2 August 2014

The Devil Mark?

Take a look at this in The Sun! The Sun said online that they treated it light-heartedly. They did not! They gave all the scary facts. The only sign of the Suns daft humour was in the title "BOYELZEBUB". As you can see they have shown the boy’s face… nice one Sun, now he can be bullied and made fun of. They even give some history on the sign; some saying it resembles the mark of a hair dryer. Fine, but if that was so then it would have to be a branding, in other words the dryer would have to be pressed against his chest to burn him because it lasted for three weeks. 
"A sinister Satan sign that mysteriously appeared on a four-year-old boy is proving a devil to explain," the story starts, accompanied by a picture of Samuel Jones, and his stony-faced mother, Sharon.
"Shocked" Sharon reveals her horror that her young child has clearly been cursed by some evil spirit, rather than, perhaps, there being a more plausible explanation for the mark.
"Just looking at it made me shake thinking something unnatural had visited my boy," the mother said.
"Something or someone made the sign on him but we just can't explain how."
My question is why is this now? Why a front page position with the title "EXCLUSIVE"? Of all the slaughter now taking place in the world The Sun pushes a Devil story. Something smells here. Various factions of those murderous groups in the East have been sporting Devilish names, one in particular referred to himself as "Demon". They also use Egyptian names such as "ISIS", Egypt was mentioned in The Sun article stating the sign that appeared on the boy also appeared in Egyptian tombs paintings and carvings dating back to 15000 BC . 

Although the letters of ISIS now stands for something completely different, I find it strange that all these names are cropping up and being used in one context or another. We have been deceived by our media, mostly because people are too trusting of our news system. It is now all too easy to propagandize and manipulate the people through the press. This is all about keeping Fear alive for some agenda yet to be revealed. The internet is strewn with stories of the return of Satan.

There is something sinister happening.
The English Cognizant Citizen

The boys face has been disguised by us. The article can be read here:


Other people have since come forward with similar marks. 

Gillian, from Norfolk,  says they first appeared on her left arm on 21 December 2012, which she says is a key date for pagan rituals. A second mark appeared a year later and then another on her bum at Easter 2014. The woman says they lasted about six weeks before disappearing.

Gillian, the woman with the three marks says, "I didn't know what to make of them. I thought I'd slept on something that left an imprint but I checked my bed and there was nothing there. They didn't hurt. I don't see them as devilish. I'm a happy person, I'm not worried. I think I must be a bit special. I feel safe and think someone's looking after me."

Another woman, Kevina, from Yorkshire, had a circle with four triangles around it appear on her leg. She showed a vicar who told her to leave. The nuns, however, gave her holy water. Kevina said the mark turned silver and two days later went away. 

So what do you make of these symbols?

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Before it's News has released an article that says "The ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Appearing On People All Over The World". 
(a)"A woman watching television in bed feeling a slight burning sensation on the left side of the neck. It minimizes and thinks no more, it is only in the morning while looking in a mirror she notices a symbol in a circle on her skin. The layout resembles a burn, measurement 2 centimeters in diameter. This mark remained visible about two weeks, then disappeared."
(b) "Today my girlfriend pointed out to me that I had a mark on my chest right pectoral, a fine brand engraved in my skin almost to the blood. It is believed that this brand has come overnight, but when we searched the bed we found nothing. This is like a cat scratch but very clear!! And fine! It’s pretty impressive."
(c) "I’m 20 years old. This morning when I woke up I saw a rather strange mark on my right shoulder. It is circular shape similar to descriptions previously mentioned."
(d) "A mark appeared on my shoulder, it was my sister who noticed. I was in Nantes all day and it was very hot so I felt nothing. I find it really disturbing."
The original source of this information comes from a guy who has collected over 100 cases of the phenomena on his French Forum.


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