30 May 2015

Why is there so much trouble in Yemen?

I was checking to see if Yemen was part of Africa or Asia, in doing so something clicked with me, why so much trouble in Yemen? Well one sources says:- Its location is at the Gulf of Aden where it meets the Red Sea . The Iraq war and the governments continuing cooperation with the US war on terror is proving increasingly unpopular with many Yemenis. So we are hearing of terror plots within the country according to intelligence sources, and can expect false flag terrorist attacks blamed on Yemen and a possible reason to invasion by the US and its allies.

Well what made me sit up was the fact that when the US invaded Iraq they looted their museum, its said they were looking for special items, there are plenty videos available to view on the subject. Now I remember a bit back there was much talk of a Stargate being situated at the Gulf of Aden, is this what the US want? 

I know it sounds far fetched but if there was an incoming Alien Race would they be coming through this supposed Stargate near Africa. While writing this I kept saying to myself "Stop! stop writing this is science fiction" but is? I recently read a very good report about what the US took from the Iraq museum I will try to find it, it was so convincing. Just something to think about.



Start 1hr-5-mins in, after saying how he came by the information (I think its Steve Quayle) tells in detail what is supposed to have really happened in the Iraq museum. So what are they really doing in the Yemen, is the war there also a cover for them to recover Alien technology, such as access to a Stargate, to have control, or find the key to operating such technology. All these wars seem so stupid that there has to be something else. I talked of an incoming Alien Race, well just think of all the refugees being pushed out of Yemen, how many are lost at sea we are not told of, many people in the African area are being displaced or killed. Would they really let this happen just to gain technology, or clear the way for an incoming Alien Race, is the prize so great that thousands of lost lives are worth it. It was said the Nazi lost the war, they may have done on one hand, but when you think of all the German scientists shipped over to the USA after the war, one has to wonder if they slowly took over the American government because how the USA is now acting on the world stage is something like the Nazi Regime would have acted......`Take what you want when you want it and damn the cost`.......and when you think that Hitler was serious collector of hidden or lost ancient knowledge and delved deep into occultism, is what they are doing today a continuation of that agenda.

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