15 November 2014

The African Cover-Up


I cannot help noticing Africa is hogging the news these days. I was drawn to keeping tabs on Africa after Gordon Duff stated in an interview that a certain group of people were looking for areas on Earth that could be terra-formed to support an incoming Alien race and Africa was one of those locations. 

As I have written previously the Halo game had the bad Aliens called the "COVENANT" set up an invasion base at Mombasa, which is on the east coast of "KENYA", the reason I mention the X-Box game Halo is that it was said on Veterans Today that we should not believe that the films we watch are for entertainment purposes only. In other words, to me, this means these films may be indicating future events. You only have to think of the film "DISTRICT 9" to see where I`m coming from, and with that I also presume they mean any form of entertainment games included. 

Now KENYA, according to the map, is directly opposite NIGERIA on the west coast and NIGERIA is where the Ebola virus is. In KENYA, in 2013 we had the West Gate Shopping Mall terrorist attack in NAIROBI, then more recently in NIGERIA we had the massive church building collapse, killing many unfortunate people, the problem is that the collapse of the church had the hallmarks of the BUILDING -7 collapse of 9/11. If you draw a line from KENYA to NIGERIA you effectively separate northern Africa from southern Africa. Ebola and terrorism at these 2-points make me suspicious. 

Also in North Africa we have the troubles in Libya, Egypt, and in other states over the past few years, you could say northern Africa is a very troubled area, we can establish that fact without any doubt. 

What is the cause of this turmoil? Is Africa as indicated by Gordon Duff being terra-formed to accommodate an incoming Alien race? Something akin to Battle Star Galactic (there`s one of those productions again, entertainment or real). 

Nelson Mandela`s funeral was purported to be a cover for the return of Marduk , Marduk is supposedly Annunaki, a Luciferian Demon Being, the Annunaki they say were either killed or driven away during the Great Flood and they started a come back to Earth in the 20th century. It is said that Nelson Mandela died months earlier than the date of his funeral, and as I have stated this was supposedly a cover story for Marduk the Alien ET`s return to be crowned king of Africa, and has most heads of state from around the world attended it was thought this gathering was to welcome back Marduk. Three countries did not send representatives they were Russia, China and Israel, two of those countries Russia and China it has been said have contact with their own Alien friends, perhaps these Aliens oppose Marduk.

In June of 2013 a mysterious and controversial trip was undertaken by the last 3-American presidents to Africa, it is rumoured they all met up together, the reason unknown, I could speculate but I will leave that to the reader. But think about this, during their visits, between them they went to Senegal - northern Africa, Ghana - northern Africa, then Tanzania and Zambia - southern Africa, again, two destinations, in as I call it, the "Zone of Turmoil".

Marduk is alleged to have returned by spacecraft, I ask when did this happen? A couple of years ago we had the controversy surrounding a number of comets and the fact than some may not be comets or asteroids but spacecraft, spacecraft left over from aeons ago doomed to travel in an orbital prison for many years until something or someone stop`s them, could Marduk have been aboard one of these craft? Did NASA, as alleged, secretly pay a visit to one of these heavenly bodies, namely the asteroid VESTA, if so, what for why the secrecy? There is even an asteroid called 1428 MOMBASA, in 1998 it was predicted to pass over parts of Europe namely France Spain and West Africa, but new calculations were disappointing for Europeans, the path shifted across the Atlantic and the only continent it hit (passed over) was Antarctica. This I found strange considering Antarctica`s affinity with all manner of UFO stories . 

I have just heard on the TV news that NIGERIA could be free of the EBOLA disease (yet to be confirmed), I'm getting a suspicious feeling about this. I recently posed the Ebola question to my son, he replied to me saying "I have been racking my brains all day and the only conclusion I can come up with is that this is an "Allowed" strain of Alien virus to see how compatible we are for the incoming Aliens, or the vaccine should one exist or be introduced could enable the human to be compatible with Alien DNA, this is an experiment more so than an extermination programme."

Then today 20th October as I was mulling over my sons theory I came across a posting on Project Camelot, sent to them by a source in Africa. The site stated that something is killing scores of people here, there are bodies in the streets and in the waterways, but they had not seen one photo of EBOLA blistering`s, people just seem to be dying from Dysentery, Cholera type symptoms. The source also added that they wondered if a Stargate had opened up, or the ALDEBARANS were moving in and locking things down so they can gain access and set up. The site also had a small video posted which indicates that FORMALDEYDE can cause EBOLA type symptoms.

Advanced technology has been offered to help the fight against EBOLA, a company by the name of ADAMUS has offered the use of one of their advanced airships, apparently these craft can cover 500-miles a day and also stay aloft for days on end, and they can spot the Ebola virus from 4000-foot and locate unburied dead as well. I find it strange, we are told Aliens want AFRICA to repopulate with Alien/ Human Hybrids and pretty soon we could have airships out there that could be mistaken as UFO`s. We are also told that these airships cannot be bought down by missile or gun fires, and more to the mystery Gordon Duff said on a recent radio interview that we have airships with anti-gravity systems built in, and are powered by 2-jet engines. Does this type of craft belong to the ADAMUS corporation? 
  • If EBOLA has been defeated in NIGERIA then what has happened, according to the media we should be living in fear, or is this a lull in the storm?
  • Will it explode into a world-wide plague?
  • Is it not EBOLA but something else introduced for an ALIEN agenda?
  • Are the coming and goings of ASTEROIDS and COMETS really spacecraft?
  • Do our elite whom have money and power know the true history of our world? And with that knowledge have they been manipulating events on EARTH and now we are seeing part of it played out in Africa? Are they making a home for some VISITORS? 
There are many stories and mysteries that can be woven into the fabric of the AFRICAN/EBOLA, story but without doubt AFRICA is firmly in the news , for me there is a massive cloud of suspicion suspended over the events of past and present in AFRICA. 

Is EBOLA for real or is it a cover?

The English Cognizant Citizen

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