17 June 2017

More Weird Cat Shavings

Strange cat shaving incidents have gone one step further. Ginger cats are being targeted while other cats in the same family are left unscathed.

The weirdo has repeatedly cut the hair on two pets and may have attacked as many as ten. Beverley said her two ginger cats had come home with patches of fur shaved off. Her other two non-ginger cats were left unscathed in Tonbridge, Kent. The same pets have been targeted several times over eight weeks.

“It’s only happened to the ginger ones. I have no idea who would do something like this or why. I just really want whoever it is to stop. The whole thing is really creepy. I’ve heard of quite a few ginger cats being shaved over the last month or so. It’s not just an isolated incident, this is happening to ginger cats all around Tonbridge.” 

Kent Police said they were investigating.

It is unknown  how the cats are being caught. As one  person said "I would love to see them try shaving my ginger tom, they would need a blood transfusion, I have spoiled him rotten for ten years and he still won't let me hold him."

Cats are being abducted and SHAVED before being dumped back on the streets.

A small city in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley called Waynesboro is the scene of a strange wave of cat shaving. Someone has been taking roaming pet cats and shaving their underbellies or legs. It's happened to seven cats since December

A cat owner said on Facebook that her cat had been shaved three times. Another person said her friend's cat had been catnapped and shaved three times as well.

Another person pointed out that it would be very difficult for one person to hold a cat down for a shave, so multiple people are probably involved. 

Other residents found the mysterious shaving creepy. 

'Could be ALIEN Abductions!? Just sayin...' asked Drew Tedesco on Facebook.

New Zealand
A New zealand woman, who lives in Raumati South, says her long-haired tabby returned home with its tummy, back legs, and tail partially shaved.  A friend living about 10 houses away had a cat who had been shaved too, another cat owner several kilometres away had the same thing happen to his feline. There were clear, square edges to the cuts.

It was hard enough to worm a cat, let alone hold one still while it was partially shaved, both my cats, both times it's been around their backsides, and that's just disturbing."

In British Columbia Tabby suddenly went from merely ignoring other members of the family to actively hissing at them and refusing to eat. 

Her owner said “I managed to pick her up and found a bare patch on her belly in almost a perfect square,” 

When Tabby came back a third time with what looked to be another shaven area on her belly – the second time her upper legs and base of her tail were shorn bare – an event which also saw her nipples cut, Yarjau put a call out on social media about the situation, and found others in her area had similar experiences.

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