24 January 2015

False flag until proven otherwise

"So far, it walks like one, it talks like one, and it perpetuates the 9/11 false-flag narrative about “radical Islam” like one. So I’m calling it a false flag until proven otherwise".
This statement from Kevin Barrett, VT Editor, in relation to the Charlie Hebdo attack. Governments from around the world have used the bully’s trick … attack first, and then blame the victim.

One of the strange facts to come out is that one of the attackers dropped his ID at the scene of the crime. Now where have I heard that before? Terrorists who wear ski masks and carrying ID cards? Makes perfect sense! Not.
"Then there are the video anomalies. Videos of the supposed execution-style slaying of a police officer don’t feature the blood or blast effects one would expect. VT Editor Gordon Duff has cited ballistics experts who say footage of AK47 rounds supposedly hitting concrete with no visible effect, while the reports lack the echo of life fire bullets" 
As one person points out: 

Fake videos: 

Cop shooting video - Look for fake elements: 
  1. Sound of gunfire is not an AK - AK makes a distinct crackle - this is not it. 
  2. Notice "marks" on street where black car is parked - like in a movie. 
  3. Notice how the shooter holds the rifle - he is not a trained shooter. Notice how he approaches the cop, who he's just been in a shootout with - like in a movie, not a trained assassin or military person. 
  4. Notice the close range "head shot" - without aiming - no blood - no mark on sidewalk. Didn't even kill the cop instantly. He lowers his head slowly and plays dead. No blood evident in the photo of the cleanup afterwards either. 
  5. Notice what the shooter does after the shot. No adrenaline pump. No scan for additional threats. Casual trot down the street and back to the car - actors. 
  6. Notice the video itself - with the perfect position for catching this seemingly heinous act - no one would be willing to stand in and video a shootout at that close range and center directly on the event - too perfect. 
Shootout video with Allah Akbar 
  1. Same two actors, same car parked in a different spot on a street corner - we see actors seeming to shoot down the street toward a police roadblock. 
  2. Guy with the AK uses the same poor shooting form - doesn't even sight the gun, yet places 15 shots perfectly in a group on a cop car windshield 200 feet away - shown in a separate photo. Anybody that shoots knows this is impossible. 
  3. You clearly hear the shout Allah Akbar but nothing else legible. Coincidence? 
  4. There are several people on the roof where the video is shot. Active shootout below them, but they seem to know exactly where the gunfire is coming from and where it can't get to - see the guy walking over to the edge and peeking. You brain will not let you do that in a real shootout. 
  5. Middle of city street. Not a car on the street. No people on the street. No traffic on the street. No traffic trying to enter the street. 
  6. Video perfectly placed to see shooters and shooters car but nothing else. Shooters walk to the middle of the street during a shootout, stand and shoot down the street. Looks like an old western movie scene - that's not the way it happens in real life. In real life even bad guys take cover. They move in rapid, decisive motions. They jump out, take a shot, jump back. This is not real. 
  7. Again the sounds are not of an AK rifle. 
  8. No sign of adrenalin pump by the shooters or the rooftop watchers - shooters do not even look for the possibility of shots from another direction. 
Why would they fake these videos? Somebody is clearly trying to incite something here. 

False Flags
"'False flag terrorism' is defined as a government attacking its own people, then blaming others in order to justify going to war against the people it blames" 
The term comes from the old days of wooden ships, when one ship would hang the flag of its enemy before attacking another ship. Because the enemy’s flag, instead of the flag of the real country of the attacking ship, was hung, it was called a “false flag” attack. People are slowly waking up to this whole con-job by governments who want to justify war.
"It's best to know what goes on world-wide because I believe everything is connected, even the avenues we pursue, Aliens and the Paranormal are linked, and they in turn are linked to global events" - The English Cognizant Citizen

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