30 April 2016

Strange Mutilations Take on a Stranger Twist

"On the night I finished writing this article my son rang me up to tell me about a work colleague of his wife, the lady concerned went home from work at night, she went to check on their Alsatian dog, the dog had a ear infection and was under treatment from the vet. They kept their dog during the day in their large garage, she opened the side door and saw what she thought was dog feces everywhere, its only when she turned the light on she realized it was blood, it was all over the place even up the walls. When she looked at her dog which was standing normal she noticed its tail was missing, the dog did not appear to be in pain, they rushed their dog to the vets where an operation was performed at the cost of £600. The vet's conclusion was that the dog, due to the irritation of the ear infection, had bitten its own tail of close to its body. My son does not believe that, he said he would have thought the dog would have scratched its ear raw or brushed the side of its head along the floor, my sons wife who works with the lady concerned did not think anything strange had happened, but as the night went on and she thought more about it she started to get a creepy feeling.  Remember, the garage was locked and no one could get in, also remember the dog was taking medicine from the vet which should have quelled the ear infection."
The plight of mysteriously missing and mutilated pets is enormous to say the least, if the truth be known thousands are abducted and mutilated each year under mysterious circumstances and no culprit is ever caught. By far, the most abducted and mutilated creature is the domestic Cat, a much loved family pet that seems to be the target of some sinister entity, and that is what I want people to start looking at and taking notice of. Confused! then let me explain. 

The Mysterious Individual
Over the years I have noticed in various missing animal reports there appears to be the involvement of a mysterious person or persons, people involved in these incidents either catch a glimpse or even get the chance to talk to one of these strangely acting people as in the case of the missing cats of Vaniers. Apparently, to cut a long story short, a number of cats have gone missing, I believe the total was 23 cats, one of the locals revealed that he saw a tall woman acting strangely with scratches on her arms carrying two cats who reacted angrily when she was refused permission to come on someone's driveway. Who was this woman? Where did she come from? If she had scratches on her arms then she did not have a coat on, so was she local? Were the cats struggling? If the person whom confronted her knew of the missing cats why did he not question her or try to hold a conversation with her in the hopes of finding out who she was? 

There is an account of someone seeing two men acting suspiciously at night in a black car after their cat ran in the house in utter panic, one gentleman even caught someone in his house after his cat but when the gentleman surprised him he ran across the back yard and climb over a wall, the house owner tried to grab him but he escaped jumped in a van with another man and they drove off laughing. In Guelph there was another case of an individual going on property there and being caught trying to take cats. And again in Somerset in the UK a couple was disturbed trying to get a cat in a bag, the subsequently dropped the cat and the bag and ran off. In these cases and many more no one is ever caught and only the vaguest of descriptions are given. The last account concerns a family pet dog butchered at 18th birthday party, this brutal attack took place in 2014 during a 18th birthday party of her son. Wanting to give her son and friends some space Lesley the 18-year old`s mother took her dogs upstairs while she waited for a delivery, she looked through the window while upstairs and saw a couple of people walking down the drive who she did not know, she had 3-dogs with her but was aware that Herbie her terrier ran down stairs, Herbie was a friendly lovable dog and would hurt no one. A short while later someone came upstairs and said the dog was dead, the injuries were too graphic for the media to display, an R.S.P.C.A inspector said he had seen nothing like it in his 10-year career. Apparently the right side of Herbies lower jaw had been twisted over his other pinning his tongue and choking him, his muzzle was shattered in numerous places. Yet again in this story above we have two unidentified people walking down the driveway of the house prior to the death of the dog. 

Black Eyed People 
So what gives here? who are these people that seem to disappear after the event, in actual fact I`m starting to think more in the lines of are these people entities of the paranormal. Think about this, we have, whether you believe it or not, the phenomena of `The Black Eyed Kids` people are encountering something of a paranormal nature `The Black Eyed Kids` or `Black Eyed People` better known by those in their research as `BEK`s or `BEP`s, are an escalating phenomena we are now told they are seen not only at night but also during the day, are these the `Unknowns` that people from time to time encounter during the abduction attempts of our pets, take the woman with two cats in her arms, she reacted badly when she was not given permission to come on someone's driveway, this is also a trait of `BEK`s or BEP`s, they will it says, eventually become more angrily and forceful if you refuse to let them in your house or anything you may be occupying at the time, it seems even a driveway comes under that category. Take the two men driving off in a van laughing after nearly getting caught trying to abduct a cat, why would you be laughing? when, had the van license number been taken, the police could have been on their tail in no time, your face would have been straight and you would have just put your foot down to get away unidentified. The poor terrier that virtually had its face twisted off, well who or what could do such a thing in a few seconds and disappear, sometime back I wrote that what if people kept their pets indoors to protect them from abductors, would the entity or entities start to enter our homes to take their quarry, it now seems this is starting to happen. 

