20 October 2015

No sign of fights, no fur, no collars

Clifton Knolls and Clifton Park, New York has a serious problem with a large number of missing cats, all disappearing within the last few months. 
“They’re not getting hit by cars because we’re not finding them on the side of the road,” Tudor said. “No cats have been returned despite them having microchips and there’s no sign of fights, no fur, or collars. There is a recent report of someone finding a small animal body part.”
 Local authorities have put the loss as coyotes having pups with pup bodies being found on road sides and coyotes howling at night  saying it all stands to reason that cats are disappearing.

One cat owner lost his 12-pound coon cat in August from his yard in the Wishing Well subdivision where he has an electric pet fence. He was surprised by this theory.
“If the town has a coyote problem, I think they should be doing something about it. At the very least they should be notifying residents,” he said. “With the fence, that meant the coyote was very close to the house. I’ve lived in here for 15 years and never seen this many notices for missing cats. I never heard about coyotes. I feel if this many cats are missing and they’re not telling us, something is wrong. It’s tough when you have to tell your child that the kitty we’ve had so long won’t be coming home.”
 So exactly what are we not being told.

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  1. Your so right, I have said before, if no one investigates thoroughly and they give lame excuses, then its because some power in charge knows what going on. This missing and mutilation phenomena is building up to something, beware and be observant, and most of all take note of anything unusual.


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