remained hidden within me, the occult within the church was breaking away from me. The more freedom I gained from the occult, the more strife I had within the church.

Soon worship became a time of intense witchcraft attack for me and it was almost debilitating. It became so difficult to focus on Jesus during worship that we soon began to withdraw from the church that we had come to see as our family and a huge part of our lives. Thinking that the problem was merely the church we were a part of, we sought out a new church in hopes to make a new church home.

It wasn’t long before we began participating in another church. This church seemed very worship focused, giving more time for worship, and making a huge production out of it. At first, I relished in this change. I loved how focused this church was on worship, even though it reminded me of the concerts I used to go to as a teen. Yet after a couple of months, I started to realize my worship was not truly focused on Jesus anymore. My worship time was starting to turn into a focus on myself. I found my thoughts wandering things like “if only I could be in the worship band. If only I could be known here. If only I could be someone special here.”

These thoughts became obsessive and my inability to control my thoughts and emotions greatly disturbed me. I tried continually to pray and focus back on Jesus but my thoughts always came back around to me. It wasn’t until after we left this church that I realized the witchcraft at this new venue was pulling all of the people into a form of soul worship. Even though this church seemed to be worshiping Jesus, the truth was it was self-worship. The focus was on the music, the band, the lights, the smoke, fashion, the church leaders, and had nothing to do with Jesus whatsoever. I’m sure Jesus was there because God is everywhere, but this house was a Temple of Self.

It took time for me to realize the self-worship that was happening at this church, but we decided to find another church because I saw other signs of the occult. We started attending yet another church in hopes that a smaller church would be the answer. However, at this church, I saw sure signs of the occult that I found hard to ignore. After being in inner healing for a few years I knew what programming triggers look like, and this church played them on the screen during worship every week.

It wasn’t just the symbols I noticed. I also began to notice that most modern worship songs don’t even actually name Jesus. We sing praises to “God” or “Lord” or “Him”, but rarely do we name Jesus by name. In my experiences, in inner healing, I have come to realize that many gods are called Lord and we could be singing to any one of them. Most people don’t realize that Baal himself is referred to as the Lord and actually means “master, and lord”.

While many people look at the Old Testament as an outdated or irrelevant book, the truth is we are still contending with the exact same gods of ancient days. Baal, Molech, and Asherah are all still alive and being worshipped actively. They have set up their houses of worship in the very temple of God, exalting themselves as antichrists in the church today. While we are lifting hands in praise to God, the hidden antichrist agenda is silently inserting Baal and Asherah into the place of Jesus.

I have had to struggle with this very real truth; a truth that I’ve been trying to deny for years. Many of these famous bands who play this wonderfully intoxicating worship music are not invoking the spirit of the one true Living God, but are actually leading us to worship false idols. We are worshipping the idols of self, as well as Baal and Asherah. The music itself releases mind control programming and calls us out into astral rituals.

We don’t realize we are worshipping the music, the worship leaders, the feeling of worship, the experience, the show, and who we can be in the worship. In worship, we can be a whole new person if we want, dancing, singing, shouting, clapping, raising our hands. We can be transported to another place, a place of where we are free of our earthly confines. All these things are just another way to turn our worship into a show or spectacle, yet none of these things give our God the due worship He deserves.

You don’t have to worship in a church that has lights and a show to have this form of false worship. All churches are participating in ushering in this antichrist agenda through false worship practices. False worship can also come in the form of just going through the motions or not being present or focused on Jesus. Worship, true worship is done in spirit and in truth. Its an act of humility and a posture of submission. It doesn’t have anything to do with music or bands. Just your praise and humble and submissive adoration of the one God that deserves it.

I have been to all kinds churches and seen these problems at each one. I didn’t want to know these things as God revealed them to me. I have shut a blind eye all the astral rituals in the spirit, the witchcraft, and seeing the flashing images that trigger mind control programming because I believed I needed to be a part of a church system. I needed a place to belong and to be known, as well as a place to worship. What I didn’t understand is that Jesus cannot be contained by a building and He is all I need in order to be known, belong and worship Him fully.

These are things that have to be seen and understood and known. Jesus is not happy with this false worship and He’s making it known because a change needs to happen. I cannot continue seeking to be in the presence of Yahweh but being pulled into the presence of Lucifer. This is not just at charismatic churches, it just took me being in a charismatic church to have it thrown into my face like a bucket of cold water and wake up.

