18 March 2017

New Zealand Horrors

NZ cats are strangely turning up with half their head flattened in driveways in the same spot as previous dead cats.

A Feilding woman believes finding her two cats dead in the same place, both with horrific head injuries, is no coincidence. Tylah Conaghan is warning other residents of a potential feline killer on the loose in Feilding after the untimely deaths of her two cats, Twilight and Puma. Feilding is a town in the Manawatu District of the North Island of New Zealand. It is located on State Highway 54, 20 kilometres north of Palmerston North.

About a month ago, Conaghan woke to find 10-year-old Twilight lying in the middle of her driveway. Twilight had suffered severe head injuries but no damage to her body. 
"One side of her head was absolutely flattened," Conaghan said.
"I wanted to check it out to see if it was a car but there was nothing unusual with the body, just the head. I was obviously sad, but I didn't think too much of it at the time."

However, on Monday morning she woke to find Puma laying in the same spot with identical injuries. 
"Everything was exactly the same - where it was, the injury to the head. Puma was stiff so it had to have been done at night time," she said.
After posting about the grisly discoveries on Facebook, Conaghan said she was shocked to receive messages from four other people who experienced similar incidents. 
"It's happening to other people. One person said the same thing had been done to her cat on Makino Rd, which is just round from where I am."
Conaghan said she was worried for the person who might be responsible for killing the cats. 
"The thing that scared me the most is our cats aren't friendly so they wouldn't just come up to anyone. They even ran away from us sometimes. They must have spent some time or fed them to build a bond with them."
Manawatu SPCA general manager Danny Auger said he had not been made aware of any suspicious cat deaths in Feilding. 
"This is not okay," he said. "You're taking someone's beloved pet and you've got to ask yourselves what's going on in this person's head. If the cats were killed humanely then there's not an animal welfare issue. There's certainly a moral issue and criminal charges can follow. People would be really affected by this - their cats are like family members."
Acting Senior Sergeant Jeff Veale said he was unaware of the allegations but said police would make inquiries. 

The real question is how are these cats being caught?


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