7 November 2015

Hiding Phenomena with Theories

The UK Sun NewspaperWhat they are saying is people are being cruel to animals and posting it on social media, its called 'Psycho poaching'.

It sees gangs torturing pets and wild life for fun, then they are supposed to share the clips of the act, there is supposed to be secret screenings set up in the back rooms of some pubs pubs. 

There is another 3-titles down page 16 :- `CATS POISONED` `CAT DISMEMBERED` `DOGS POISONED`. Each one of these is linked to human involvement, with one vet saying he `THINKS` the poison was slug pellets hidden in meat. It also said 141 cats have been killed through poisoning this year, the Sun even shows us 5- serial killers from the UK whom were responsible for animal cruelty before they went on to kill humans. 

But here is the thing that puzzles me, take the vet for instance, he `THINKS` it was slug pellets, surely today there are ways to prove slug pellets were used, in all of this report they just talk of poison without any medical chemical proof. Secondly they say social media/internet has fueled these crimes, now will someone please tell me if they can catch and trace various offending people using the internet for illegal monetary gain, or the sexual grooming of children or hacking computer systems, why can they not trace these people whom torture animals and post them on social media? 

And lastly why has there been no arrests reported in the article, they know so much how things are done, yet no arrests, surely some investigative reporter could infiltrate one of these gang (if the gang exists). 

To me they are hiding a phenomena they cannot or do not want to explain by enveloping it in a collection of theories such as `I THINK ITS POISON` OR `THEY MUST HAVE USED A MACHETE` or ` WE THINK IT WAS POISON IN MEAT` or `PEOPLE WHO DO THIS COULD GO ON TO BE SERIAL KILLERS`. 

There is more to this article published in the Sun today than the reporter could imagine or most other people come to that, they just refuse to look deeper and in a different direction to what they are being told. And so the killing will go on.
The English Cognizant Citizen


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