6 May 2015

CERN'S Large Hadron Collider - Truth or Rubbish PART 2

If CERN's LARGE HALDRON COLLIDER is about the natural progression of humanity in its never ending quest for the answers to life. Then why was the Symmetry opera dance performed on location there? - the Hindu God of Destruction Dance. There should be no need for such actions unless there is more to it; it seems to me, with their antics, they are bowing down to the machine, or, what the machine can do. Many countries have put money into the LHC, you only do that if you are guaranteed a return on your investment, so what do we as humanity get out of it, that`s if we are even included in the end results could the end results be our destruction? What warrants the cost of such a project when millions go hungry, what will warrant the cost of an even larger collider because they are looking at the technical feasibility of building a `Very Large Hadron Collider`, it is a hypothetical discussion at the moment, but the idea is there . 

Can anyone please tell me what (a part from jobs) LHC has given to humanity, please I want to be corrected, so anyone in the `Know` like scientists or physicists I beg you to put me right. Or at least explain how it will benefit humanity. I once heard said on a documentary that it `Could` (there's that word again) find a cure for Cancer, would someone at LHC please tell us how this will happen, how will the process of colliding atoms bring this cure about and how long will we have to wait, no matter how complicated I would really like to know, but no one seems to want to deal with the details. I get this feeling they think we are too stupid to even try to understand and most of what they tell us is to keep us good and quiet, just like politicians do. 

At our most murderous period in modern times do we really need to know the secret of what holds everything together, the Higgs Boson, The God Particle. It is said a number of Scientists at the LHC are concerned about some of the experiments being conducted there. Strange, is it not, that there is a part of the LHC that is called `ALICE` and another called `ATLAS`. I recall Alice fell down a rabbit hole in the famous story of `Alice in Wonderland`, and Atlas as punishment was forced to hold up the `Celestial Sphere`. But think about this, Atlas was the son of Iapetus and Iapetus in astronomy is the 3rd largest satellite of Saturn and Saturn is close to Jupiter and Europa, and Europa was a Greek Goddess and what does a Goddess do, they give birth sometime or other, and it just so happens that there is a great possibility that life exists beneath the surface of Jupiter's icy moon Europa named after said Goddess.. 

Why, if everything we do in our technological advancement is all new and the first time it's ever been done, do we use old names to label our achievements as in Alice or Atlas even the craft that went to the 67P comet/asteroid was associated with ancient names along with other craft, think of the Apollo space missions. Why did we not come up with our own names for these craft?, why do we use old mythology? 

I`m of the feeling what they are doing at the LHC is not new, we have been this way before, something went wrong and they are trying again, they, by using names of mythology are retracing there steps in a story of long ago, acting out every detail littered with symbolism from ancient times. 

If you want to get something right you have to follow the instructions, and that is what they are doing by using old names for new things.

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