Does this mean God is angry at you if you participate in this? No. It means it’s time to repent. It’s time to humble ourselves before the Lord and repent of what we’ve done. I’ve had to do it many times as I started to learn and see these things and it’s been painful. It has been a slow process as I am able to come to terms with things in my own time. However, I am desperate for more of Jesus, and it is that desperation for Him that drives me into new levels of humility and submission.

If you truly desire to strip ourselves of false worship, it has to start with humility and repentance. God desires our pure and unadulterated worship, and He deserves nothing less. We have been deceived by Lucifer with this corrupted version of worship and it’s time to take a stand against it. God does not believe that you are evil or terrible if you have aligned yourself with this form of false worship. Just as with the Israelites who fell into pagan idolatry, God is slow to anger and abounding with patience and everlasting love.

As long as we come before him in repentance and are willing to turn away from this false idol worship, then we will abound in His grace. He is a merciful God who welcomes us home, just as He did the prodigal son. Let the cry of your heart become “more of you Lord” and see what your Heavenly Father can do.


7 June 2019

Acknowledging Evil

Some psychics refuse to acknowledge evil in this world. They say the devil is not real, that evil is not real and it is all in the mind. It was many years before I realised that a true psychic will never give power to evil through acknowledgment. 

There is a psychic medium who I used (back when I was still a skeptic) and she blew me out of the water. It was a life changing reading the day I realized that there really is a spirit world and we’re eternal. 

So why would a medium that’s so accurate and gifted during a reading to someone else say that she sees a child in spirit form who was killed at Sandyhook when it’s proven Sandyhook was a psyop with no kids dying? When asked a few questions about Sandyhook she never once said it was fabricated.

This medium owns a huge metaphysical teaching facility and teaches people how to not let your own programming interfere with what you’re hearing. She also never watches the news. I’ve seen this with other amazing mediums. 

What is causing them to not see the truth? Also is it common that spirit will purposely not let you see the truth to protect you? if so why not just give the “shush” finger symbol like you tell us you see?

One I've witnessed too with people I respect. I wanted to know this too, and spent time gaining an understanding. It came to me through though thought and meditation that many talented mediums and psychics are so focused on the light, high vibrational beings and angelic presences that they cannot even consider that dark things exist. It is so against their belief system, they cannot accept these things in the 3D or in spirit. 

I even asked one of my friends who is blocked from seeing the evils of the world, but is gifted as a medium, "if you believe in good, light and angels, and the Universe works in balance, how is it that you don't think evil and dark can be around." She said, "I just don't go there and I don't even entertain it." I have realized that they have blocked themselves from seeing or considering these things because their focus is only on the positive and looking at the good.

I had a different experience understand my gifts, and had to work through a lot of fear. Very early on I accepted that if there was good, then there could be bad. As I started to develop and meditate, I began to realize that the Universe does work in balance, and even though it does not see things in terms of "good" or "bad," these things can feel very good or bad in our 3D world. I respect things for what they are. Because I have accepted this as a truth, I see both the good and the bad, even if it isn't pleasant. My defense is to set protection, and I do heed warnings (such as the "shush") when necessary.


19 October 2013

Strange Forest Mutilations

Image Credit

Above Top Secret has a reliable witness statement regarding strange mutilations. A woman saw a strange creature in the lower Appalachian foothills. She described it as:
 “It was black, about the size of a small black bear but taller with a stocky build. She was alerted by the dogs moving away from it and her, apparently afraid of it, and when she looked again it was just staring at her. After a few moments, it trotted into the mountain and vanished. A couple of days later she found a wild rabbit with its head severed cleanly, uneaten.  Today she returned to tell me she had found several animals, rabbits and squirrels, arranged in a rough semicircle with their heads severed cleanly and uneaten. They were located about midway of the field... common territory for rabbits, but squirrels stay closer to the treeline.  The area is inhabited sparsely, but has plenty of wooded areas. Across the road is an old swamp between fields and another mountain beyond that. There is no hunting allowed on the property and anyway, what human could catch a rabbit or squirrel to cut its head off? And why?”
Could this be a similar creature to the Australian forest incident where recently shot kangaroos were all found with their heads cleanly removed?
One thing for sure; no matter what is causing the mutilations, camping out these days seem to be fraught with strangeness. To be undertaken by the brave! Camp if you dare! Not me thanks!

