4 October 2014

"Something is not quite right"

UK - "Something is not quite right". Simple words but the meaning behind them is far too sinister...

Blaming foul play on the quantities of cats that have gone missing in Lincolnshire UK is the authorities way of finding an easy solution to the mystery. Anti-freeze and poisoning may be an easy way to explain dead animals but how does that explain the fact that the animals have simply vanished. There are NO BODIES. No sick cats arrive home to die. Do cats even like to eat anti-freeze? 

Think about it... NO BODIES, NO DISTURBANCE 
"I know for sure that mine isn't the type of wander - too fat for a start. We live in a quiet small village. Cats just don’t go missing without any sign, which makes me think something is not quite right."
So what DOES happen to the pussies that are literally there one moment and gone the next. The USA tends to put the blame on coyotes, the UK tends to blame poison. Instead of sleeping at night maybe residents should take up a good vantage point to view the city, view the neighbourhood or view the street. This would be a much better method of finding a solution instead of passing the problem off using common theories. 


Cat owners are advised to think outside the square.

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