25 September 2015

It Spikes in Spring

Guelph, Ontario thought it had a rather simple problem of cat disappearances in the west side, but it turns out the west side is not alone with its vanishing kitty problem as 229 cats have been reported missing throughout the city—a higher number than previous years. 

Missing cats cannot be attributed to coyotes because "If there was coyotes marauding around in here you wouldn't see as many rabbits or squirrels, and we are overrun with rabbits." 

Whether it is a coyote or a human, or a combination of both responsible, the cats are not coming back and there is a lot of chatter in the neighbourhood about the missing cat mystery. One west-end resident has posted a sign throughout the area warning cat owners of the danger of letting their pets outside. "This is not a safe neighbourhood for cats to be outside unattended," the sign reads.

The disappearances started to spike beginning in the spring.

And as this goes to air a new wave of disappearances is happening in Summerbook Tallahassee. Once again people are saying "cats that went outside and vanished: no remains, no signs of struggle, no nothing."

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