18 June 2016

Universal Mind

Have you ever thought about our presence in the Universe? Yes, it is shrouded in mystery, many say we are an accident, others say we are the creation of a God and there are still those that believe we are the only ones in the Universe. 

Firstly let's look at our size, for a moment presume all humans are 6 foot tall, and there are 6 to 7 billion of us living on planet Earth. Yet compared to the size of the Universe we appear to be totally insignificant. It makes no difference whether we are 6 foot or 50 foot tall or even a hundred foot, again compare to the Universe we appear to be nothing worth thinking about. Here on our home planet we see our average height as normal, but supposing a race of humanoids turned up in there space ships and they were only a foot tall, they too would feel as though they were normal and had landed on a planet of giants, but equally both would appear insignificant to this Universe. 

Most may think how could we mean anything to this sprawling cosmos and to a certain degree you would be right. But let's take time to think a little, without us human and animal life forms the Universe would not exist, because in order for something to exist it must be observed by a conscience life form, if not then the Universe cannot possible exist. No matter where you are in the Universe your conscience observation is paramount to keeping the Universe alive, so in a sense we are a necessary part of this infinite cosmological machine. In other words "We mean something", Is the Universe pure mind ? are we the workings of that mind? are we in our everyday lives of hustle and bustle like Neurons? - specialised cells transmitting nerve impulses. Are the vast distances between heavenly bodies the Synapse a gap between two nerve cells across which nerve impulses are conducted without us realizing, are all heavenly bodies connected by some invisible nervous system?. Did the Universe/ Universal Mind create consciousness whether human or animal to ensure its own survival, for it to be observed? I wonder how long a person would last on this planet if they were the only one alive,? no other humans, no animals, no birds, just a world strewn with fauna. That last person would observe the Universe, but who would observe her/him? we also need to be observed by one another, we need to bring this orbiting cell we call Earth to life, and that can only be done by having many humans observing and interacting with one another, and in turn observing the Universe, creating hustle and bustle, to vibrate around the world and shout into the cosmos that this cell, this part of the Universal Mind is alive. 

So! are we the workings of a bigger organism namely the Universal Mind ? are we occupying an Atom within that Mind? are we the Binary one`s and zero`s of a computer system, in this Universal Mind? 

Where we come from is a mystery, what we are doing here is also a mystery, so could not the answer simply be that we are a cell or atom of something much greater. I have said before that we on Earth construct things according to how our own bodies are constructed, first we have a skeleton then nature proceeds to connect organs to that structure. We do the same when erecting a building or a vehicle and many, many other items, I have also theorized that when we create consoles and games , are we duplicating the workings of the Universe that is locked in our brains, just like we duplicate the skeleton structure in everything we create. I believe there is a link, and its right in front of use, we think too hard about where we come from, a little like looking for a crossword solution, it always turns out to be a simple answer. Where we come from is right here, The Universal Mind.


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