29 July 2017

Will our Arrogance be our Downfall?

This article criticizes the arrogance our technology gives us, and how that arrogance blinds us to what may really be going on. My intention is not to demean ethnic races they are extremely intelligent in their own right. 

I`m now convinced there are two, possibly three lines of existence on this world, they are so in your face yet hidden, hence the words 'Hidden In Plain Sight'. 

First Line of Existence 
We, the masses of today, are the number on a tax form or the number on a voting slip, we are only thought of as 'numbers' because, in reality, we do not matter, we are just a means to an end. In this reality we have a job, we have a mortgage, we live a care free life as long as all goes well, but we are natives in the jungle when it comes to understanding what is really going on. 

We have all seen newly discovered tribes in some far of land firing arrows and throwing spears at helicopters as they invade the privacy of their existence. Those natives live in the same reality as us, we have technology, they do not, we think we are the bee's knees, the ultimate, we are at a peak of our historical journey through life, and at this moment in time nothing or no one can get better than us… or so we think. Alas when it comes to understanding what's really going on we are on par with the natives firing arrows at a helicopter that shares their reality, but is so far removed from their state of understanding, we, like them, and because of our technological arrogance, do not have a clue about the real or alternate world that coexists with us. 

As the natives go about their business, huge jet airliners zig zag the skies above them, likewise as we, the high-tech natives go about 'our' business, most of us are oblivious to the fact that there appears to be, in outer space, if all the reports and accounts are true, a secret space program which has huge craft occasionally entering the Earth's atmosphere. These craft are sometimes seen by the high tech natives (us) and like our counterparts in the jungle, stand and look in amazement, not quiet believing what we are seeing. For many years all sorts of observations of craft traversing the heavens have been made, Earth sized objects coming into close proximity to the Sun, other objects near our Moon. Of the thousands of reports one thing stands out, nothing credible to prove that those observed craft are visiting Aliens has ever been forth coming, yet the word 'Aliens' is constantly, subliminally there, the idea, even though the media make fun of UFO/Alien sightings, that you must keep associating all that you see and cannot explain to be 'Alien Craft'. 

Is this psychological association - that every unusual craft we see in our skies must be Alien, a cover for the comings and goings of the secret space program? 

Second Line of Existence 
To this day no one has ever captured or produced an 'Alien Craft', or occupant of said craft. Stories galore litter our media concerning the sightings of UFO`s, but there is never a solution, no one in power seems interested in finding answers. To me that can only be because of one thing, those elite few in power know that these craft are basically ours (the high tech natives) but 'we', the masses, do not know it, it's the best kept secret of the elite and this secret has an overcoat disguise and it's called 'Alien', these people have put themselves far above us when judging our intelligence, just like we do with the jungle natives. 

The general public have been chasing the Alien/ UFO`s for well over 60-years or more and those in power are quite happy for us to carry on chasing them for another 60-years. Also have you noticed that when the establishment is confronted with a question concerning UFO`s, they are quick to say they have no evidence of visiting 'Alien' craft knowing full well we will not trust what the establishment tells us and make up our own minds that what we see is 'Alien'. 

We, in effect, are hiding the secret space program (if it exists) for them, by assuming everything what we see in our skies is 'Alien'. 

Third Line of Existence 
The third line of existence is the fact that the elite that control the secret space program are also considered as high tech natives of a next level (one above the human masses) because it is well believed that the elite are using Alien technology in their secret space program, and now they think they are the bee's knee's. This technology was part of secret deals with 'Aliens' and the elite of Earth, or so they say. The Aliens want something, a deal was done, but the vastly superior Alien`s more than likely look on the elite as the third stage of jungle native, clever, but not that clever they cannot be fooled. 
"What goes around comes around, we treat the jungle natives as stupid, the secret space program elite treat us as though we are stupid, and the Alien treats the elite as though they are stupid". 
All the time technology is being exchanged is there some 'Alien' plan being secretly implemented. Forget the Alien 'Gray' for the moment, this character has been push forward in our everyday lives too much for my liking, I bet most of you when you started to read this article and reached the word 'Alien' you automatically thought of the 'Gray', it's so well ingrained in your subconscious, I purposely left the word 'Gray' out to prove a point. How about the real Alien is just as human looking as us Earth masses, how about, while we are looking for the 'Grey' very human looking 'Aliens' are wining and dining here on Earth, all the time planning their next move, to fool the elite, to give them a false sense of security while they control our very existence and steer it in the direction they want it to go. 

How do we know they are not walking the corridors of power already because some of the actions of our Earthly governments are so 'Alien' to our society -  one has to wonder?
The English Cognizant Citizen

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