18 April 2015

More Mars Oddities

Ever since Opportunity and Curiosity landed on Mars and beamed back images, a host of speculations have hit the air waves. 

Take note of the two images below.

There is a yellow dot just below half way on the line of large stones. I see crumbling steps leading to those equally spaced coping stones stone, look carefully at that area. The second picture shows the whole area at a distance, when I look  at the second picture after a short time your eyes pickup on hidden lines as though at some time there was a construction there, the steps are in the distance on the left side.

What do you think you are looking at?
The English Cognizant Citizen

Take note of the area around the yellow dot

The same area viewed from a distance

Visions from Psychic Focus 

Lynn from her website http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com.au got an image of a civilization of people and animals that inhabited Mars. She saw Mars as a once-thriving planet with a lot of activity, back when the solar system was "much smaller," but something happened that destroyed it. Martians then fled to other star systems -- and to Earth, which was seen as a kind of oasis. Mars used to be in a similar orbit as Earth, but something happened that caused the planets to spread out. Mars was once a thriving, lush planet that went through a drastic change that wiped out life.

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