7 March 2015

Sheer Stupidity & Foxes

This needs attention if only for its stupidity. The Sun newspaper on 1st Feb printed an article titled:- 

                "FOXES EAT CAR CABLES

It states that drivers lives are being put at risk by Foxes chewing through brake cables after getting hooked on the sweet tasting liquid and now the residents are calling for a Fox cull.  Right! now correct me if I'm wrong but brake fluid does not run through brake cables, secondly you would need something a damn site lot better than a set of canine teeth to cut through brake cable. Now here is the best bit, how does a Fox get hooked on brake fluid? This liquid will fetch the paint off your car, in fact it has been used as paint stripper. 

  1. So how does the Fox, after lapping up this dangerous liquid, and whom would be in agony by now, get to another car and do the same? 
  2. How does it know which pipe to chew through to get its deadly fix? 
  3. Also how would it survive the night to get hooked on the stuff? 
We have lived on the edge of the countryside for 40-years, we have watched Foxes walk down our street every year, on one occasion we heard a Fox let out its familiar strangled bark right under our bedroom window. Not once in those 40-years have any of the residents in our street had any cable or pipe chewed through by a Fox. 

Those complaining and blaming Foxes ought look more in the human direction for the culprit. I wonder if there is any film showing Foxes committing this crime, you know, a Fox on its back under a car because a lot of vehicles are quite low to the floor and a full grow Fox, or a young one come to that, could not stand upright. I wonder if someone is trying to drum up an excuse for Fox hunting?

Quote from Newspaper:
"A mother has taken to fencing in her car to stop it being repeatedly attacked by foxes. Jeanna, 55, thought vandals were targeting her Peugeot when the brake pipes were cut twice in two weeks. She called police and was shocked when forensic experts revealed the culprits were foxes. Another couple discovered the problem when they took their car to a mechanic after noticing “small bits of debris” on the ground under the spot where they park their car. The mechanics then remembered a spate of similar problems being reported to them and the damaged parts were sent off to wildlife experts, who found teeth marks similar to those made by a juvenile fox".
Chemical information:- Ethylene Glycol is the primary ingredient of anti-freeze, its sweet tasting, normally consumed by accident, main victims are children and animals, in animals it usually causes kidney failure and the out look is not good.

Propylene Glycol used in anti-freeze is less toxic than the above.

There is a list of chemicals in anti-freeze and brake fluid these you can find on the internet, I would like to add, as a human, I would not like to get any of those chemicals inside me.


  1. After reading more on this subject at the end of this article, I`m even more convinced that its all about building up a case to get the Fox hunting ban lifted.

  2. When someone films a Fox chewing through a brake or fuel line on a number of occasions then I will believe it.


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