An Entity with Different Names 
One has to wonder how long this entity with many names has been around, it to me, can be whatever it wants when it wants, it can be The Men In Black or Bek`s or BEP`s a Werewolf or any other strange creature you care to think of from the history of paranormal phenomena.. Let's go some years back a 178 to be precise to 1837, this was the time Spring- Heeled Jack appeared on the scene, this entity struck terror into the hearts of everyone he encountered, a report states that an unknown leaping figure was seen in west -London in 1837. Descriptions of this entity had him dressed in a suit with helmet and cloak, fiery eyes and hands like iron claws and the ability to spit flames, it appears that many people had encounters with Spring-Heeled Jack. One lady in particular was `Jane Alsop` she lived with her father and two sisters, as she answered her door one night a devilish being spat blue flames at her and scratched and tore at her with iron claws, only to leap away when she shouted for help . I have to ask was this a mild mutilation attack, no one could catch him or `IT` this entity would just leap onto buildings and escape, in 1877 army authorities set traps for him after he slapped two sentries with icy hands and leaped atop of their guard boxes. Coming back up to more modern times for the moment, I read a story of a motorist who stopped his car because he was astounded at the spectacle before his eyes, in the distance of the countryside he could see a man laughing and leaping over farm fences and walls, in leaps and bound he eventually ended up in front of the gentleman in the car, he promptly slapped his face and bounded of into the distance leaving the occupant of the car bewildered . Was this S. H. Jack in his more modern form, is this an entity that lives through the ages, changing all the time to suit the time period its in, take a look at `BEK`s and `BEP` their description say they wear modern clothing just like the `Men in Black` do, after an encounter the Men in Black disappear just like the BEK`s and BEP`s do, are they the same entity? 

Mutilations in Time 
Going back into history and mutilation stories we have one murderous puzzle that will never under current thinking be solved, and that is the case of Jack The Ripper, Let's take a look at the most vile of his apparent murders that of a Mary Kelly, without more or do I will go straight to the description of her murder (stop reading if you are faint of heart). Mary Kelly was found at her home on her bed, her throat had been cut prior to abdominal mutilation, the whole of her abdomen and thighs were removed and the abdominal cavity emptied, the breasts were cut off, the arms mutilated, and her face hacked beyond recognition, her throat was cut to the bone. Parts of her internal organs were found in various places, the uterus kidneys with one breast under her head, the other breast by the right foot, the liver between the feet, the intestines by the right side and the spleen by the left side, the flaps removed from the abdomen and thighs were on a table the nose cheeks eyebrows and lips had been partly removed. 

Do you think like me, that this sounds like the description of an animal mutilation, there are cases where pets have been found with their internal organs removed and spread around them. During the same period of history there were many murders, but I find the murder of a 7-years old boy distasteful yet intriguing, his body was discovered under a bridge, both legs had been severed and one ear cut off. Again in more modern times we find animals with ears lips and genitalia removed and as in the case of sheep their back legs were cut off. 

Does the entity we call `Spring Heeled Jack` or `Jack The Ripper` live on forever, does it take the form of BEK`s or `Bep`s, it's my belief they are all one and the same thing, they or `IT` will live forever changing all the time to suit the environment that is unless it is stopped. 

Entities Walk Among Us 
Ok! some of you might say, over mutilations and abductions that its rubbish, it's just bad people doing bad things, then please tell me why no one can say who Jack The Ripper was, or why has no one ever been caught committing a animal mutilation or abduction, or why do some of the murders from the past mirror the mutilations of today or why the police have no answers. Take the murder of Elizabeth Short born 1924, again I will concentrate on the details of the murder because to a certain degree they mirror the death of Mary Kelly. January 1924 Elizabeth Shorts body was found on a vacant lot in Los Angeles her body had been cut half at the waist, she was drained of blood, her face was slashed from the corners of her mouth to her ears, she had multiple cuts to her thighs and breasts where entire portions of flesh had been sliced away. The lower part of her body had been positioned a foot from the upper part, and her intestines had been tucked neatly under her buttocks. Her corpse had been posed with her hands above her head with her elbows bent at right angles and her legs spread. As far as I`m concerned there is are entities walking amongst us, they laugh at us and have now taken to entering our homes for what they want, how long before it gets bored with cat or dog how long before we see more Mary Kelly`s and Elizabeth Short`s. 
"Do not forget this phenomena is changing all the time, will we soon see human bodies mutilated and returned to our garden lawns?."
The English Cognizant Citizen 


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