30 July 2019

One by one they all disappeared

Vasi, Navi Mumbai, India - A female cat which had recently given birth to a litter of four kittens inside the Vashi railway station commercial complex limited (VRSCCL), was a happy sight for office goers and animal lovers alike who would often give the cat and her kittens milk and food. However, suddenly on Eid day the cat and all the kittens disappeared from their hangout spot on the second floor, making people wonder as to how and why this disturbing vanishing could happen. 

"Around a fortnight ago, the employees of private offices at VRSCCL were thrilled to see this cat with a litter of around four cute, newborn kittens on the second floor, near the canteen. 

Her kittens started disappearing one-by-one every other day, and just a day before Eid holiday, there was only one kitten left with the cat,'' recalled an officer.

When the offices reopened a day after Eid, many animal lovers were shocked to find neither the cat not her kittens at the usual spot, which was rather disturbing. 

An animal welfare officer and activist, commented: "Normally, a cat which has just given birth to kittens would not shift out of its original location, since the animal feels safe and secure there."

A city activist commented "the authorities are unable to take responsibility of one small cat and her kittens, which is ironic. Recently, the Punjab & Haryana high court had also passed a favorable order that all animals are 'legal persons' with right to live with honour and dignity; and that all citizens are their guardians. Animals cannot be treated as objects or property.''

Website comment - "I am really concerned of these animals in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. A stray cat used to visit us everyday during the past two years, then suddenly went missing in March 2019. I looked for it everywhere but couldn't find it. In my search I learnt that two other cats from the vicinity have gone missing during the same period and those people were also on the lookout for their cats. I had contacted NMMC to inquire if they had picked them up under the program, but learnt negatively." - Laxi M


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