29 March 2019

UK Animal Killer CCTV do you recognize him?

Hope this will lead to the necessary breakthrough in the UK animal killer. Thanks to all the people responsible for this CCTV.

SNARL - Working with the Super Recogniser team, we have spent a considerable amount of time over the past few months capturing and viewing CCTV around incidents.

It's been an exceptionally challenging process due to the fact that very few people have private CCTV and also due to the time it takes to view, review and review again and compare against photographs and other footage.

We would like to extend our thanks to this team and to everyone who has contacted us with photos they've taken of people behaving oddly around animals, people with descriptions, people with CCTV, people who've shared posts with us and those who've encouraged people to contact us. Your help and support has been simply wonderful. Our thanks also to the homeowner who shared this with us and who has given her permission for us to release it.

Before viewing this CCTV, we would like to make a few things clear.

This individual can be seen on CCTV luring a cat with food.

His appearance matches the rough descriptions we've obtained by other people who've witnessed similar behaviour in and around incidents.

We want to hear from anyone who is able to identify this individual or who has footage of an individual or vehicle engaged in similar behaviour.

Whether he's the person or one of the persons we are looking for or not, he needs to be identified as he was clearly trying to lure this cat, who falls into the demographic of animals killed (pretty or unusual looking, in excellent condition which we acknowledge could also be the type of cat which is worth money and therefore tempting for thieves).

We are therefore aware that he may have tried to lure this cat for other reasons and we would ask that people contact us directly and NOT post information on this post or shares of this post, so that if it turns out he's tried to lure this cat for other reasons, we can quietly pass the information to the relevant agencies.

The vehicle has been identified as a Toyota Yaris Verso and the footage was taken on 30.12.18 in Ealing.

If you know who this individual is, please call us on 07961 030064 or 07957 830490. All calls will be treated with utmost confidence.

Thank you
The SNARL Team

This Website has a list of every make and model of registered vehicle in the UK.

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  1. All I see is a man idly looking at a cat while he searches his pocket, presumably to take out his car keys. In what way is he ''luring a cat with food''. I've watched the footage a dozen times and I don't see any food or anything suspicious at all.

  2. Have you followed the link to the SNARL Facebook and view the entire CCTV video sequence this man is most definitely interested in the cat.

  3. hi Suz

    No, I am not on Facebook, never have been, doesn't matter why! It's annoying I can't view it, but if it's clearer on there then that would explain this article. Can the CCTV footage be viewed anywhere else apart from Facebook? Does it show his face?

    Although I live beyond the Croydon and surrounding area, there is a senior vet in my town who made headlines in our local newspaper by saying she had examined some of the mutilated cats and she did not believe they were hit by cars or attacked by natural predators before or after death. She stated the deaths were ''unexplained''.

    I personally believe these deaths are linked to the mutilated cows and other animals whose deaths remain unexplained..... and I further believe there is a non-terrestrial element to all of this. It's too frequent and too widespread to be one human or even a small group or cult etc....

  4. Here is more CCTV of the incident

  5. Hi Suzanne,

    I appreciate the extra footage... I can't see the videos, presumably because they originate on Facebook which I won't join, but it's clear from the still shots and the few moments of video I can see that you are right... this man clearly shows interest in the cat. This might be sinister and connected to the mutilated cats, or of course he might just be a harmless oddball... we can only hope someone identifies him to lead to further investigation.

    I will try to find the link and post the article from the local veterinarian... she was reacting to the London Met Police decision who said in January that the disappearances and mutilations were a result of natural causes.... I thought that smelled of a cover up.... I have no doubt something unnatural is going on here...

  6. I have now found the link to the article in my local newspaper, The Worthing Herald, about one of our local veterinarians reacting to the London Met Police decision to end investigation of the cat killer.
    Our vet has personally examined 10 to 15 victims and is supporting SNARL .


    This was back in September 2018, not January 2019 as I previously stated.

    1. I'm sure a lot of vets would agree that it was not foxes, the police just used it is as a reason to drop the investigation. Here is rest of that link (it wouldn't work).

  7. Steven Charles31 March, 2019

    Hi Suz,

    Thanks for correcting the link ....

    Why do you think the Police dropped the investigation. Do you ( or anyone ), have a theory about what's going on with these cats?


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