16 February 2015

Escalating Fear

It's the year 2015 and we all agree, or is it just me, that events around the world are escalating? 2015 has not just crept up on us, it has literally exploded in our faces. 
  • We have had the terror attacks in France (whether false flag or not) 
  • Boko-Haram is enjoying its favourite pastime in another apparent mass killing 
  • We have been warned that Asteroids will pass close to Earth in Jan/Feb of this year, some predict we will be struck by one. 
  • Muslim religion is suffering world-wide due to the attack in France by extremists, there have I believe been 50-or more anti-Muslim attacks after the incident in France. The magazine that published the offending pictures that so inflamed the Muslim extremists is set to republish them, further antagonising the situation, Muslims world-wide are condemning the attack in France, yet they are still being persecuted. 
Internet sources have called the attack in France a false flag, an acted out incident that creates panic and dupes people to follow a certain political road or idea, to make you think that the bad person is good, and the good person is bad, judging by the thousands on the streets and taking part in rallies, for the moment the false flag seems to be working. 

While I see all this taking place I`m haunted by what I read about 4-years ago, the time the place and the actual topic is after 4-years no longer in my head, but one sentence stuck in my mind, and that was:- 


Who is meant by "They"? 

Going by the onset of 2015 the words seem all the more real and have a lot of truth about them.

Algezzera news did an on-location report of a recent attack by Boko-Harem in which 40 people were slaughtered, this later changed to 37.

The reporter was shown by a villager where these people were murdered, he took him to a room, by my estimates 20`foot x 20 foot, he said 40-people were killed in this room. The strange thing is there were bullet holes across the walls but not one sign of blood or blooded clothing, it may have been cleaned but if 40 people had died there would have been a lot of blood, anyway why clean evidence away if you want show the world how vile Boko-Harem are? Next he took the reporter outside where people tried to escape but were shot down, only then did the villager point out two signs of blood on the floor, I did not see the blood he talked of, then he told the reporter 17 people died trying to escape. He then said 20-inside and 17-outside 37 altogether.

I do not know the details of the report, I missed the beginning, but I presume the attack happened recently with it being on Saturdays news, when I watched this report I was suddenly overcome by a great doubt and what I was watching was indeed not true, and the scene of a shooting was used to give a false news report. I may be wrong but I have never had a feeling like before. My point is you really do not know what you are watching, is it the truth or is it propaganda?

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