11 June 2016

The Paranormal Merry-Go-Round

If you look at the whole history of Ufology there appears to be a pattern of revamping old stories by the media, none of the new information by the alternative media seems to make it through to the main TV news stations. A recent TV documentary on a UK free view channel was looking at UFO sightings during the cold war. By UFO standard those sightings of yesteryear are old and uninteresting, if I were to ask why do they show all this old information I think they would probably tell me it's for the young people and those that have taken a sudden interest in the subject. But I ask should they not be shown what is taking place today in the UFO world so they can build on that information, not keep dragging everyone back to the starting point because when they do that the UFO story is seriously not going anywhere. 

Have you noticed there will be a documentary advertised about UFO`s or some other phenomena, they sound exciting and interesting, but! out of the hundreds of documentaries produced there has never been one solution to the mystery being shown. Take Bigfoot for instance, it is said to litter the forests of the USA, sightings are common, we even have Bigfoot hunters movie clips and photo`s but still no one has ever cornered a Bigfoot, filmed it, played it on national TV with an introduction by the President to tell the people the Bigfoot mystery has been solved. The same can be said for UFO`s why do they keep showing us the same old information, it seems as though someone wants to keep us running in circles, by this time next year I will know no more about UFO`s than I do today. 

In the 50`s there were a few strange stories of Alien encounters and UFO sightings, so how have we and the subject evolved today, it's quite simple, what was a few strange occurrences in the 50`s with no results is now thousands of strange stories with no results, and 'We' are quite blatantly no further along the proverbial UFO Disclosure road than we were 60-years ago. 

You know from the moment you put the TV on to watch a paranormal documentary there will be no solution to the mystery, it will be a total waste of time, you will be led along as though they will finally make contact with a UFO or if you wish a Bigfoot, but 15-minutes before the end it all falls flat leaving the mystery program to be repeated at a later date and still with no solution in sight. 

Why is this done year after year, why do we get excited when a new paranormal documentary is advertised on TV when we know full well it will have a damp squib ending , are we that stupid that we think a small TV company will reveal the truth about UFO`s or any other paranormal event. 

I believe that as good as the internet is it has a dark side to it and that is one of control, Ok I want you to Think! there are probably a few million links to various UFO/Alien/Paranormal sites all professing to have knowledge of UFO's/Aliens etc, but they do not. They will spin you some exciting and weird account of contact and that will be it. We are sold Books, DVD`s and Downloads and again this goes on year after year with no solution in sight. 

We cannot do without the internet, we are purposely addicted , before the internet people would go and look at the night sky for UFO`s, now most people would sooner let the internet tell them `what` UFO`s have been seen, but how do we know it's telling us the truth, would you trust the likes of YouTube? are your own eyes not more truthful? 

Its time we took a big step back and looked at what we have on the subject of the paranormal which is basically nothing, there are a lot of good researchers out there with some good theories but that`s as far as it goes, we still have no tangible proof. How much longer are we going to kid ourselves that the next paranormal documentary will be the one to reveal all. The more I look at the world around me the more I become increasingly aware we are being used for the benefit of the few and they are keeping us on a paranormal merry-go-round, and for some reason we cannot get off, we are stuck in our seats. Is it because whomever is in control of the UFO/Paranormal information is working to an agenda, is there a time and date to reveal all and for the moment we must remain in our seats, or do they never want us to know the truth hence the merry-go-round. But most of all do those that hold the knowledge have our best interests at heart.


Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults

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