26 April 2019

Behind the Schizophrenia

What is Schizophrenia?
I get people with schizophrenia live and experience multiple realities at the same time. The frustrating part for them is that each reality FEELS "real." It is as if they never can get peace because their minds are flooded with "chatter" on many different level. They see glimpses and hear voices of these other realities (or worlds).  People with schizophrenia do see things. Sometimes it is in their minds eye (still very real) and other times they manifest to wear their 3D eyes see them. I see this little girl having both experiences.  The real issue I see is that people with this challenge are very sensitive, intuitive and even psychic. The openness they express (with ease), allows many beings on all different levels and vibrations to come through. Beings on different levels want to be heard, and will rush a person that is open and willing to communicate with them. In many ways (and I need to state this is what comes through intuitively, I am not a doctor) people with this should be taught how to set spiritual protection to prevent these lower vibe beings from being able to come through. They need to learn is something is "bad" they can mentally command it to leave. They can also set boundaries allowing only high vibrational beings to be around.   Calming techniques, such as meditation, also looks to be very helpful. The goal would be to be at peace and feel in control of what people see and feel in their "other worlds." After they get in control, they can slowly learn how to incorporate both worlds.

Unfortunately there are many myths about schizophrenia. Persons with schizophrenia do not have “split personality” and are not prone to violence. Their illness is not caused by bad parenting and it is not a weakness of character. Their illness is due to biochemical disturbance of the brain. Approximately one third of those with a schizophrenic episode will never have symptoms again. Another one third will have periodic episodes, with periods of no symptoms in between. The last third require ongoing treatment. New medications and rehabilitation bring hope in managing this disease.

I understand that we do have people out there that are not stable and are mentally ill.That being said:
What if out of the 100% diagnosed with Schizophrenia, 10% – 20% were just becoming Sensitive (Psychic).What if another 2% – 5% were coming under some kind of Possession or Suppression?
Most of the symptoms we see labeled under Schizophrenia are also seen with Sensitives (Psychics) who have not learned to control how open they are , Or believe they are losing their minds, So in return avoiding others because they do not understand what’s happening to them. “Hallucinations-hearing and seeing things that only exist in the mind of the consumer.” This symptom here is experienced by most people who have started to become Sensitive (Psychic).  And what about this? “disconnected and confusing language, delusions-persistent false beliefs about something, e.g. that others are controlling their thoughts ..deterioration of appearance and personal hygiene -tendency to withdraw from others” Well I know I have heard this before in possession style cases. Now I’m not saying that all people with these symptoms are OK. I am saying that in my beliefs and from what I have seen, being in this field for as long as I have, I believe that some people (being a small amount of the total) have been wrongly diagnosed with an illness that science has named, when if fact that are not at all ill in a scientific way. 

It does make you want to sit back and think on this for a while. Part of being a schizophrenic is not knowing that you are. It’s like when non crazy people ask if they are crazy. You don’t ask that question if you are because part of being crazy or schizophrenic is believing you are absolutely capable of whatever fantasy you’re living in. there is such a stigma around psychics that people are terrified as being labeled as such so when they have something paranormal happen to them, they want to have (literally) a sanity check!

The difference between a schizophrenic and a psychic is like night and day

Schizophrenics are emotionally weak and not particularly emotionally intelligent. (Not very aware of, or savvy about their own emotions.) They tend to be inordinately focused on themselves and their problems to the exclusion of other people. A schizophrenic gives reality to some thoughts in their minds with no regard to actual reality. It is common for schizophrenics to spin wild tales of them being of tremendous importance in some way and they do this with no evidence to support it, except what they imagine. Some of them hallucinate. They will provide justifications for their inner stories if challenged. So the important part of this is that they have a break with reality.

Psychic people are always aware of what ordinary reality is and never break from it. They know the difference between what is in their minds and what is outside of them. In that sense they are quite normal and have no functional problems as members of society that aren’t common to many other non psychic people. Psychics are more aware of anomalous information than most people. They are more intuitive, sense emotions better and feel more deeply than is typical. Psychics are typically emotionally strong and have an unusually high emotional intelligence because their emotions are close to the surface and they have a strong connection to their own subconscious. They tend to be inordinately focused on other people and their problems to the detriment of their own issues.

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