15 April 2017

Mysterious Cosmetics Craze

This article to me comes under the same heading as Cat Shaving and Fox`s chewing brake cables, it also has the same feel to it as peoples mutilated pets being left on their gardens or doorsteps, mysteries no one can get to the bottom of. Perhaps they are 'Apports' left behind from Poltergeist activity or gifts from an inter-dimensional Alien Race who is studying and trying to understand us, Another strange point about it all is the fact this area is close to where I live, about a mile as the crow fly`s, and its also the same area where some years back sheep were found with their back legs missing and no one heard anything.

Bamboozled villagers are desperate to solve the mystery of who is leaving make-up in their gardens. Neighbors in Werrington are waking up to to find lipstick eye shadow and mascara abandoned outside their homes- and its been going on for months.The cosmetic craze seems to be centered on Chatsworth Drive, and Meigh Road.

Pensioner June Morgan, from Chatsworth Drive, was stunned when she found a comb and mirror in her front garden last summer.

This was followed by lipstick in September, three more lipsticks with a mascara and a tub of Vaseline in November, and an eye shadow in January. The 77-year old said 
"I was shocked when I saw what the items were. I thought it was a coincidence. But they kept appearing, it was most peculiar . They seemed to be picking on me . And none of the items had been used.Why would they do that, who is wasting it ? Who has got the money to do it? Make-up can be expensive.  I got my rubber gloves and put them straight into the bin. I feel like Miss Marple investigating a mystery, I vigilant and like to know what`s going on."
Anne Swindail, of Meigh Road, was also bewildered to find make-up on her lawn in January for the third time. The 62-year old said 
"The first time there were 2-lipsticks and a tub of Vaseline. Its very strange, so I did not know what to think."
Neighbour Phil Harrison aged 58, added: 
"I`ve spotted this make-up about three or four times over the last 12-months, I put it down to kids. We`ve had all sorts of stuff thrust into the garden and I just put them into the bin. We need somebody with CCTV so we can find out what`s going on".
The craze has been the talk of Werrington`s online community forums. Bobbie Hodgetts, age 34 from Meigh Road, said: 
"Walking around the estate, and on the Werrington forums on Facebook, you can see this is going on. It seems like there`s a lot of items to". 
Sharon Harrison aged 50 from Moorside Road, added:

"There have been lots of comments on Facebook about make-up being left on driveways or peoples front door steps. Hopefully it won`t travel to my estate . The cost of all these items must be extortionate. Nobody can find out what`s going on."

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