19 November 2016

Trump and the Last Card

Will Donald Trump be the one to start disclosure or the false flag last card?

It has just dawned on me as I was reading a post on `Project Camelot` it is titled:- `Trumped The Alien Agenda`. 

At the beginning she explained the meaning of the card game `Trumps` (the whole topic revolves around `Donald Trump` by the way). But what clicked with me was Carol Rosin said as you know that the last `Card` will be the `Alien Card` so I ask will Donald Trump (think card game) be the one to start disclosure or the false flag last card? is he the last card? 

It could all be coincidence, I know, but to have a man with the name of a card game as President and the last card to be played would be the Alien card… I`m now thinking is what Werner Von Braun said soon to become true and events are leading to a false flag Alien invasion. Von Braun was right how he said world events would play out, and that was back in the 70`s. 

Preston James has often said that the law of this conflict between good and evil is that they have to state their intentions. Is that what they are doing when Trump surprisingly won the presidential election? did they shove it in our faces like `This is what we are going to do, we are going to play the Alien card, the last card, `The Trump Card`. 

Time will tell if the `Last Card` is about to be played, and if I`m right.

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