31 October 2015

Brain Zap

I`m going to present you with a gem of an article I spotted in the Sun newspaper on page 17, to me this is an astounding revelation, read it first it is word for word from the Sun paper:- 

Scientists have been able to change people's attitudes by zapping them with magnetic energy. This bizarre brain experiment weakened religious perceptions and prejudices by around a third. Boffins say it sheds light on the way we solve ideological problems. They were able to shut down part of the brain for an hour using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The 30 American subjects were then asked to rate their belief in God, angels, the Devil and Hell. They were also quizzed on a negative essay written by a newly arrived immigrant. Scientists found the TMS reduced the belief in God by 32.8 percent and made subjects more positive about immigrants. But they said TMS has no lasting effect. Dr Colin Holbrook , of the University of California described the findings as " Very striking", but said more research is needed
Well to me they are trying to make out this is new, we and many others know it is not, mind control experiments are years old, on Enigma Earth there was an article recently titled Alzheimer and Mind Control, also researchers have been shouting out their evidence for years concerning mind control experiments, and now they blatantly admit it. Are they about to try a large experiment, because remember when they tell you of something they have got or appear to be trying, then it's because they have something `Better`. Also why did they use the God, Devil, Hell and Angles in their experiment? could they not just as easily weakened the subjects perceptions of Beer, Chocolate or even Drugs. No! It had to be religion. 

Do you remember I quoted something I heard a few years back when a writer said "They are out to destroy religion". This Sun article to me seems like an open admission as to their intent, you know, like it's been said "The rules of the game are they must tell you what they are going to do". We all know mind control experiments were started way back. So what is going on?

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