3 October 2015

The Terror to Come

It's that time of year again I have just done a little bit of gardening, some seasonal preparation of the soil using a product called Growmore, I dug our vegetable patch over sprinkled it over the soil and raked it in. 

Now in all this process I again became aware of my destruction of insect life, each plunge of the garden fork killed or mutilated worm after worm, they had bred well in the soil during winter, everywhere I looked there were worms, I could not take a step without killing young and old worms. I had to switch my mind off from the devastation and killing that I was doing or I would not get the gardening done in order to grow food for the table so that I and others can fresh garden vegetables. 

Later I sat thinking about nature, Nature is beautiful but Nature is also Death, they walk hand in hand. Animals are born in there millions, the same with insects, this is obviously to ensure the survival of the species and the continuation of a system we call Nature, all creatures are food but they are also predators, this is the way of all life. 

Eventually my thoughts came around to us humans, this is where things start to go dark, the human just like the animal/insect world number in there billions, certain animals will kill us for food and insects will feed on our rotting carcass but that does not happen often, what really keeps our numbers down? 

Well we have natural death, disease, famine, wars (we do a pretty good job of killing one another) but none of these appear to be keeping our numbers down as the latest indication is we are reaching or have reached the 7-billion mark. Can you imagine this world with 20-billion people or even more, long before we reach that number, hopefully by then most of the population had left for other worlds, or could it be something worse, like this nagging thought I keep getting, that if we are part of the Nature-system of this world then do we come under the same rules as the rest of Nature? Yes we have intelligence, but biologically our bodies work the same as other creatures, so I ask the question. Does the Human race have a predator that periodically turns up on a hunting spree for human meat, and removes many people from this world, just like we throw a net into the sea and remove hundreds of fish in one go? 

This brings me to the much talked about Reptilian which has a position in the histories of most cultures around the world, one has to wonder why, what commanded such attention of basically what is nothing more than a lizard, why would people revere a lizard and give it a position in their culture, is it all mythology or something else, were we once subservient to a Reptilian overlord whom deceived us with friendship only later to dine on human meat. Did they keep certain humans alive so long as they betrayed other humans into becoming there food, is the same betrayal taking place today? are we awaiting the meat collectors? Did the elite some years ago make an agreement with these Reptilians that if and when they return to cull the human race for a great food gathering, that they would only take those that walked on the surface of the Earth, but they would leave those humans alone that resided with in the Earth. In other words those that hid in underground bases would be left alone to resurface when the great food gathering had taken place and replenish the world with more humans ready for the next hunting season. Has this agenda been on-going for untold years because all round the world we are finding underground dwelling some that can house thousands of people. Why? why did those people choose to live underground? what made them forsake living in the warmth of the Sun? One thing for sure they felt safer underground. I noticed something else about these underground cities; they appear to be devoid of many relics, as though after a period of time and a certain danger had passed they re-inhabited the surface world and took everything with them. Was that danger the Reptilians? There is no reason for anyone to live underground unless you are hiding, when danger approaches it is instinctive to lie low in the hopes you are missed. 

One only has to think about the words of Gordon Duff of Veterans Today when he stated ;- "Do not be so naive as to think all films are made for entertainment purposes only" which to me says in some of those films there is a warning and this is never more so than in films like "SIGNS",   "SKYLINE" and "V". 

Human Harvest 
"SIGNS" and "V" involved Reptilian type of Aliens coming to Earth to reap a harvest of human flesh, while "SKYLINE" had Aliens sucking thousands of screaming people up into their giant space craft to have their brains removed, gruesome to say the least. When I saw the film Signs I was overcome with a deep feeling that this is more than likely how it would happen, even the si/fi films of old and new did not fill me with such dread as "Signs" did. What ignited this grave concern in me that this film was based on some known truth? Perhaps it is a deep rooted instinct from the depths of Earth`s history, just like having a fear of spiders, we do not know why, we just do not like them. Is there hidden in my DNA the terror inflicted by a marauding Reptilian race that suddenly descended from the sky to scoop up my ancestors for food, the survivors taking refuge underground and in caves. When they dared to venture to the surface they discovered the Reptilian threat had gone, and so had many humans. 

Not knowing if the threat would soon return the remaining humans decided it would be best to stay hidden only creeping out in small parties to gather food. As time went by the situation became more relaxed they would spend longer and longer on the surface but at night they would return to their underground hide-away's, later they felt it would be in their interest to build bigger and better accommodation underground, just in case the threat returned. Is as I have said, that`s why there are not many relics left in these subterranean cities, the Reptilian threat never returned so the people stayed on the surface and slowly forgot about the dreaded Reptilians. That is until this modern era, could the fictional account I have just out lined hold some truth? Could the reason for the rush to build underground bases mean the threat is soon to return and all the secrecy and confusion means most of us are expendable? 

I do not believe underground bases are for protection from meteor strikes and flooding, to me they would be quite useless under those circumstances. It seems to me they are about shutting the door on something, to stay quietly hidden for a period of time till a particular event is over. You only have to think how dark our history is, it always seems to me our history has been about recovering after some Earth shattering event. 

At times I get this horrible feeling we are being kept busy, dumbed down with all our technological toy`s and way of life, our main concern when not killing one another is to have fun, to frolic about like young innocent sheep in a meadow, and we all know where that leads.

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