7 February 2015

Strange Tracks with Middle Markings

Strange Tracks, Cheadle UK
My son arrived at his place of work in Cheadle, Stroke-on-Kent UK, to be confronted by strange marking tracks in the dust on the shop floor. He is a paint sprayer by trade and with that you do get dusty floors from time to time that displays peoples footprints but he has never in all the years that he has been there evre come across anything like this. 

When you click on the image look at what I refer to as the railway tracks. I asked if it could be a mouse, he said definitely not, a mouse with a foot span that big would have at some point dragged its stomach in the dust. The width of the tracks are 1-3/4 to 2-00 inches wide or 5 centimetres. My son seems to think more in line with a large spider. Take note of how the tracks join one another at the top of the picture, it’s just like a railway junction. There appears to one side of the prints to be an extra mark, and on another picture for a couple of feet it looks like a sharp object had been dragged along in the middle of the track. 

I asked him if the tracks had led anywhere that he might follow, he said no, he had checked. Whatever it was looked as though it was after something and it was certainly not food discarded by humans (eating or drinking is not allowed in the spray bay). Others on the company also think it is an insect but have no idea what type, and me, well you know me, until I see the insect that made those tracks and find its lair, then to me it is a paranormal event. 

Workplace floor with strange tracks

Meanwhile my son is keeping his eyes open and checking his spraying head gear. Just in-case… 

People have sometimes discovered strange markings in the dust of houses, or powder purposely left because someone suspects paranormal activity. When I saw the tracks I thought straight away about an incident from the 1800`s. An undertaker could not sleep as it was a hot night, on looking across the country side he noticed a bright light drop down into a clump of tree`s not far from his cottage. The following morning his curiosity got the better of him, he went into the area of the tree`s, he noticed strange rut marks all over the ground and wondered what had made them. Suddenly he noticed a movement, a small machine appeared out of the undergrowth, a hatch-way opened up and the machine seemed to be dragging a dead rat towards the open hatch at the same time a bright blue pencil beam of light shot out at the dead rat. Unable to grasp what was going on another noise caught his attention, suddenly an even larger machine appeared, the little machine turned its attention to the undertaker, he stated that is was attempting to drive him towards the bigger machine which by now had opened a large hatch-way. In his panic he fled home, that evening he witnessed a bright light rise out of the wooded area. Because he thought people might think he was crazy he wrote an account of the incident and hid it in a writing desk, the letter was discovered many years later by a family member . 

I am ready for it to be an insect or animal, but I`m also ready for it to be something else. 

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