15 July 2017

Mysterious Injuries and Shavings

My son took his two Staffy`s, Coco and Bear, for a walk on the fields the other night, as he went down his garden path he noticed a dead unmarked mouse laying in the middle of his path. He gently moved the mouse to the edge of the lawn and proceeded on his hour dog walk. 

He returned home and next drove to the shop 5-mins away. On his return he was stopped dead at his garden gate, there in the SAME SPOT was the dead mouse. 

His path and the neighbours path are side by side, each path is 2-foot wide but the mouse was on my sons side in EXACTLY THE SAME POSITION. 

He did not see any cats, he has 2-dogs and his neighbor has 2-dogs and cats tend to stay clear. My son had a strange feeling as he knew the mouse was dead and could not move. Anyhow he went on the internet and discovered that mysterious dead mice are a well-known omen for all types of happenings.
"This mysterious shaving made me think about that mouse that was found dead on our lawn a few years back. It had a teaspoon shaped area on its back near its tail and it was shaved, it was a perfect shaved area. I wonder if the mouse was a victim?"
I went into the back garden and it was there I discovered a dead mouse in the middle of our lawn. I picked it up by the tail and was about to dispose of it when I noticed the mouse had unusual trauma to its body.

PHOTO A - The flesh had gone from its nasal area, nothing unusual you might say, its just disease.

PHOTO B - But then I noticed there was a gaping hole at its back end, again you might say disease, but wait... 

PHOTO C - Shows the back of the mouse. I took this image with the camera on Macro, with the normal eye there was a perfect teaspoon shape of cut fur on the mouses back, it was about half a millimeter in depth. You can see the spoon shape starting from either side of its tail, you could not see the two black marks just past half way up on the spoon shape with ordinary eye sight, it was only when I used Macro that these became visible. You must understand that even though it does not look it, the spoon shape was perfectly cut.

Some years later we had to visit the vets with our Border Collie, before we left, being the person that I am, I produced the photos of the mouse and asked their opinion. They said it could be what is called "Barbering", this is when the mate of an injured creature purposely trims the fur from around the wounded area, they did not venture an opinion on the other injuries. The trimming I can except, but why in a perfect teaspoon shape? why not just around the two black marks? to me this was not done by a cat, cats maul their prey and carry it around in their mouth getting saliva on the mouses fur, this mouse did not display that kind of trauma.

At face value something clamped on and held this mouse while it violated its body, what that something is I have no idea, my hope is someone may read this that could shed some light on what caused the mouses demise. My wife confirmed it looked like the mouse she saw. Twelve months later the rockery was removed, nothing unusual was found. For now it will have to remain a mystery.

Shaved Cats, Vanished Cats and Unusual Injures
The mouse incident is one of many others. Cats are coming home with strange shavings and unusual injures. 

One pet owner said one of her cats had suffered a catalogue of cruel injuries after disappearing one evening. “When he came back he was limping, he was covered in faeces and he was absolutely terrified, his whiskers had been burned, there was a large chunk of fur that seemed to have been ripped out and when I took him to the vets they said it looked like he had been kicked around like a football. Other group members had been forced to put their cat down after returning with serious injuries. One owner lost all three of his pets in a single week." - Ipswich Missing Cats Facebook

"Owners have reported their cats returning home bedraggled and with unusual injuries".

Dozens have been disappearing and it's been happening week-after-week. Their fate unknown and leaving their owners with no closure. One cat cam home with forty percent of its skin completely burned, including armpit, and whiskers were blackened.

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