2 April 2016

Demon Barbers of the Cotswolds

Returned Shaved
There is a less violent, but altogether weirder, kind of cat crime going on in the Cotswolds.

A demon barber has been shaving the fur off domestic cats. 

In the most recent attack the same cat has been shaved twice in the past few weeks, and four times since November.
"The first incident was before Christmas - she came home with a patch shaved from her belly to her leg. Then it happened again a week later. On Thursday she was missing in the morning and when she came in she acted as though she was sore. Her collar was stretched too - it may have been that someone tried to grab her, although it could be that she got it caught on something. I haven't a clue why it's happening and neither has the vet." Two neighbours in Minchinhampton have had their two pet cats targeted eight times in total. "Now it's happened to a cat owned by an old woman just around the corner. It's getting worse and worse." Some of the cats are now seems traumatised and scared to leave the house.
A Cosmic Joker
There is something bizarre about the whole situation, this cat shaving is but one of a line of unusual activities that appear to target the animal population of many countries. In this country alone hundreds of cat are attacked one way or another. 

In other countries you have what is called the half cat phenomena, where by someones pet cat is cut cleanly in two, glove puppet fashion. The top part of the cat is then left either for the owners to find or close by in someone else`s garden, there is never any blood. In other cases the cats internal organs are laid out next to the animal on the owners lawn. Its not only cats that suffer these attacks, we have seen in various news stories that horses have been killed and had specific parts of their body removed. 

This whole phenomena is world wide and is escalating. The general public in their infinite wisdom seem always to have the solution at hand, and that is to catch the 'Human' or 'Humans' responsible. The problem with that solution is that no 'Human' or 'Gang of Humans' has ever been caught on a world wide basis committing these attacks. The police seem to be able to catch all types of criminals but not the animal attackers, another point is no one ever sees anything, various communities are left in shock when a number of cats go missing or are mutilated. When ever these attacks make the news the comments section is littered with people screaming for the arrest of these attackers, have you noticed it never happens, and so the attacks go on and on. If it WAS humans they would sometime or other make a mistake but it has not and never will happen, even the police that can normally get a lead on who commits a crime are themselves puzzled by these attacks. 

A thing to remember is this phenomena moves around so do not be surprised if one day you find a half cat on your lawn, and no one will have seen or heard anything. Please do not take my word, do some research, what you will find will shock you. 

A GPS device on your cat may help to solve these crimes but people first need to waken up to the fact that there is more to this animal/mutilation/abduction phenomena than some idiot hiding behind a bush at two in the morning waiting to catch someone's cat.

A cosmic joker is toying with us. It has the power to take and return. It has the power of life and death.

Entities from another Dimension
This video on the ATS site shows a group of dogs knowing there was something strange coming their way. The dogs then scattered as this shadow entity makes a lunge for them. Again this type of paranormal event begs the question has it got something to do with the animal/pet/cat abductions and mutilations. Its said these entities have `matter` because they can move solid objects, also Stephen Hawkins say they could be from another dimension and are attracted by our thoughts. So is it as I wrote sometime back that it appears that something reaches into our dimension takes our pets mutilates them for whatever reason then returns their bodies, or as in other cases they are never returned. I know these videos could be fake but I have this gut feeling they are not.


Cat Mutilation Mystery "Half Cat" Nationwide Epidemic - Pt1

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