9 May 2015

The 500 Year Plan

I was listening to videos on YouTube hoping to pick up more on Veteran's Today chaos, I picked up a little. There seems to be, in Stew Webbs case, the fact he was being told what to say and what not to say and he does not like that, he stated nobody tells me what I can and cannot say. Stew Webb also out-lined and put into simple terms what Earths trouble was and that the Bible is real even though it's been tampered with also God is real. He said people in government know Adam and Eve were contaminated, their children Kane and Able, Kane killed Able it was bad blood killing the good blood, things got so bad they tried to clean the Earth with the Great Flood, but they the bad blood came back as a result there are 20-million Hybrids on Earth 200,000 of those are possessed by Fallen Angels, Alien possession. 

And from that we have all the problems we are now experiencing on Mother Earth. Gordon Duff also on one video spoke of advanced technology now coming out and Alien Races coming to Earth. But what do you believe when Mr Duff says he uses disinfo so we have to read between the lines, if he did not use disinfo he could get killed. Mike Harris more or less confirmed what I have always said about long term plans concerning this world, why would anyone rich enough and old be bothered about what happens to this world unless they can live forever. Well Mr Harris indicated there was a 500-year plan for this world, he said how do you do that unless you are very, very special (I took it he means off-world controllers) he went on to say, it's hard enough to do a 5-year business plan let alone a 500-year plan. 

I would like Mike Harris or Mr Duff to talk about Animal Mutilations. I still believe it is tied to the Alien situation, listen to:- PROJECT CAMELOT MIKE HARRIS: SYRIAN BRIEFING ON ET PRESENCE, Mike Harris says some interesting stuff it starts 45-minutes in, he says the US has treaty`s with 17-Alien Races, 3-of which are hostile.

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