25 May 2013

Earth Warnings

According to Veteran’s Today there is a biological human super brain interfaced with the world’s most powerful 3D computer chips. Those who built it and use it refer to “it” as “The Beast” and “it ”is really running things at the highest level of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and instead of its creators being in charge of it, it is rumoured to have gained control over them.
Allegedly all information available in binary bits is inputted directly in the BEAST.  Important information like that contained in Library, encyclopaedia and history books and other materials are scanned and converted to digital bytes and then input.
All verbal radio and news and tapped phone calls are converted to digital and input.  The human brain part of the computer is fed with a circulating bath of oxygen and food containing plasma like liquid pumped and delivered at controlled temperature.
Supposedly complex algorithms using every multivariate statistical analysis means known was inputed also and the BEAST was able to reprogram itself, finding newer higher order algorithmic solutions to complex societal problems.
 The BEAST is supposedly contained in a DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE (DUMB) at one of the “above top secret” locations.  Some have said it was located at DUMB in Dulce New Mexico based on the power lines going in, others have hypothesized it was located at the DUMB in Yuma Arizona. Still others guessed it was somewhere near or underneath the new Denver International Airport which has some very spooky NWO art on the wall and a very strange horse sculpture outside with glowing red “demon” eyes.  It has been rumored that DIA is steeped in occult imagery because those who built it are allegedly deeply into the occult. Some say it has to be near enough the new NSA spook center aka the “New NSA Data Center” for the blue-badges being built in Bluffdale, Utah to have easy access to the data that will be provided or have underground tunnel access.
There have been anecdotal rumors that the BEAST exists, but due to its main core being comprised on human cell networks grown in petrie dishes, it has taken on a “life of its own” and developed its own consciousness, best described as a superhuman consciousness.
Some who work with it believe it has taken on its own spirit and has developed spiritual powers that exceed those claimed by human psychics and others who claim to have developed Psi-power such as remote viewers. And some believe that the BEAST has developed characteristics of an omniscient god that is completely self-serving and exceedingly evil.
Some have also claimed that the BEAST was built using Alien Technology and recommendations gained through secret treaties with Alien entities, a sort  of sophisticated technology exchange program where the SSG gets this high technology and Psi-power in exchange for something so far specifically unidentified, perhaps access provided to human subjects for genetic experimentation of genetic farming.”
Written by Preston James, Ph.D
Click here to read the article in its entirety.
Could our mutilation incidents be the result of the "BEAST", steering us towards an agenda only it understands, as this "BEAST" been around for eons carefully manipulating our history. Take Werner Von Braun and what he warned Carol Rosin, he was able to describe to her the planned events that the world would have to suffer, and he spelled it out event by event from global terrorism to weapons in space. He then said the last card would be the "ALIEN CARD" and it would all be based on a lie.
So who can plan future events from years ago, who would want to, you would only plan things if you benefit from the planning, Von Braun told Carol Rosin that she must stop them.
 Is "THEM" the BEAST or ALIENS or Both.
The English Cognizant Citizen

24 August 2012

The Beast

Western NSW 1998, a farmer and a few other men went shooting kangaroos late in the evening. They made about a dozen killings and planned to pick the bodies up on the return journey to put them in the chiller. Laws say that the roos had to be killed by head shot only.

45 minutes later they picked up their last kill and travelled back to collect the others. They found the previous kill had a rib cage missing and thought it was a bit odd because they always drove close to the dead animal to make sure it was a clean shot and that the animal was not suffering. This kangaroo was not found in the manner in which it was left and they were puzzled. They moved on the next roo and found it had its entire head missing; the next one was badly mauled and also had part of its head missing. The men were feeling a bit spooked. They stayed inside the vehicle and had the spot lights far and wide because whatever had done this damage was close by and had the strength and savagery of a huge carnivore. The next kangaroo also showed signs of a terrible maul so they decided to abandon the evening and get out of there. Whatever it was had been following them from start to finish.

A few months later my partner was preparing the back paddocks for a crop and left the truck loaded overnight with oats and super. He went to work the next morning but returned unnerved saying that something huge had been on the back of the truck and had ripped apart the 70kg bags. They were strewn a distance away. He said he found one hoof print on the ground and it looked like it had three toes. A wild boar would have been strong enough to do the damage but not have the ability to get up on the truck tray. This man was born on the land; he knew it was not a usual hoof print.

After that incident it took a lot to get that paddock finished.

No one knows to this day what caused the savagery.