28 May 2016

Cashless society & where it is leading

One has to wonder if the technological advancement of the human race can be stopped or curtailed to some degree, or are we doomed to take the journey to becoming the property of The New World Order. You only have to read this news article Denmark clears the way for cashless society - The Local to perhaps think where is it all heading and what does it mean for the masses. It appears Denmark is going to present a bill to allow businesses to choose whether they deal in cash or not, this may sound good to most but if we are rightly informed by Preston James of Veterans Today that every aspect of our communications technology is controlled by an Alien Agenda involving The Beast a super computer an artificial intelligence that is influenced by the Third Force ,or Fallen Angels,then things do not look good for humanity. What happens if cash totally disappears from society and we have to rely on a plastic card or even a micro-chip under our skin, well if you have some cash in your hand you do, for a short while, have a degree of independence, no one has control over that money other than you. But if your money is nothing but numbers in a technologically run machine you have no control, you may think you have with your pin number but in reality you do not. If as Preston James outlines that a part of this agenda is a spy system called SkyNet and that it can monitor telephones, cell phones, TV boxes governmental cables electrical and water patterns, smart meters and cellphone GPS travel patterns, we only have to look at one of those items to see how vulnerable we are , without doubt it has to be electrical patterns. If you can control the electric system then you are on a winner for absolute control, I would say 99.9% of this world is run by electricity, can you imagine if all electricity was suddenly stopped in the UK for example, the turmoil would be unprecedented, no food would be transported, no money all motorway technology would cease to work cities would come to a stand still, take it a stage further make the electrical problem last a month, within hours people would be fighting for food and water .

We have been told that we could suffer an EMP attack by a rouge nation which could knock out electrical systems across a targeted country an EMP can also occur naturally. If all technology is controlled by this entity The Beast the super computer, then it could just stop the electrical systems working and have us think it was an EMP attack by a rouge nation. When society virtually depends for all its needs on Electricity then that to me is putting all your eggs in one basket, you are asking for trouble. It may be oblivious to young people today but no one does paper work any more, no one keeps ledgers everything is done on computers. Also no one reckons up your shopping bill using pen and paper and mental arithmetic, the till does everything and its run by `Electricity`. The problem is there is no escape, something is pushing us to advancement in electrical technology it moves so fast that the old ways have been relegated to the history books and no one seems to care, no one is interested if you can reckon up in your head, you must do what the machine (the till) tells you, how much is paid in and how much change to give, being an independent thinker is not part of the game any more, you are a servants to the machine which is controlled by The Beast and The Third Force. Will, in time, humanity also be relegated to the depths of history, if The Beast is in control where is it going with all this, the only thing that stands out judging by the onslaught of technology is enslavement for some unknown purpose, will the human race become mindless robots, workers for a superior intelligence, just like the robots we produce today. Will the roles change will robots become intelligent with the help of the Beast and will the human with nano-technology brain implants become the robots . I have said before that whatever controls us has no attributes like the human, no hand, legs, eyes or dexterity the only thing it has is mind control, its linked to all of our infrastructure and with that it can get us to do its dirty work, it can stop or start anything it wishes, it can make us see what it wants us to see it can control our politics and our advancement. Its said that by 2025 we will be able to put a human brain in a robot, is the ultimate goal to eventually transfer the human soul/intelligence ( not the brain) into an extremely advanced mechanical robot, robots that are controlled by the Beast, robots that do not sleep or need food or air to breath, robots that can travel the Universe for millennia seeking out new worlds for the Beast. Or is it as Preston James wrote, that the Aliens have been trying to create and produce a synthetic soul, and as of yet they have failed miserably, but just supposing they succeeded, a synthetic soul in an advanced robot, a robot that can make decisions like a human, a robot with free will, but not to do as it pleases but to follow instruction and make necessary adjustments if problems arise all the time not losing sight of its main objective, all the time subservient to the Beast and the Third Force and never to question a command. To make the human race obsolete. 

There is much more to this subject, many directions you could take, and a lot of if`s and but`s and why`s. For me to explore every rabbit hole would be to much, I would probably end up writing a book, so for the moment I will leave you with this link to an up and coming channel 4 show. Buy your own robot housekeeper – what Channel 4’s scary adverts are really selling No matter what befalls the human race there seems to be a relentless force driving us into an electronic existence. Every day our reliance on the computer and its spin off`s increases, we clutch our phones as though our lives depend on it, as though its some vital organ of our body. My advice is to step back, take a moment and see where this is going, If you cannot or will not, then the machine has you, you are under control, but it does not matter because the Machine is unstoppable. In time we will all succumb.
The English Cognizant Citizen




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