29 August 2015

Why should we be any different?

This world is truly a massive farm, its livestock is the human, and its animal feed is without doubt Fear. 

Fear is a mental food; it is shoveled into our psyche via the feed box we call television and the media delivers more daily Fear food through the slit opening in our cage which we call the letter box. When I go to bed and pull the duvet over my head that is the only time I feel protected, for a few hours I`m no longer being force fed with the food of Fear, I can escape to oblivion in the dream world, but alas the Fear food is mounting up for the next days forced feeding frenzy. 

Just imagine as you walk through your city, those hundreds of people you see are all walking around with some degree of Fear eating at their soul. Now think of 6-billion people griped with some sort of fear, whether it is paying the mortgage, the bills, or any of the media induced Fears that are continually hammered in to our heads. Seen from outer space this planet must virtually glow with Fear Energy. But why? where did it all start from? is it from a small group of people hell bent on world domination through Fear? people who will not live to see their dream realized, which to me seems pointless, unless they had the secret of eternal life in order to enjoy the fruits of their labour. 

If you are powerful, rich, 80-years old living in luxury, why would you want to trouble yourself about re-arranging the world through Fear. Even though I believe humans are responsible for much of this world's escalating troubles, I also think for many centuries the human race has been a victim of some parasitical entity and when we do violence, misdeeds and anything to create untold Fear that entity feeds on the energies we generate. 

All over the Earth we can see how mother-nature creates parasites that survive and attach themselves to other creatures. You can see such an example in Super-parasitism; this is a form of Parasitism where the Host normally a caterpillar or insect larvae are attacked more than once by a single species of Parasitoid. An example of Super-parasitism is seen in the wasp Ropalidia Romandi a common endoparasite of R. Romandi are insects of the order Strepsiperans that dissolves through cuticle of the host larvae of the wasp, they then create a sac from host tissue to protect themselves from host defences, and then reside in the abdomen of the host. These parasites can cause sterility and often change the hosts morphology and behaviour, however they do not kill their host, and it has been suggested they prolong the host's life. 

So why should we the human be any different, why should we not be susceptible to parasitical invasion, and not just one type but many, parasites that attach to the mind, a parasite that moves from human to human when the need arises. 

Are some of our emotions the results of parasites, a moment of madness, an assault on someone, an urge to speed in a vehicle, arguing, threatening, many things not normal to character, most of the time we have control but at times dark moment's crop up, moments we later feel ashamed of. As I have emphasised above, like the wasp parasite invades its host and can change its morphology and behaviour do the parasites that invade us humans also change our behaviour resulting in regrettable incidents. We end up standing there saying, "Why did I do that? why did I say those bad things? we shake our heads in self-disgust. 

I often wondered if millennia ago the human was an extremely peaceful race when they came here (I do not believe our evolution from apes) and they either unknowingly bought with them a mind parasites or said parasites were already here, or these parasites traveled the cosmos looking for hosts and they stumble across our presence on this world, and decided to look after us and again like the wasp parasite because they need us, they actually prolonged our life. Now they can spend centuries attached to our minds causing all manner of fear and upset so they can feed on the energies generated by us and they prolonged our life by giving us a deep instinct to survive, in other words, again, like the wasp parasite they changed our behaviour. Remember we are Mind people all our activities start with a thought, a thought has no substance until acted upon, " I thought, then I did", our soul has no substance either, it belongs to the same world as our thoughts. 

Think of it this way, could we the human, as we call ourselves, be mind-parasites, our bodies were created by nature through the mating of man and woman, but where did our mind/soul come from, did we invade natures creation of our bodily Host when the Host was born, namely a Baby, are we actually parasites.......or did we invade like the wasp parasite, before the larvae/baby was born, did we suppress or force out the real human entity that should have occupied the biological body at birth. You might say, but he does look like his mother or father or he has similar habits as his parents. But do not forget those human traits are born of DNA, but where does that which we call the mind/soul come from. I do not believe it is due to our biological make up which in turn creates that person/soul, that which I call "Me" is from elsewhere. I have, through some process, taken over this body I occupy, I`m able to read the DNA of this Host and act accordingly, hence the human traits that run in a family. 

Is our mind/soul a mixture of the real human and a parasite , is that why the world and our lives appear to forever be in turmoil, one side of me wants peace and tranquility the other is always ready for a fight, has our behaviour been changed. 

The Mind/Parasite is a wanderer, it can do nothing unless it puts itself into some sort of physically able body, is that what has happened to the human, as I have said, was the human basically good and a long time ago we were invaded by a roaming parasite that shoved that that is "Me" to one side so that it could not rule the roost but share the roost, to change my behaviour when required and generate Fear energy for it to feed on to give it life , in other words are we being Farmed for our Fear energy.

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