21 July 2018

Who's Throwing Stones?

The urge for answers to all paranormal events is getting stronger by the day, from the Secret Space Program and Aliens to Animal Mutilations there are many unanswered questions, hundreds of theories but no positive answers. I have read many books, watched many videos and listened to the top researchers on all manner of paranormal subjects, but still, no answers are forthcoming, all that I`m left with is my own theoretical thinking.

All the strange goings on I have ever researched seem just as far away as they were 30-years ago, my daily tabloid The Sun Newspaper has just done a UFO week in print, for about 4-days they told us of strange UFO events, did they tell us of up to date UFO reports like NASA cutting the live stream from the International Space Station because it showed 2-unknown objects approaching the ISS, did they report the link between UFO`s and Animal Mutilations, did they report some of the findings of top researchers, the answer is a resounding No ! They in their infinite wisdom reported mostly on old cases, why will they not report on the modern UFO phenomena, why do they not interview people like Richard C Hoagland, Kerry Cassidy, Richard Dolan and Preston James and Gordon Duff, all excellent researchers, why? These researchers and many more would open up people's minds and make them view our reality the way it should be viewed, to have no secrets, to know our true history.

I just get the feeling that the pressure is building up on a door that hides the cause and reasons for paranormal events, the wood is cracking and the door bulging , the guardians of that door have had us running in circles for many years, I`m fed up with research I want answers, in fact 1-answer would answer everything, because just to know something like the cause of animal mutilations, just to know that would open up the door, and the solutions to many paranormal events would be revealed. But who or what is sitting on and keeping a greater knowledge from us? they must know they cannot keep it from us much longer. They know if we knew one answer to one event the game, for them, would be up and that`s why we never get an answer to paranormal events.

I have always said perhaps the solutions to the paranormal events that blight our lives are so simple they fly over our heads, mainly because like finding the answer to a crossword question we try too hard, it nearly always turns out you knew the answer all along. , we can view paranormal events but that`s all, it stops there, the only thing an event does is produce fear or inquisitiveness or both. Are we indeed under the influence of an Alien race, are we part of some on going experiment that can only be completed step by methodical step. I`m starting to get the feeling these paranormal events are being piped in from outside, someone or something is in control of their distribution, it's like someone throwing a stone over a wall into a crowd of people, one person will get hit by the stone throwing event, injured and blooded they ask who did that? They are left with a mystery, they immediately start to look around in the crowd of people strangely hoping to spot the culprit, who is long gone by now. The only thing the stone throwing did was to cause panic and fear amongst the people, there would be unrest, everyone would be looking at everyone else in the hopes of spotting the stone thrower instead of thinking out of the box and looking over the wall. Paranormal events, no matter what form they take hit us in the same way, they happen right out of the blue, they leave us shocked and emotionally blooded . Have you noticed that no brave soul has ever caught and captured any of the fearsome entities that are reported to have been seen, catching an entity cannot and never will happen, that is not the way it works, I get the feeling we are meant, metaphorically speaking to find the wall and look over and find the stone thrower. But what is that wall? well if you think about it it has to be a dimensional wall, that is the only place paranormal events could come from, to materialize for a few moments, to scare the living daylights out of us.

But why, what`s the purpose, is it just to produce `FEAR`? or are we being teased along to find the perpetrators and thus when we find them enlightenment on a grand scale will be our reward. 
The English Cognizant Citizen


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  1. There is also the possibility that the ''authorities'' have no better idea than the rest of us as to paranormal or ufo and alien phenomena. Perhaps they obfuscate and conceal in order to hide the fact they have nothing they can satisfactorily disclose. If people knew they knew nothing, it would add to the frustration, stress and even damage we already experience as a result of anomalous events. I'm not saying I fully believe this explanation ... just that it is another explanation

  2. Steven, I understand and believe what you say could be the case. But there is also another side to the story, one that is to long to write here. So at this point I would advise you if possible to acquire a book titled `FINAL EVENTS` subtitle `THE SECRET GOVERNMENT GROUP ON DEMONIC UFO`S AND THE AFTERLIFE`
    the author is the well known researcher Nick Redfern. Its a fascinating read and will certainly make you think about secret government groups. I look forward to reading your comments about the book. Steven , please if you have had any paranormal events I and others would like to read them here.
    All The Best Steven

  3. Hello tTruth Seeker

    Thanks for your comment. Why would you assume I haven't already read the Redfern book, or perhaps dismissed it as highly unlikely. Redfern makes a living from writing books on fortean topics based on little hard facts. That's fine, but adds nothing to the fundamental mystery around the paranormal/alien topic.... exactly as the author of this article discussed

    I have had paranormal experiences but this is not the place to discuss them. If you have any, there are places to post them. I would highly recommend a site called Phantoms and Monsters for posting real accounts of anomalous events

    All the best to you


  4. Steven, me assuming you had not already read Nick Redfern`s book was just a shot in the dark. Had I assumed you had read it, your comment would probably have been "What makes you think I have read the book, how did you come to this assumption ?" Whatever the case Steven we are all on the same side when it comes to investigating the paranormal, we all have stories to tell and theories to give. Perhaps one day everything will slot into place .
    As for not posting your paranormal accounts here personally I cannot think of a better site, but hey we all have our preferences.


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