5 May 2018

Waiting for Disclosure

Let me say from the outset that I`m going nowhere in particular with this writing, I`m just pointing out one or two obvious things and I will start off by saying "Well it appears ufology has had its day". I have waited probably 60-years for some form of disclosure and guess what after thousands of eye witnesses to the UFO phenomena along with miles of film, documentaries, hundreds of researchers we still have nothing of extraterrestrial origin to hold. Now I do not know about you but 60-years of waiting for acknowledgement of the Alien presence may not be much in the life time of the Universe but to life on Earth its a long time. So what`s going on ? we have had many hopeful signs that Disclosure is imminent but it predictable never happens. Is someone playing a game or treating us like fools, why do they keep dangling the Disclosure bait in front of us, why are we continuously taunted with the probability that the Aliens are here or are coming. What is the problem with Disclosure, people today are more open minded , more readily to accept that we are not alone in this Universe, so that cannot be the problem. Perhaps its Power, having knowledge of something no else has is Power, if the Alien presence was Disclosed that would be the end of such Power, for an elite few.

Have you noticed how researchers will tell us about a UFO incident complete with all the usual trimming, and have you noticed also how we are `Compelled ` to listen to them even though the story is going nowhere . They talk of planets in the Goldilocks zone, planets we at this moment cannot get to, but it does not stop us being mesmerized by the news , we think Wow! a new planet that might have life on it, when we should be thinking This is stupid we today using our present technology cannot reach the Goldilocks planets in 400-years so why are they bothering to look for them? that is what we should be thinking, but we do not we merrily go along with the news. Robert Biglow the space ship builder tells us that the Aliens are here right under our noses, he even has an Alien Grey looking emblem on one of his industrial building. This is terrific a builder of space ships, he is worth millions of dollars surly he must know something about the Alien situation. The fact is , he does, but does it make any difference, in a word, No! we say "Mmm that`s interesting". Then we go back to watching UFO documentaries, listening to strange Alien encounters on TV and researchers on YouTube, and we keep believing the truth is coming. What has happened to us ? we treat our computers like some sort of supreme being that one day will tell us the truth about Aliens, but it will not, it will tease us with the probability of Disclosure about Aliens, but it will not tell us the truth. We have stopped looking to the sky for proof of Aliens, we now look to the computer. And when you look to your computer for proof of Alien visitations you have to trust what you are told instead of using your own eyes on the night sky to see the real truth.

Why do we need someone in power to announce that the Alien presence is real, why do the Aliens not come straight to the people, why ? It would be the ideal thing to do because you cannot trust the people in power/government to tell us the truth, so why do the Aliens not make a show. Perhaps its all a hoax , after 60-or more years we should know something by now, we should have shaken hands with and Alien race. Something just does not sit right with the Alien situation, I believe the alien scenario fits an agenda that is so outlandish to our way of thinking and perception that many would disbelieve it if they were told.

I get this horrible feeling we are being used, to put a finer point on it I would say psychologically used.

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