14 April 2018

Alien Intrusion a Deception Unmasked

Alien Intrusion Unmasking a Deception came on the scene like a blast of fresh air, at last, someone had a grip on the true nature of alien beings. So we thought....

"UFO documentaries are a dime a dozen yet this new documentary takes an intriguing new slant on explaining the phenomena. Produced by Creation Ministries International this film uses biblical scriptures to attempt to explain the existence of aliens, UFO sightings and the many tales of alien abduction. Throughout the film interviews with scientists, physicists and mathematicians put forward arguments against the feasibility of interstellar beings even having the ability to reach earth. The latter third of the film then focuses on the experiences of UFO witnesses and abductees, particularly by attempting to explain what these experiences could have been if aliens couldn’t exist given the arguments put forward earlier in the film. This film will certainly foster a great debate between friends and family following a viewing."

Movie reviews about Alien Intrusion, Unmasking a Deception.
  1. The movie starts out with some interesting footage of "unexplained stuff" and for the first hour is alright. But it turns for the worst and tries to implant the seed of Christianity and continues like this for an hour until the end they go full Bible thumper like one guy said. I believe they are just trying to get people to correlate unknown things to demons that only Christianity and Jesus can solve. This movie isn't unmasking a deception, this movie was built on deception
  2. The first 45 minutes or so felt like a normal Alien documentary, we even expected to see recycled footage from other docs. Then some where around 45-60 minutes in, the doc goes super BIBLE THUMPER. Now I expected it to have a section on biblical possibilities, but no...the entire doc is a lie. It is not a normal UFO/ALIEN doc. This is a religious film in disguise. I would like my money back.
  3. Absolutely Laughable Christian Propaganda.
  4. All you need to know is that this movie has nothing to do with exploring the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and has everything to do with far right Christian religious conspiracy theories - theories which are astoundingly dumber than than the average, run of the mill UFO theory.
  5. This documentary was absolutely horrible! I saw this documentary last night and it was laughable if you have spent any amount of time and done some research on this topic! So they charged $15 per person and the documentary was 90% interviews from the 70's! It was so out of date! The info was straight up lies and they just happened to leave massive amounts of info because it would of gone against their Christian theory(and im a christian) It was so bad we left 15 minutes before it ended. Damn I was disappointed and pissed! I was really looking forward to a "new" documentary but showed mostly old information and false information and left out massive amounts of information.
  6. All in all, Alien Intrusion: Unmasking the Deception was, well, predictable. If you read the book, you've seen the movie and vice versa. The film is undeniably a propaganda piece for the Demonic Hypothesis of UFO. It will convince people who want pat answers from Christian experts on a decidedly weird subject they would prefer remain far from the stained-glass glow of their pews. It will reassure Christians who stopped researching after the Christian ufologists of the 1970s connected the subject, for better or for worse, with the Satanic Panic. Having said that, I sincerely hope that some of these experiencers find deliverance through the name of Jesus. It doesn't have to be demons for Jesus to save you from it.
  7. The films and interviews shown on this movie are old news, nothing new there, biblical quotes all over, and the total discreditation and branding of everything 'new age' as demonic just proves that this film is totally biased. One never learns anything from a biased viewpoint.
  8. As an abductee for over 33 years with Jesus in my heart grew up Christian, I was very much looking forward to this movie but was very disappointed as for which I'm also a paranormal investigator and there is a difference between paranormal and extraterrestrials, we are not the only life in the universe with much unexplained and for the experiences I have personally had I have to disagree with this documentary 100 percent. 



  1. Because of our inability to get to grips with the Alien and Abduction phenomena, one has to start wondering if these entities are actually invaders of the `Mind`. Put simply everything we experience in a dream while sleeping are profoundly real. Its only when we awaken to consciousness in our own reality that we realize what was happening was in our own mind and was not physically taking place. People who have been abducted really believe they have been abducted till they awaken to reality, then they start to question their vivid dream. Do not get me wrong something does happen to the abductees , and my thinking is that it was an invasion of the `Mind` not a taking of the physical body to a space craft.

  2. My own personal experience of `Mind` invasion took place a number of years ago. One Sunday afternoon I was feeling tired as I had had a rough nights sleep> I told my wife I was going to the spare bedroom to take a short nap. I lay on the single bed and pulled the thin quilt across me. I put my hand, by my sides under the quilt and set about relaxing (it always takes me a while to switch off) As I lay there suddenly the bedroom door which I was facing burst open and something very heavy jumped on my chest. It was forcing me by the throat into the mattress, being the person I was I fought back with equal ferocity. After what seemed like a long struggle I gave one final shove shouting "Get off" and it was gone, just like that, as I shouted I opened my eyes. What was amazing was the bedroom door was shut, my hand were by my sides and the quilt was still pulled across me nice and neat, I had unknowingly fell asleep Nothing was out of place, and I have not had an experience like that since . If I had a mental problem or suffered anxiety I would imaging that type of dream if you call it that would have been recurring. It was not, to me something from the spiritual world, a parasite if you wish was passing while I was at my weakest (sleeping) and invaded my mind.


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