2 November 2019

Vanishings caught on video

With our dwindling privacy and the sheer number of cameras quietly and dutifully watching practically our every move, it is perhaps no surprise that they sometimes provide curious insights and clues into mysterious deaths and disappearances, capturing victims of crimes, perpetrators, and those who have vanished into thin air. However, the existence of this potential evidence does not always lead to solving these mysteries, and in many cases can even weave more puzzles around these cases.  With the advent of technology we now have myriad and numerous security and surveillance cameras set up all over the place, at times capturing every move we make. With this new advancement in technology we are sometimes offered glimpses into the last moments of people and animals who have mysteriously disappeared, and while this may not always do anything to solve the enigmas surrounding these cases it is usually enough to add another layer of creepy bizarreness to it all.

Traders were left in shock after CCTV footage reveals how two cats mysteriously disappears in front of their shops. The film is a shaky hand version of the original CCTV.

A second video shows another cat disappear from the same street (not the same cat) followed by a man.

A CCTV camera video shows a mysterious cat that appears to disappear. Many have claimed that this footage shows an instance in which teleportation was caught on tape. Some have claimed that this video shows a time traveling cat while other maintain that it is nothing more than trick editing.

The eerie moment was captured on the couple's CCTV security cameras and shows what appears to be a man sauntering down the road. As he continues walking, the man starts to fizzle out and eventually disappears completely. The shadows at the point of disappearance do not change their rhythm which proves there was no glitch involved with the camera. The camera's view extends enough to see down the street but the man doesn't reappear at all. But the man does look to be wearing pants and an army fatigue top. His shoes are black. At the time of the filming, the wife rushed outside so that she could see if she saw the man. 'The dude was gone he just disappeared and if he would have tried cutting through the yard my camera system would have caught him,' she said. 'I actually just recently got a spirit box that my husband and I was gonna try and talk to someone.' The couple was relaxing and watching TV at their home at the time of the strange occurrence.

An odd piece of footage from a home security system in Ireland shows a cat walking into a backyard and then seemingly vanishing into thin air, leaving some to wonder if it was an apparition. The spooky video was posted to Reddit by the bewildered homeowner who insisted that the footage was genuine and not edited in any way.

We are left perplexed, and despite our cameras really being the only ones who will ever truly know what has happened are the vanished themselves.


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