10 January 2015

Deadly Intentions

A common theme runs through the entire thread of documented descriptions of strange lights in the night. The facts behind these encounters are:

 1. Similar to vehicle lights but move with intelligence
2. They source from above
3. Blue/green in color
4. Spotlighting the ground
5. Observed before the discovery of dead or missing life

“…as bright as they (lights) were she said she had no problem looking at them and they did not affect her sight. As they scoured the area the objects bathed the orchard in blue light and in the woman's words ‘seemed to be looking for something’. The craft then began to slowly move from the back of the orchard and headed in the direction of the house. They now stopped directly next to the house over a garage addition and shone down white beams of light. Even stranger, the witness described the lights as broken up, 'like a white line down the highway'. It is here where high strangeness enters the picture. The woman said that in retrospect a thought that passed through her mind during the sightings was her concern for the cats. Neighbourhood cats would often congregate in the garage and this was now where the lights were "searching". The objects then ‘turned off’ and left. The next day over a dozen cats in this area of Kelowna were missing and were never seen again.”
“Kate placed the truck in drive and just kept her foot on the gas speeding down the road and back to town. Kate only looked back once and could still see the green ray circling the spot where her truck had been parked. Kate could not believe she got away and was able to stop the encounter. Donna sat silently next to her as Kate sped directly home to Donna's house.”
“I was on horseback and was able to see a bright light wandering the fields while I conducted my survey activities. When I reached one of the corner points of the perimeter, I found an animal spread out on the ground. It was a cow. I approached the animal and when I did so, a source from above bathed me completely in its light. I had money in my pocket, so my first thought was that someone wanted to rob me. So I took off running, not knowing how – to this day – I crossed the wilderness and the cattle gates all the way to my home. The light was somewhat blue. It was lovely. When I got off the horse, I realized that my horse had seen the approaching light. It pulled the reins away from me, and that’s when I slapped it. It was then that the light covered me completely. When it did, I jumped back on the horse. I took off and don’t know how I made it through all the gates.”
“I was driving home about 6.30pm and thought a car had run off the road ahead because I could see the lights positioned where I knew the road wasn’t. As I got closer the light seemed to move alongside of me and keep pace. I was feeling a bit anxious and kept my eye on it, the light seemed to know when it was near a house and avoided contact with it, by keeping just above the trees. It disappeared when I drove into the Creek near home. It was an unsettling experience.”

So if you see lights that look suspicious it is advised that you do not focus on them as this will draw attention to yourself, this is easier said than done, but highly advisable for your own safety.

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