19 September 2015

Cats Vanish in Vanier

At least six cats went missing south of Montreal Road that weekend and 15 have disappeared north of there recently, according to Vanier Street Cats, a local shelter.

When resident Jodi Turner’s cat Marmalade first disappeared, she thought it simply may have been scooped up by the Ottawa Humane Society, mistaken for a stray. But when she found out other domesticated cats had also vanished around the same time from her Vanier neighbourhood, she realized something more sinister may have happened.

One neighbour came forward to tell Turner and Elliott that he saw a tall woman acting strangely with scratches on her arms carrying two cats on the street. She had approached the neighbour and asked if she could go on his driveway. When he told her to leave, she reacted angrily and took off, Elliott said.

Residents now believe a cat hoarder may have taken the cats.

Police suggested it could be a predator that could have preyed upon the cats, but neighbours said there has been no sign of any cat remains in the area. Another theory was that a neighbour who does not like the cats could have hurt them, but both Turner and Elliott said they never had any complaints about their cats.

Kelly Wilson, who owns Vanier Street Cats, has scoured the area for any sign of the 23 missing cats, but to no avail.

“23 cats just disappeared and no one knows where they went,” she said.

“I’m getting scared because the more I find out about cat hoarders, I realize they think they love these animals, but they are not actually taking proper care of them,” Turner said.

“I almost prefer my cat was run over and was dead rather than be tortured in some house somewhere.”

Source:  http://www.ottawacommunitynews.com/news-story/5918478-cats-vanish-in-vanier/

The missing cats of Vanier is an interesting story for not what it tells us, but for what it does not tell us. Yes, without doubt the cats went missing under sinister circumstances, but we now have a term I admit I have never heard of before and that is a `Cat Hoarder` this person is said to take cats in the misguided notion that they are looking after them, other theories were given but no legitimate cause for the disappearance of the cats.

The strange part of this report is where the neighbor reports that he saw a "Tall Woman Acting Strangely" with scratches on her arms carrying 2-cats along the street, the woman asked this neighbor if she could go on his driveway, he told her to leave and she reacted angrily . 

Here are a few questions I would like answered.

What did the neighbor mean when he said the woman was acting strangely?
The neighbor obviously got a good look at the woman so why did they all not attempt to trace this woman? If she did not have a coat on she may have lived close by, also were the cats struggling?

What is meant by the words when the woman asked if she could "GO ON HIS DRIVEWAY"
It seems that someone always sees someone acting strangely then that`s it, everything stops there. This is very much like a story a year ago that was reported in the UK media, again a number of cats had gone missing, throughout the report it emerged that a neighbor had looked through her window during the night and had seen a man walking along the street with a net on a pole.

Again that was it, end of story, one has to wonder if this is done on purpose, by that I mean `adding the human element`, no one knows whats going on with these cat disappearances so to keep the general public calm they bring the human into the picture. Now we have neighbors watching other neighbors with suspicion while the real culprit moves to another area and abducts more cats.
The English Cognizant Citizen

BEK's and Animal Mutilations                                            
I`m starting to wonder about Black Eyed Kids and their relationship to animal mutilations  

I wonder if the woman in the story was an adult version of BEK`s because she asked the question "Can I go on your driveway,? its like a BEK asking if they can come in.
"Experts say black eyed kids are among the most terrifying figures to emerge from 'the other side'. They are said to represent the 'highest levels of pure evil'". 

The English Cognizant Citizen
Was it Satanists or a sick BBQ? Police baffled after more than 800 tails cut from cats and dogs appear in a Brazilian town
Disassociated Animal Tails
Police have been left baffled after hundreds of dog and cat tails began to appear around a Brazilian town - even though none of its residents reported any of their pets missing.

Baffled investigators admit they are no closer to solving the mystery that is gripping Sao Lourenco, in southeast Brazil, where so far more than 800 furry tails have been found.

The animals had been killed between 48 and 72 hours prior to their tails being dumped in various parts of the town, according to forensics.

However, there has been no trace whatsoever of the rest of their bodies, leaving locals and police increasingly desperate for clues which might help to explain the animals' fate, and find the culprits.
"Somebody should have reported their pet missing. But so far, there have been no reports whatsoever about any cats or dogs disappearing. So where have the animals come from?"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3225623/Police-baffled-800-tails-cut-cats-dogs-appeared-Brazilian-town-not-single-local-reported-missing-pet.html#ixzz3mIqwm4zo

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  1. Hundreds of cat and dog tails ! now thats the sort of news I have been waiting to hear, not out of morbidity but because the animal mutilation mystery has just taken a step in a different direction, hopefully a revealing one.


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