5 March 2016

Mysterious murders South London

Please when will people waken up to the fact that there is more to the missing and mutilated cat phenomena than humans being responsible. Yes humans are responsible for a very small percentage of these abductions and brutal killings, but the real truth this phenomena is world wide and no human has or ever will be caught for these crimes. Peoples pets are taken, mutilated, no blood left, sometimes cut in two, sometimes their bodies are returned with their internal organs laid by the side, sometimes only half their bodies are returned, others never return. All this and no one ever sees anything. If you think humans are doing this and working with other animal mutilators around the world then for it to happen on a worldwide scale they must have an organisation more secret and underground than any pedophile ring , because the police can smash pedophile groups yet they can not even get a lead on who is killing and abducting hundreds of pets. These killing have been going on for a great many years, now either the police know who or what is doing this and they have been warned off from investigating too closely, or perhaps in secret its a great concern of the government and the truth is they do not know what the hell to do. Only today I have had word that the inhabitants of the Shetland Islands UK are concerned and desperate to find out whats happening to their missing cats, the focus is on Lerwick and Scalloway. You may think what I`m about to say is funny and amusing but everyone with a pet needs to get their X-File heads on as this phenomena is not going away anytime soon, and by all accounts its escalating. Most people watch the X-Files for what it is, a TV show, pure entertainment, for an hour once a week the viewers of the show have curiosity and are open minded about all forms of paranormal/alien activity. Yet when the real X-Files come knocking as in pet abductions and mutilations they have a knee jerk reaction to anything unearthly, in their fear and panic they convince themselves the true perpetrators of these vile sickening attacks are human. If so, will someone please catch me one. ECC.

The big hunt is on in Croydon UK to find the cat killer plaguing the streets in a seemingly endless number of bizarre deaths. Upwards of 50 cats, rabbits and foxes have been found dead, apparently murdered, across London over the past couple of years. A reward to capture a suspected cat killer has been more than doubled to £5,000 after more animals have been found apparently mutilated. Scotland Yard are currently investigating the gruesome decapitation of cats in the Croydon area. "The culprit, used a “sharp-bladed instrument” to remove the heads, and tails, of the animals, the surgical technique of whoever was carrying out the slayings has improved as they had gone on. It is thought that they are being strangled and then taken off-site to be butchered, and then the bodies are being returned and dumped, that is why there is no blood found at the scene".

The killer is careful. None of the cats has any human DNA beneath its claws, which might lead to identification of its slayer. By the end of last year at least 30 cats had been killed, including a tortoiseshell called Amber whose head and tail had been cut off, Missy, who had also been decapitated and a ragdoll called Ukiyo, who was found “in pieces”.

Other cats have been attacked with knives, had tendons severed and hips dislocated; some have survived. Of course the distress this is causing to the owners is unimaginable. Locals suspect that whoever is doing it is using a machete to dismember the animals: “That is the only thing that would have had the force to go through with such a clean cut, It is all getting a little bit creepy” said Boudicca Rising of nearby South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty centre (SNARL). 

The RSPCA is also aware of the situation. “It’s getting more difficult as it’s covering a wider area,” says Celia Hammond.

Please get your cat a GPS device.
The English Cognizant Citizen

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